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Reminder: Tons of Great Gift Card Deals Going on Now!

Gift Card Deals

Gift Card Deals

There are so many great gift card offers going on right now, we didn’t want you to forget about any of them! Remember the gift card deals are a great way to save some money on your groceries.  Many of them turn out to be great moneymakers after the Catalina deal!

Here are your deals:

A&P and Pathmark - 11/29 through 12/12
Shoprite - 11/29 through 11/30
Albertson's - 1/22 through 12/7
Acme and Shaws - 11/22 through 12/5
Shoprite 12/1 through 12/7

  • Liz614

    Promotion at my local shoprite doesn’t not work with
    Gas card purchase or shoprite gift card purchase.

    • Laura D.

      Shoprite Gift Cards are excluded. The Gas cards are included, there are sugns up stating “ANY Gift Card” with the exception of the Shoprite exclusion. I just did it this afternoon buying 2-$50 BP Gas Cards. HTH!

  • Patti M

    The deal is not working w/gas cards. FYI. SR says its a misprint & they are putting up disclaimers by the cards.

    • Laura D.

      I just did this deal purchasing 2-$50 BP Gas cards and it printed without any problems. In addition, there are signs hanging up with all of the gift cards clearly stating “ANY Gift Card” in all capital letters. The ONLY exclusion is Shoprite Gift Cards.

      • Elaine

        What prints out?

        • Laura D.

          A Certificate of Congratulations similar to the Turkey certificate. Except we need to keep the receipt and hand the Certificate part to the cashier when we checkout when we are ready to use it. It also has our PP Card number on it. HTH!

  • Tina

    My acme had Regal & Lowes cards in the deal.

    • Denise Davison

      great! thanks for the update Tina!

  • LarryS

    i bought two $50 Shell gas cards and got my $20 coupon

  • KM

    Is it true you also have to purchase $20 of merchandise in addition to the gift cards? I thought I saw that in the fine print.

    • Laura D.

      No, you can just purchase the gift cards. I did both deals above today, HTH!

    • Rejane

      As Laura D, said, it is not true. I bought only the gift cards and it worked without a problem. Also, it is indeed ONLY 1 offer per customer/card (I confirmed the harder way…lol).

  • jesd

    I went to pathmart 1st and bought a $500 visa. Got $60 cat. Went to SR and bought $100 visa with that $500 visa from parthmart. Got the $20 printout on the receipt. At 1st, I didn’t know. Went to CS, the guy was very nice and told me it’s on the receipt and showed me. He said keep this receipt and showed it during checkout between 1-7.

  • Eileen

    Got the gift cards at Shoprite that I needed, and the $20 is a bonus! Loved that the Game Stop cards you could pick any amount. Unfortunately they didn’t have the gas station that I use. Thanks for the info on this deal.

    • Annabelle

      I bought a $50 gas card, $25 Chilis and $25 Olive Garden cards. I got a gift receipt for each of them and that was it. No $20 printout, nothing on the receipt that mentions it. So now I have to make another trip just to get it straightened out.

      • Evelyn Evie Silberlicht Hershk

        Make sure you use your Shoprite Price Plus card or you won’t get the $20. I learned the hard way!

      • misterbill

        I think you need to call customer service, doubt the store can do anything. I did 2 transactions (2 cards) and got the offer on both receipts.

  • Student Debt Survivor

    Great deal. Bought one $25 gap gift card, one $25 shell gas card and one $50 gas gift card at ShopRite tonight. Got the $20 no problem.

  • misterbill

    You should include the Stop & Shop deal, which is valid thru 12/5. You get 4x gas points. Good on anything other than S&S gift cards.

  • Laura D.

    Just got back from A&P. Sweet little change when using the $20 Catalinas, an override is no longer needed. It went through with no beeps and deducted the $20. I did separate transactions.

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