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ShopRite Preview Ad for the week of 12/29/13!

ShopRite Ad Week 11/17/13

ShopRite Ad Week 12/29/13

Santa came and brought the  ShopRite Ad Week 12/29/13!  Our Santa is Melissa so A Big Thank You to her for sharing next weeks ShopRite Ad with us!

Feel free to post any deals you come up with in the comments below.

If you want to start preparing your shopping trip for next week, be sure to check out all the Printable Coupons as well as our Coupon Database for any coupons to match with a sale.  We will be posting ShopRite Preview Deals up on Wednesday followed by the full coupon match ups on Saturday.

View: ShopRite Preview Ad Scan 12/29/13

Be sure to head over and check out this weeks ShopRite Coupon match Ups to get all the best deals for this week!

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  • Lisa Brenns

    Went to my cherry hill, nj (eve sham rd.) Shoprite, yesterday. My first transaction included all of my Catalina deals….none came out. Showed your site on my smartphone to cashier. Total should have been $9.00. Called a manager, she apologized and me $20 in Shoprite gift certificates! Now that’s what I call great customer service!!!

    • Courtney

      Lucky. My Shoprite (Neptune, NJ) refuses to print out Cats if they don’t print at registers. They say its out of their hands. Call 1-800-Shoprite to complain.

  • jane

    met rx deal – page 6/7 – buy 3, save 5 – the big 100 bars 2 for $4 are shown. could be 3 for $6 minus $5 = $1 for 3?

    • Courtney

      That’s what I was thinking too.

  • Chris

    Can you post which cereals are included in the sale? Thanks

    • Jenna Sheridan

      All I could make out so far is Cheerios and honey nut Cheerios. If that’s the case, they would be free at warminster if we have 50 cent off coupons, right?

      • marge

        counting in ecoupons?

        • Jenna Sheridan

          No just printable. They are 1.67 a box and with a 50 cent off, it brings it down to 17 cents at tripled stores. I have a few sixty cent coupons as well so those would make it free.

          • Sunil


            If you have the Super Coupon (look below), then you could use 4 ($.50/1) coupons + the super coupon and get them for free (or about $.17 a box w/o the Super Coupon)

            If you use 4 ($.60/1) coupons + the Super Coupon, then it’ll be a $1.20 moneymaker (if they allow overages on triple coupons… I don’t know since my store doesn’t triple) or $.53 monkeymaker w/o Super Coupon.

            Also, there’s a $.50/1 SavingStar as well.

    • janet

      looks like new varieties are included – cheerios multigrain dark chocolate crunch and chocolate toast crunch. hopefully there will be coupons for these soon.

    • Sunil

      Cheerios Multi Grain Dark Chocolate Crunch,
      Original or Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch,
      Frosted Toast Crunch,
      Original Cheerios,
      Any Variety Chex,
      Original Cococa Puffs,
      Any Variety Lucky Charms,
      Golden Grahams,
      Honey Nut Cheerios

      There’s one more that I can’t quite make out. I believe it’s Wheaties, but I’m not positive.

      Hopes this helps.

      On a sidenote, I was hoping for Cookie Crisp.

      • peg

        yes, wheaties, and also trix

        • Sunil

          Thanks !! I saw the Trix, but must’ve forgot to type it in. Updated it now.

    • Maggs

      There ya go

      • Sunil

        Nice share Maggs. Good clear pic too. Hope my sale paper has this Super Coupon. I have to run home now to check. :)

      • Sunil

        Nice share Maggs. Nice clear pic too. Now to rush home to see if I have that Super Coupon too :)


    FREE — Friendship Sour Cream with .55 Internet printable or .89 Cottage Cheese with same. Reduced to .99 Pepperidge Farm Cookies with $1.00 S/R e-coupon, perhaps free with $1.00 Internet printable if the sizes match — I can’t tell from the ad. Reduced to .50 Vidal Sassoon products with .75 Internet printable, can’t read ad if S/R e-coupon is coming as well.
    Great deal on Iceberg Lettuce @ .99/head and reduced price of .49 on various S/R canned beans — great to ad to salads for protein and fiber! Sabra Salsas continue on sale @ $1.99 for the week, remains to be seen if they continue sale on Hummus and Guacamole products, as well.

    • Jessa

      I think the Pepperidge Farm coupon doesn’t line up the with sizes that are on sale so watch out for that. Thanks for the match ups though!

    • Sandy

      My .55 Friendship sour cream con did not double last week so watch this one at register.

      • Sunil

        Just FYI… I’ve never had the Friendship coupons double at Shoprite for me. If they don’t double, my Shoprite refuses to manually double them because they “must be a do not double coupon.” I have no problems with them doubling automatically at Pathmark and Stop&Stop.

      • COLIN

        Thanks. I will watch for it but I think that they do double at my store.

      • Harry

        I think someone posted this a while back and I am repeating it – I did try it out both ways and it worked once – doubled when the new code was scanned and did not double when the old code was scanned. There are two bar codes on the coupon and one is the old one and another is the new one. I do not remember now which one doubled – the one on the right or the one on the left. You have to use a self checkout lane to try this or have a really friendly cashier who will actually scan the side of the coupon as you tell them to! If one does not work, you can ask them to remove the scan and retry with the other side.

    • nina

      sabra salsa is listed on page 12, sabra hummus is listed on page 9, both $1.99. reasonable to assume that the guacamole will also continue to be on sale.

      • COLIN

        Thanks. Good to go.

    • Sunil

      Could someone point me to the Pepperidge Farm Cookies internet printable just in case they’re included. I can’t seem to find them. Hope they’re not NLA. Thanks in advance

      • martha

        the coupon had its own post on this site about 2 weeks ago and is good for an 8.7oz or larger package – larger than chunk/soft baked/milano. the ecoupon is for the same size – larger than any bagged cookie – the coupons appear to be for the boxes and tins.

        • Sunil

          Thanks for the great info. Appreciate it.

          • COLIN

            Look for it on Campbellskitchen(dot)com with other soup coupons.

  • Maggs

    List from my ad

    • barbara

      i got that super Q too..

  • kathy

    is there manufacture coupons for cereal

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