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New SavingStar eCoupons – General Mills Products

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SavingStar eCoupons

There are 15 new SavingStar eCoupons available today. These SavingStar eCoupons are always good to clip just in case there is a deal! Sometimes they go quickly so if you already have them clipped you will still get the deal! I always clip all of them! Here’s what you can find:

eCoupons may reach their limits quickly. If these eCoupons are no longer available, be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for other great coupons

  • Steph Quintano

    alot of them are giving me error messages or saying that i have already clipped this coupon but i haven’t.

    • barbara

      hmm.. did you add your shoprite or cell fire first.. ???

      i added all mine except the toaster strudel one I am having issues with that one ..

    • kabbysteve

      You need to do savingstar BEFORE you load shoprite ecoupons

      • Steph Quintano

        Bummer!!! I added shoprite first :( I had a feeling that was the problem. Is there anyway for me to fix it or did I lose out now?

        • kabbysteve

          Someone else just posted on the shoprite weekly page, it was suggested to go into savingstar site and remove your shoprite card # then load your savingstar coupons then go back and reload the shoprite card #…..good luck.

          • S

            I just deactivated my ShopRite card and loaded it again after activating SavingStar and it work just fine! :)

            • misterbill

              However, there have been reports that doing this did not result in getting the Savingstar offer. Savingstar will tell you that the card had to be on your account when loading the coupons.

  • Michele A (SI)

    Hey, a head’s up for everyone. I definitely did NOT buy a Butterball turkey, but I did buy 4 cans of Green Giant corn on 11/26 at Shoprite to make my Thanksgiving corn pudding. Remember the $3 SavingStar credit for buying a Butterball turkey AND 4 of the linked GM products (including the corn)? Well, I was credited the $3 just for buying the corn. An unexpected money maker! Not sure if this one is expired yet.

    • kelly

      yes, it was coded for the general mills products, so it worked with just a purchase of 4 of the listed items – and, yes, it expired yesterday along with the other general mills coupons.

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