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Reader Shopping Trip to ShopRite – Total Cost: $6.77

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Extreme Couponing Trip to ShopRite

Reader Diane had a great trip to ShopRite this week with an OOP of just $3.77! Her ShopRite (Glen Burnie) doubles up to $1.00! I’ll let her introduce her trip to you!

Usually, I could never post for a shopping trip because I don’t have the discipline that many on the site seem to have.  Sure, I get a great deal, but I generally don’t get out of the grocery store for less than $70 – $100 (thankfully I do better at drug stores thanks to your help :) ).  This week, I tried something different … a list and sticking to it!  Here are the results:


  • (2) M&M funsize  – $2.66
  • (1) Snickers Squared – $2.66
  • (3) General Mills Trix – $1.99
  • (1) Lucky Charms – $1.99
  • (6) ACT 2 Popcorn – $1.00
  • (3) Lindt Classic Bars – $1.99
  • (1) 1/2 Gal Rice Dream Shelf Stable – $3.79
  • (1) Wholly Guac singles – $2.50
  • (2) YoCrunch Chips Ahoy  -$0.50
  • (4) Cracker Barrel Cheese blocks – $2.50
  • (1) Kraft Fresh Take – $2.50
  • (2) Dove Antiperspirant – $0.99
  • (2) ShopRite 2 liter soda – $0.99 (1 free with purchase of three ACT 2 Popcorn)

Coupons used:

Paid: $3.77
Received: $5.00 Catalina from Kraft

A little note from Diane that made me smile:

Thanks for letting me brag a bit and a sincere “Thank You” for work that goes into the site.  I was a couponer from long ago (heck – I still have rainchecks from Giant food from 2001 (and funnier still, they still honor them!) but had gotten out of the habit falling into the Costco/Aldi’s routine.  The doubling up to $1.00 gave me added incentive to break out my books again.  It’s nice to know that my stockpile is built to the point where I don’t have to worry about shopping for anything but perishables between January and May and my kids won’t starve or smell bad because mom is stuck in the office (I do taxes for a living and my hours are erratic to say the least).  I am now notorious at my store, especially after ringing up a $1700 order on 9/28, paying $426 and getting $41 in catalinas afterwards.  If they knew about the two American Express bill credits on the back end, they’d probably faint!

Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Coupons & Deals for this week before you shop!

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  • Julie

    That’s a job well done, but I am just wondering Diane where you get your meats, fish and chicken etc? These great ShopRite deals never seem to include many of those items or any fruits and fresh vegetables.

    • Diane

      Fresh veges came from my garden … I’ll be sad to see them go :-( SR meat sales aren’t bad- in fact they seem to be the best to me in my part of Maryland. I also check for the chicken and pork coupons before I go. $2 off a pack of 79¢ a pound legs and thighs goes a long way. I also will grind my own beef – the roasts and london broil have been cheap and you can control the grind.
      I used to have to travel to Philly a lot – When I did,I would stop in a little meat market in Bensalem – they had the very best prices and killer Italian sausage.

  • couponman66

    very nice! why wasn’t the $1.50 off cracker barrel used? plus the SR e-coupons for Cracker Barrel and Fresh Take?

    • Tina Fitz

      because our Shoprite here in Glen Burnie, MD is doubling $1.00′s till December 28th so the $1/1 q(=$2.00 after doubling) was better then the $1.50 off of one

      • Celeste Carrasco


        Im in dc and will try your shoprite tomorrow. Any restrictions I ahould be aware? Ie printed coupons? Thanks in advance. Celeste

        • Diane

          They are pretty good with coupons as long as they scan. If they don’t scan, they won’t take them. Everything else is pretty uniform – no more than 4 identical, watch the Unilever and Marcal restrictions.

          • Celeste Carrasco

            Thanks! Heading there during lunch.

          • Brooke

            Hi Diane. I shop at the same Shoprite and if the coupons don’t scan, they usually have the manager put them in manually for me once they verify I bought the correct product.

            I was in there yesterday and got $150 worth of groceries for $93, not as great as I hoped but I did buy alot of meats and they add up.

            • Diane

              I think it depends on who you check out with and which manager is the FEM. The challenge for them is if our barcodes don’t scan at all, they have an accounting issue in the back of the house. I generally look at it as if I was too lazy to check the print quality of the coupons I printed, it’s my bad. I had a huge run where my print heads were out of alignment and all the barcodes were wavy so they wouldn’t scan. I ended up tossing them all out.

        • Tina Fitz

          All of the SR in the area seem to be doubling dollars at least thru the end of the month

    • Diane

      This was my second dip into the deal so I didn’t have the SR e-coupons available anymore

  • jenna

    sr in Bayonne has lindt 3.5 bars at 2.99. bummer

    • Diane

      Check that you were looking at the Classic bars and not the Excellence. Excellence is $2.99 while the Classic is the one on sale for $1.99.

      • jenna

        tu I was looking at excellence…tu

  • April

    Hi – I just want to say that I LOVE this site! I am saving so much more now with it. But I do have one comment/? – I live in MD and shop at the Shoprite in DE – I notice that some of the deals on LRWC are different (esp. the unadvertised deals) – I also went yesterday and didn’t get the $3 Coke catalina – BOO! Is there any way to know if the catalinas will work at my particular store?

    • http://livingrichwithcoupons.com/ Cindy Livesey

      Hi April..unadvertised sale prices will vary from store to store. If your store has a shop from home feature, you can check the prices at your store online before you plan your shopping trip. Also, if one ShopRite has a catalina offer all of them do. We haven’t figured out that Coke catalina yet. It’s a bit unclear as to exactly what is included. What did you buy?

      • April

        Thanks Cindy! I bought Fuze tea, Fuze diet tea, and one Fanta – all Coke products, but maybe it only prints for actual Coke??

  • Laura D.

    Way to go Diane! Awesome Trip!!

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