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Hot Hot! Acme, Shaws & Albertsons Gift Card Catalina Deal – Up to $20 Money Maker!


Acme, Shaws, Albertsons Gift Card Deal

Yahoo!  There is a SUPER awesome Gift Card Deals starting at Acme and Shaws on Friday, 11/22.  This deal is also available at Albertsons starting today, 11/20.

The gift card deal is Buy $100 in select gift cards and get a $20 catalina.  Happy Dance!  I love ya ShopRite but although I will be doing the ShopRite Gift Card deal, this Acme/Shaws/Albertsons deal beats ya out!  Why, because you can do this more than 1 time AND it lasts for 2 whole weeks.

This deal, for Acme & Shaws shoppers runs from 11/22 – 12/5 and for Albertsons shoppers from 11/20 – 12/3. Woot!  I’m dancing in my chair! :)

These are the gift cards that I know are included as of today:

Applebees, American Eagle, Bass Pro Shops, Kohls, iTunes, Mastercard, Amazon.

For those of you that are new to Gift Card Catalina Deals, we couponers take advantage of these offers because this is like FREE money to shop at the grocery store.  I personally take money from my budgets and buy gift cards to use and then use those gift cards as I would have used cash or a check.

For instance, if you have money budgeted for your car insurance, give your car insurance company a call and see if they will take a debit card.  If they do, take $100 from your car insurance budget, buy a Mastercard, use it to pay your car insurance and you have $14  in free groceries ($20 in a catalina – $5.95 for the cost of the activation fee).  In most cases, you will have to register your Mastercard Gift Card to use it to make purchases online.  Be sure to check out the Vanilla Mastercard Videos for more info on that.

Here is how your deal will go:

Buy Store Gift Card $100
Get a $20 Catalina
Use your gift card as you would have used cash
$20 Money Maker!

Buy Mastercard  $100
Activation Fee: $5.95
Use your gift card as you would have used cash
as much as a $14.05 Money Maker after paying for the activation fee

I love this time of year!



  • Patricia

    This is great!!!
    Can we buy the multipacks gift cards?

  • Patty Nugent Hearty

    Liking this deal – if I buy the Mastercard – I can then head over to Shoprite and use the Mastercard to buy $100 there and score a second Catalina!!!!!

    • Vanessa

      That’s a great idea. Can you definitely use a Mastercard gift card to buy gift cards at ShopRite?

      • Susan

        My shoprite only allows you to pay with debit or cash. Not sure about other locations.

        • SICUrn

          There is no way for shop rite to know that its a gift card…its processed as a credit charge.

          • gh

            i think they are saying that they cannot purchase with credit, even if the credit card is not a gift card

  • SICUrn

    So question — I have a $100 gift card I received as a gift I plan on using this to purchase another $100 mastercard, pay the activation fee and make $14, could I continue to do this multiple times? Paying $5.XX and making $14 is a great deal, do the deal 5 times and make $70. Does anyone know if there is a limit on how many catalinas of these sort you can redeem in one transaction?

    • kelly

      There are not any limits because ACME doesn’t make you use a store loyalty card! Not sure if you can use all 5 catalinas in one transaction though.

  • dee

    Shoprite only allows cash to purchase gift cards

    • cristine

      My shoprite lets me use credit up to a certain amount (I think its like $200). Have definitely done this deal with credit before. I like the idea of buying one at ACME and rolling over to shoprite :) LOVE free groceries!!!

  • Lark

    So here’s the big question – can I purchase $100 in gift cards & then use my $20 to purchase another $100 of gift cards (or does it have to be groceries?) Also, can you get $100 in gift cards or do you need to purchase $100 gift card (meaning can I get two $50 gift certificates)?

  • annastas-i-ya

    how about tax? we live in NY. my husband say what after tax it’s not can by good deal whith MM…

    • Lark

      I’m pretty sure there’s no tax on gift cards in NJ….. is there in NY?

  • Guest

    No Acme, Shaws or Albertsons in CT.

  • Maria

    Okay, I need to buy about $300 in gift cards. How do I carry this out to maximize my deals? Can I A) do it all at once and get $60 on my next order B) do three separate transactions all at once to get $60 total C) buy $100 worth, use my 20 credit to buy groceries, then buy another $100 and use a $20 voucher for groceries , etc or D) do it some other fabulous way I haven’t thought of? Thank you all in advance for your help! This web site and community has helped me so much!

    • Sheena

      wondering the same thing…

      • barbara

        yes split them up.. you have till the 5th to do this deal.. $100 worth per transaction. the $20 coupon is good for a week dont need to spend it that day.. But you should be about the stack 3 of the $20 for a nice shopping trip later

  • Stacey

    Where does it say that Amazon in included for Acme? Can’t find it in my ad.

    • T

      It is listed in store. Worked for me todat

  • Maria

    FYI- The Acme cashier told me that next week there will be an AMC Theaters gift card deal!

  • T

    Went today, bought a $100 MasterCard GC and then used it to by another $100 MasterCard GC… No problem. Also Toys R Us is included. Amazon worked too.

    • shally

      Any idea if what all gas cards are included in the deal. TIA

      • Nina

        Do we have to register master card or cashier activates right there and we can use it for second transaction.

        • siska

          No, the card is activated once the transaction is complete. You just need to register the card if you plan to make online purchases.

    • windy

      Awesome? What store did u go to? Im in ga :)

  • Nick

    Is. The rachel ray cookware still going on

    • Cindy Livesey

      I believe so. I think it is until the end of the year.

  • Mike

    So i’m confused…Can I buy a MC Gift card and get the $20 cat then use that MC gift card to purchase another MC gift card to get another $20??? Will it keep rolling like that?

  • nick

    did anyone get rachel ray stamps with this purchase of the gift cards?

    • melissa

      To answer alot of the questions
      the cards are automatically registered when you pay, nothing further is needed
      You can purchase 1 gift card, get the 20.00 cat and use that gc to purchase another one and just pay the remaining 5.95 activation fee
      The gc are not included in the stamps but some cashiers have given me a few when I asked if they were included hth

  • Barry

    Rolling Rolling Rolling…this is working great. Here is the snap I took of the 12 cards included at Acme:

    • Barry


    • Barry

      I tried to upload a jpeg. I guess it didn’t work. Ok, I’ll type the names of the 12: Applebees, American Eagle, Bass Pro Shops, iTunes, Kohls, AMAZON, AMC Theaters, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lowes, Regal Theaters, Toys R Us, and the Mastercard Gift card!

  • Trish

    re:MC. Omg Cindy – so $mart!

    I’m new to this so bear with me. What do I pay exactly and what do I get back in what form?

    1. Do I pay $105.95 for the MC debit card and get back a $120 MC debit card.

    2 .Or do I pay $105.95 and get back $100 MC debit card and a $20 Acme catalina?

    3. Or do I pay $100 and get back $114.05 MC debit card.

    4. Or pay $100 and get back 94.05 MC debit card and a $20 Acme catalina?

    Or even other stores cat, or MC cat?
    Anyone know?

    • Cindy Livesey

      #2 Bring a $100 Mastercard to checkout. Pay $105.95. Keep the mastercard which will have $100 loaded onto it. And you’ll get a $20 catalina that you can use on anything (almost) in the store…meat, produce, etc.

      • Trish

        thank you thank you. That is perfect for me – I don’t spend a lot at Acme so $20 is just right. – I tried to cancel my Kohl’s o/l purchases so I cud use an acme/mc-prepaid-debit-card but they said you only have about an hour where i MIGHT be able to cancel – she said I could refuse delivery or take it back – I might do that. Beginners mistakes.

  • Harry

    I did this deal and was able to use the CATs thanks to a cashier who was nice; but just a note of caution: both the CAT as well as the sign near the GCs says the CAT cannot be used to purchase GCs. I was able to roll it in 3 transactions on Lowes, Amazon and Babies R Us GCs of various denominations totaling $100 per order.

    • Barry

      Weird. The cashier must have overrode it somehow. The cat does not come off, even if I have $19.95 worth of groceries. A few times, my calculation was off (groceries less than $20). As soon as I grabbed some gum by the register and the total groceries > $20, the cat came off. Tested numerous times.

      • Harry

        At the Acme I went to, the cashier could not even override when I tried it with a Mastercard purchase. So it seems like cashier could override if it was regular store cards, but not Mastercard.

  • Missi

    We noticed each acme around here has different gc. I got Buffalo Wild Wings as part of mine.

  • Trish

    Anyone know how long do I have to use the MasterCard before I have to pay a penalty?

    • Trish

      Nevermind, I called the 800# and it is one year from the activation date. Wow, the store automatically activated it when I bought it.

    • barbara

      look through the paperwork with it.. Only certain cards have those fees.. it depends on which one it is.. Check the web site for that card..

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