New SavingStar Produce eCoupon – Save 20% on Loose Corn!


SavingStar eCoupon

The SavingStar Healthy Offer of the Week is now available.  The eCoupon is for Save 20% on any single purchase of loose Corn at participating retailers.   The coupon is valid through 5/26.  I would clip this one quickly as some SavingStar offers tend to reach their limits quickly!

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Clip: Save 20% loose Corn SavingStar eCoupon

eCoupons may reach their limits quickly. If these eCoupons are no longer available, be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for other great coupons

  • barbara

    Gonna get my Corn on baby.. $.19 ea at Shoprite starting tomorrow Why do i feel that is still alittle high though wasnt it a little cheaper last year..

    • Sunil

      At some point between now and July/August, depending on how they grew this year, they should hit 10 for $1 (they did last year). These are basically 5 for $1.

      The up and down temps this year and harsh winter might affect the pricing and in general it seems like everything just keeps going up.

      • barbara

        True.. Bottom dollar has them for $.17 but they Saving store is not at Bottom dollar..

  • IK

    Has anybody purchased this at SR yet? Curious as to whether the sale is a price plus sale…

    • misterbill

      I believe it is with the pre-PP price at 31c. However, the place to buy is Stop & Shop. Two stores I checked had it to 50c pre-card and 16c with card. That gives you 10c per each back from SavingStar for a final price of 6c!