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New SavingStar eCoupons – Better Than FREE Wasa Crackers at ShopRite

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SavingStar eCoupons

There are five new SavingStar One or Many Offers available today.  Once you active these to your store loyalty card, clip the offers you are interested in and make your qualifying purchase, the amount of the offer will be deposited into your SavingStar account.

Here are the new offers:

Here are some deals with the new SavingStar eCoupons:

  • Tiff

    I can’t seem to find the Wasa product at my Shoprite. Can someone tell me where I should be looking for it at the store? Thanks!!

    • Sandra K321

      At mine they are in a section of crackers, etc. between the bread section and the jams section (not in the regular cookie/cracker section.)

    • tina fitz

      mine are right across from the cookies in the “specialty snacks”

    • misterbill

      I find it very hard to find this $1.50 package… tried (and failed) the last time it was on a similar (if not as good) deal.

    • amanda

      Mine are on the same isle as the seltzer a feww feet down

    • lmsnj

      The Wasa crackers are at the end of the produce section in my store — with dried fruits and nuts.

  • Evie

    Does anyone know if SavingStar works on purchases made before the eCoupons were available? I just bought 2 Wasa products a few days ago but would like to still take advantage of the offer…

    • Cindy Livesey

      No sorry, they have to be clipped to your card before you make the purchase.

      • Evie

        Thanks for letting me know, Cindy! Too bad I used my coupons already :(

  • Linda Hughes

    My SR doesn’t seem to carry the Crisp N Light anymore but they are on sale at Pathmark right now for $1.66 and I found $1/1 peelies if you already printed the .75 Q :)

    • misterbill

      I assume that is the sale that ended on Thursday and it won’t be that price as of Friday?

      • Linda Hughes

        I honestly don’t know, I stopped at another Pathmark on my way home from work late last night (10pm) and they didn’t have the Crisp N Light so I got 2 of the sesame Wasa (those were $1.98 each). I paid .96 for 2 and will get the $1.50 Saving Star so that’s good for me! I looked for dates on the sale stickers but there were none so it’s possible they could be still the same price, doesn’t hurt to check it out. :)

  • Jessa

    If you have an A&P in your area Wasa crackers are on sale next week 2/$4 for all varieties. Makes a pretty good deal especially if your store doubles coupons.

    • misterbill

      For some reason that I cannot understand, A&P does not do Ibotta. Even stranger, Pathmark (which they own) does. It would still make them better than free, but you lose the 75c from Ibotta.

      • Jessa

        Oh I didn’t even notice that. I already used my ibotta offer so I was only looking at using coupons and saving star for my deal. But that is strange of a&p to not participate.

  • misterbill

    If anyone checks Pathmark today, please post this week’s price. I don’t have one convenient to me, but I will be near one tomorrow and can stop by if they’re still on sale. Thanks.

  • james

    look in the bread aisle. in my store its where they have some specialty cookies and crackers at the beginning of the aisle

  • misterbill

    I actually found the Crisp ‘n Light variety at my SR today, on sale for $1.69. Already got the Ibotta (which was $1, not 75c as listed above). Presumably the SavingStar will show up tomorrow. Excellent deal!

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