Kleenex Facial Tissues Only $.19 at ShopRite!

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Kleenex Facial Tissues

This week ShopRite has the Kleenex Facial Tissues on sale for $1.00 each.  This morning we got a new $0.75/3 Kleenex Facial Tissues ShopRite eCoupon and we also received a $0.75/3 Kleenex Facial Tissues coupon in this weekend’s SmartSource.  There is also a Catalina Deal available making this an even better deal.

Here are the details of the Catalina

Kleenex Tissues (50 count or larger)
12/2/13 -12/29/13
Buy 6 Get a $1 Catalina
Buy 7 Get a $1.50 Catalina
Buy 8 or more Get a $2 Catalina

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Here is your deal


Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Deals for the week before you shop.

  • ruth anne

    Is this ecoupon gone already…I think I saw it before 7 am….and didn’t click it….By 10 am it looks like it is gone

    • Kari

      That’s crazy! Not many “clicks” available I guess! Not available for me either.

  • Linda

    No ecoupon for Kleenex — it’s for Scotties.

  • Denise Davison

    The Kleenex Coupon was there very early this morning, around 6, sorry for anyone that didn’t get to clip it!

  • Danielle

    Not there anymore – shame.

  • doreenwrks

    Darn! Why do they do this?! Either keep it up or don’t have it at all! Darn Shop Rite! Get it right! 🙂

    • barbara

      it is best to check first thing in the morning.. So are very limited.

  • B_Lo

    The same thing happen to me, no e-coupon….I always have a feeling that they have somebody that works there that is checking are comments and everything on this page and as soon they see a good bargain for us, they take out the coupon, because is been several times that we can’t find some of the good coupons….and like I said is what I think…I respect everybody opinion…But anyway, Thank you Cindy as always for the offers and match ups…

  • Jaye

    Is it limit 4 per variety?

  • Tracy

    My 12/08/13 SS had a $1/4 :(. Luckily I got the eCoupon, so I think the best deal for me is to buy 6 [I also have a $0.50/2]. Then they are about $0.37/box. But if I buy 8 or 10, they are still less than $0.50/box, not too bad….