A&P/Pathmark Gift Card Deal - Up to $50 Money Maker Starts 11/29 -Living Rich With Coupons®

Reminder: A&P/Pathmark Giftcard Deal – Up to $50 Money Maker – Ends 12/12!

A&P/Pathmark Gift Card Deal

A&P/Pathmark Gift Card Deal

Just a reminder that the A&P/Pathmark Gift Card Deals end tomorrow, 12/12 so if you haven’t taken advantage of them yet, be sure to do so before tomorrow.

The deal is as follows:

  • Buy $50 in select gift cards and get a $5 Catalina
  • Buy $100 in select gift cards and get a $10 Catalina
  • Buy $200 in select gift cards and get a $20 Catalina
  • Buy $500 in select gift cards and get a $60 Catalina (will print as (3)$20 catalinas)

Cards shown include: Claires, Cheesecake factory, Master card, Visa, Lowes and Spa Finder (excludes A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum gift cards).  Also working are gas gift cards!

Usually the $500 gift cards have an activation fee of around $8.95 making this a $51.05 money maker after the activation fee.  Woot!

Your deals will go like this:

Buy Gas or Store Gift Card $50
Get a $5 Catalina
Use your gift card as you would have used cash
$5 Money Maker!

Buy Visa, Mastercard $500
Activation Fee: $8.95 (this may vary)
Use your gift card as you would have used cash
as much as a $51.05 Money Maker after paying for the activation fee



  • Laura D.

    Funny you just posted this! I was just seeing if I could pay my credit card online with one of the loadable Visa’s so I could roll it. I cannot. :( I know, shame on you Laura, bad girl. ;)

    • DianeG

      Laura, don’t give up! Try calling the vendor and ask them to enter it. Just keep saying – “it’s a gift card, there is no zip code associated with this card”. That seems to do it. There were a few bills that I could not pay on line and when I called, they were able to do it. It’s worth a try.
      And don’t forget, Friday (the 13th) is their “Friends and Family day”, they have been handing out a special coupon sheet at the cash registers that includes a coupon for $5.00 off when you buy $30.00 (and a few other coupons).

      • Laura D.

        I like the way you think DianeG! I will give it a try! Thanks!

      • misterbill

        She’s never going to be able to pay a credit card with this card. The problem you mention about the zip code can be remedied by logging onto the site that should be on the card holder and register it. That way you can enter your address and it will match when they try to verify it.

        • DianeG

          Good point about the zip code. Are you saying it wouldn’t work because Laura bought a loadable card vs a non-reloadable, or as an overall statement ?

          But you got me thinking Mister Bill. The credit card is the one vendor I hadn’t tried. So I gave my Capital One card company a call tonight and they said we don’t generally take them, but they were willing to try. He took the card number, expiration date and the three digit number from the back, it was approved and gave me a reference number for the transaction. He said I could verify it online tomorrow – so we’ll see. I used a non-reloadable Master Card debit gift card that I had not registered on line. Even though it worked with Cap One and that customer service agent, I would still advise caution. When this GC deal first came out, I paid a small amount on my Toyota loan just to see if it would work – it did. ‘Called back a few days later with another GC to pay the full amount and customer service agent said it doesn’t work. Well, I politely persisted and got him to find the way to make it work as it did in my last transaction. It worked. I did verify these payments online and they were ok.
          I had never done Gift Card deals before, because I was afraid I was going to get stuck with them for a long time. So it’s good to have these discussions. I would have never tried these deals unless the person in the first post about this deal said they were going to pay bills with them. That got me thinking …..

          • misterbill

            I don’t think that loadable vs. reloadable is an issue. And all of these gift cards are different (multiple issuers) but I’d be really surprised if each of them did not have some way to update the cardholder information so you could use it for online purchases. Look on the gift card package (or on the activation sticker on the card itself) for details.

            Interesting that you were able to use the debit card to pay your credit card bill. I wouldn’t think that would work. It would make getting rid of the cards MUCH easier if that works reliably.

  • amyv2473

    If you do the deal today, what are the expiration dates of the catalinas?

    • IK

      still 12/26 – just did it…

      • amyv2473

        Thank you!

    • Lauren

      all my Cats exp 12/26/13

  • Dee

    Can u do this more than once?

    • adam

      Yes, but some stores make their own rules

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