Reader Shopping Trip to Weis – General Mills Cereal Deals + More!


Extreme Couponing Weis

It’s a great week at Weis!  There is an awesome General Mills Cereal sale this week and we’ve been getting some great coupons to pair with the sale.  There is a promotion this week at Weis that you also receive a FREE gallon of milk when you buy any 10 General Mills Cereals or Nature Valley Granola Bars, which is a deal reader Ashley took advantage of!  She did awesome, check out the details below!


  • (12) Cinnamon Toast Crunch – $1.47 each ($17.64)
  • (4) Golden Grahams – $1.47 each ($5.88)
  • (2) Cherrios – $1.47 each ($2.94)
  • (2) Trix- $1.47 each ($2.94)
  • (1) Peanut Butter Crunch – $1.47 ($1.47)
  • (2) Gallons of Milk – $3.90 each ($7.80)
  • (4) Shamrock Chocolate Milks – $1.00 each ($4.00)
  • (1) Natures Own Bread – $2.49

Coupons Used:

Paid: $12.89
Received: 2 FREE Gallon of Milk Catalina’s up to $4.00 each

Be sure to check out the rest of the Weis Deals for the week before you shop.

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  • boobear27

    Sweet deal!!

  • Terri Luedtke

    Really wish we stores down here that would give those kind of deals!

  • AA

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch scanned $2:49 for me at the new store in Flanders, NJ. Anyone else experience this?

    • Barb

      I got the Cinn Toast Crunch at Weis Mansfield for 1.47 each. It scans for 3.49 then took $1 off each box, then after I had scanned 4 it took $4.08 off.

    • jen

      You have to buy 4 (all in the same transaction) to get the $1.47 price