Old London Melba Toast as Low as 2 FREE at ShopRite!


Old London Coupon

Here is another great deal for your ShopRite list! Through 2/18,ShopRite has Old London Melba Toasts on sale for $1.79-$1.99 regionally priced.  We have this $0.75/1 Old London Products, coupon available to print.


Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.01.08 PM

We also have this $0.60/2 Old London Melba Snacks Any Variety 4.5-oz. box, ShopRite eCoupon, exp. 02/18/2017 still available to be clipped, making these as low as 2 FREE after stacked offers !

Here is your ShopRite through 2/18

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 2/18

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  • Linda

    Can anyone tell me where to find this in the store? I didn’t see it in the cookie aisle. TIA

    • Barbara

      at my store they are in the gluten FREE section.

      • MisterBill

        These don’t seem to be in the deli section. I found them with the other crackers like Wasa, but not in the cookie aisle.

    • bilinval

      They were in the bread aisle in my store- top shelf.

    • Bruce

      In my store these were on the bottom shelf of the cookie/cracker isle in the assorted section.

  • sandyk

    In mine they were in the bread/fancy cracker section next to the jams and jellys. I couldn’t find them the last time they were on sale so I kept looking until I found them in case they ever went on sale again.

  • D

    Is the ecoupon coming off when you buy Melba Toast because it specifically says Melba Snacks which are a different product?

    • D

      ..and anyone know the price of Melba Snacks this week? Are they also on sale?

      • Tracy Z

        I didn’t buy any, but I checked participating products…both toast and snacks are included. Check your local SRFH to see the price. At my store, both are $1.79.

        • D

          I just checked my SRFH and Melba Snacks are also $1.79 this week so free BUT the ecoupon says any 4.5oz box and all the Melba Snacks are 5.25oz so I don’t know what’s going on there. ..and the Melba Toast are 5oz for what it’s worth. If anyone buys the Snacks pls report back if it came off or not.

          • Tracy Z

            Here’s how to check…log in on SR’s website, go to Virtual Pantry (or My ShopRite), go to Past Purchases & Shopping Lists, mouse over My Shopping List to bring up drop-down menu, click on My Clipped Digital Coupon List, look for Old London (in this case), click on View Products. This tells you which items are connected to this digital coupon. It says 5.25oz Snacks and 5oz Toast. It seems like a lot to get there, but once you do it a few times (it has saved me from buying the wrong products!), it’s easy. HTH!

            • D

              Thanks! Seems easy enough and def. helpful next time something like this happens.

          • Karen

            I bought 2 Melba toast snacks today (sea salt, garlic varieties) and the $.60/2 digital cpn came off. Free after digital cpn and 2 $.75 IPs.

      • anon

        Melba Snack Rounds are $1.79 in my SR. Digital came off, coupons doubled! hth

  • Karen

    Another SR e-cpn for $.60/2 Old London Melba was posted today so another 2 boxes free if you can print 2 more mfr cpns…assuming the new e-cpn comes off this week or Melba is on sale next week.

  • D

    Heads up – Melba Snacks and Toast are on sale again this week for $1.79 so 2 boxes free with the new 60/2 ecoupon that came out Friday and the 75 cent coupon is still available.