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Reset Kraft Fresh Take Coupon – Save $0.99 – Only $0.01 at ShopRite + More!

Kraft Fresh Take Coupon
Kraft Fresh Take Coupon

Yippey…the Kraft Fresh Take coupon has reset today!  The coupon is for $0.99 off any Kraft Fresh Take and is found under zip code: 21286.

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Print: Kraft Fresh Take Coupon (21286)

To find the coupon, click on the link above and type in the zip code. Once the zip code is changed, click on the link above once again and it will take you right to the coupon.

ShopRite has Kraft Fresh Take Mixes on sale right now for $2.49, there was also a ShopRite eCoupon available for $1/2 Kraft Fresh Take making these just $0.01 each after stacked offers. I’m going to check on the price of this at Acme later today, this could be a great triple coupon because of its high value!

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Here are your deals:


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  • Rita Quick

    I miss Shop Rite, while living here in FL for the winter…but….don’t miss the snow & ice! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! :-)

  • sue j

    The shoprite coupon link is not working for me. Is there another way to get there?

    • Denise Davison

      sorry sue, that should say Shoprite eCoupon, and if you did not clip it last weekend, it is NLA to clip now, sorry!

    • kabbysteve

      Did you change the zip code to 21286?

  • Jessa

    Anyone know if you can freeze these things? I still have two or three in my fridge but for the price I can’t pass more up.

    • Dawn Nicole

      Jessa. Yes, you can freeze these. I have several in my freezer :-)

      • Jessa

        Awesome! Time to stock up.

  • AJ

    Does anyone know the price at acme? With triple coupons on Friday, this might be a good coupon!

    • Coupon QT

      I was just at my Acme today and the price is currently 2/$5.

      • Kelly Castiglione

        This was my plan too, Acme triple… but I can’t find this coupon anymore, is it NLA?

        • Denise Davison

          Kelly were you able to find it? I just checked its still there

    • Manal

      it may not be on sale next week its regular price is 3.29 so a better deal at shoprite if the Acme sale price ends before the triples event.

  • mary

    What we need are recipe ideas for using these. As a chicken coating they are amazing, but how much chicken can a family eat? I read that someone mixed this with veggies that were then roasted. So I took frozen broccoli and mixed in a bit of oil and then one of these packets . Roasted it for about 45 minutes. It was delicious. No leftovers!

    • kabbysteve

      I used the mixture for my meatloaf…family enjoyed it, to be honest they did not comment that it was any different.

    • Rocky

      Mary, I swear that there was a post, last year, maybe, on what a bunch of readers did with all their Fresh Take, but, was only able to look quickly and can’t find it now. Have to run out, will try and look for it later. There were, I believe, a bunch of good ideas on how to use this product.

    • Laura D.

      There are many recipes on the Kraftrecipes site for this product.

  • EmiD78

    So excited. Just got next weeks flyer and my ShopRite is triple coupons for the week. YAY! This one will come in handy!

    • meli

      hi what location is that? thanks.

  • EmiD78

    Colonie, NY

  • misterbill

    There was a comment in the last thread about not imaging people actually paying for this stuff so I found it pretty amusing when the dairy guy at the Brookfield, CT store told me how popular it was and that it’s a great product. He apparently had no idea about the coupons. Or maybe people really ARE buying it, and not just because of coupons.

    • mary

      Well, these really are quite good so I’m not surprised that people are buying this product for full price.
      Coupons are a bonus!!

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