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Reader Shopping Trip to ShopRite – Total Cost: $0.57

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Extreme Couponing Trip to ShopRite

Reader Jeannete had an AWESOME trip to ShopRite! She paid just $16.42 and received catalinas and savingstar depots making her final cost just $0.57 for everything WOW! Here is what she had to say:

I was very exiting about this purchase yesterday because is the fist time that I made a shopping trip so big like this. And I fell like I won the lottery yeey!   And this is thanks to you and your website that always giving us super deals to make.

Reader Shopping Trip to ShopRite

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  • Michelle T.

    Great job! It’s so exciting when you can stack deals and end up with such a great trip :) Congrats!

  • gilly

    Awesome, that was a great job…..it can be done!

  • tina fitz

    Question did your ludens beep cuz I notice you have the strawbeery kiwi which is a 20ct and the coupon says 25 or 30 count thanks

    • http://livingrichwithcoupons.com/ Cindy Livesey

      They may have gotten the peelies off the packs like I did. There were $1/2 off coupons on almost every pack and they have no size restriction

      • tina fitz

        really been buying these all week and haven’t noticed any. the vets at the legion love them. :)

  • cheryl manna

    WOW!!! What a week ;)

    • http://livingrichwithcoupons.com/ Cindy Livesey

      Yep, that’s what happens when it looks like it will be a quiet week! Quiet weeks always turn out to be my favorite weeks of all! They are like secret treasures we find :)

  • Betty Likes Reading

    did they let you use your 10 off 75 before coupons.my store said it has to ne after coupons.new policy!

    • Nathalie

      At my store, it depends on the cashier. Some of them wait until all other coupons and discounts are taken off, then they’ll scan the $10/75 only if my total is over $75, others will ring it first since I place it first on my coupon pile.

  • Yolanda

    I just don’t see how its possible anymore. My shoprite is strict with coupons. In in Cherry Hill Nj.

  • JudyMoody

    Wow, great job! I tried getting the No Yolks noodles too, but my ShopRite was all sold out by the time I got there :) Congratulations on the great haul!

  • mashuna

    where is the $10 off $75 coupon…

    • Sayda Nino

      some times shoprite send coupons to your house like $5off wyb 40 or more , or $10off wyb $75 or more. and some coupons for items free ;-)

  • Sayda Nino

    the coupon for the rice dream 2/1 its still available to print on this link http://www.tastethedream.com/

  • Arisleydis Jaquez

    It saids that i could get the coupon for the soup bowls on the 11/3 SS but i have been looking all over and dont see it..what am i missing..I have three inserts from the SS 11/3 and dont see that coupon..help..

    • Sayda Nino

      the coupon for the yakisoba bowls was regional :-(

  • mindy

    thank you! there was a $1 coupon from that site, which has now been replaced with a $2 coupon! yay for better than free!!

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