Print Now! Tide Pods with Febreze as Low as $0.99 at ShopRite!


Tide Coupon

Woot! This is a hot deal. This week at ShopRite,  we found Tide Pods with Febreze of Clearance price for $2.99. While supplies last , rainchecks will not be given.
$2.00 off ONE Tide Pods
We have  a great $2/1 Tide PODS 12 ct or larger (excludes trial/travel size), coupon available to print, making these just $0.99.

This coupon will not be around after Saturday. Print it now.

Clearance prices and stock vary from store to store, check available in your ShopRite store!

Thanks Ergin!

Here is your deal at ShopRite while supplies last:

This List Has Expired

Shoprite (while supplies last)

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  • Toledo

    I have 4 shoprite near my location and not one has this deal. All Tide with Febreeze are $5.49.

    • Kate

      What state are you in?

      • Toledo


    • Dusya

      My store had two different varieties of tide pods 12 ct with febreze. One is botanical rain that is priced $5.49 and the other one is active fresh that is $2.99. There was only one left on the shelf of clearance variety.

    • Gracie Levine

      Same here

  • Anonymou5

    There is a $.50/1 eq… they weren’t on clearance at my store though…

  • Rick

    In the picture it looks like a target sign.

  • amy

    Nobody i know was able to find these for $2,99! That coupon was a waste of my ink.

    • Gracie Levine

      Agreed none in nnj

    • Rebecca Kalmer Tipa

      Found them yesterday in New City. Not marked but definitely $2.99 when price checked.

  • D

    I found a bunch of these at SR today in NJ with the clearance green tag for $2.99 opposed to $5.49 for the other varieties. I used the $2 coupon (which is still available) ..however, my 50 cent digital coupon did not come off.
    Before I call and possibly waste my time, do SR digital coupons come off on those reduced to clear green/black/white shelf tag items or are you not allowed to use digitals on those?

    • Ash Patel

      it should because i have used on Palmolive on special value for 1.49 and i use mc and also my e coupon for .25 cents did came off

      • D

        Thanks. I called this morning and they credited my account with $1 since it has to be in whole increments so it turned out to be free!

        • Ash Patel


    • Edwin Souffront

      What shoprite in NJ please

      • D

        Shoprite in Springfield on the Morris Turnpike. I rarely ever go there but happened to be in the area so figured I’d pop in and do a quick non perishable item shop and lucked out with the detergent. The sale is while supplies lasts and the spot on the shelf was just as full as all the other varieties that weren’t on special clearance so there are prob. still some left if you live near there.

  • Barbara
    • Toledo

      Those in my shoprite still show as $5.99, the same as the photo. Even when i use check price still rings as $5.99

      • D

        There are 2 different scents – Active Fresh and Botanical Rain. The packages look basically the same as above except it says the scent all the way to the right which is cut off in the picture. At first glance they are identical. Active Fresh are $2.99 and Botanical Rain is reg. price. I was at a different SR today and out of curiosity looked to see if they had any. I saw no sale tags whatsoever and a ton of Botanical Rain on the shelf but looked though and found 3 packages of Active Fresh mixed in, scanned them and sure enough $2.99. Scanned Botanical Rain to be sure and reg. price.

  • Edwin Souffront

    When does it end???????

    • Barbara

      its while supplies last. as last in the store !