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Target Coupon Deals – Week of 3/16

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Target Coupon Match Ups Week of 3/16:


Target Unadvertised Deals

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  • Tangokiki

    FYI Coupon for $10 off $40 of cat /dog food or cat litter found in the Target weekly circular. (excludes treats) Good until 3/28. I was able to stock up on Clump and seal – . I bought 5 boxes of clump and seal (5 x 7.99) and one can of cat food. Used 5 x $3 coupons on the litter so got a really great deal. $40 – $10 – 15 = $15!

    • Lindsey

      How did you use 5 like coupons? I thought the max was 4

      • Denise Davison

        Hi Lindsey, I have a hunch that there was probably 4 printables and 1 insert coupon used or vice versa, hth!

    • Amy

      I didn’t find the coupon in my add !

  • Guest

    I’m not seeing a $.75 off Magnum Bars, but I am seeing a $1.50 off them. Even better!

  • Tangokiki

    I did not know there was a limit however one was computer generated, one a peelie from the package and 3 from the newspaper. The manager o.k.ed it. Perhaps since target is losing market share due to credit card issue they are being a bit more coupon friendly.

  • Amy

    So u can u 4 paper coups and 4 printable cus there not all the same?

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