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Stop & Shop Coupon Deals – Week of 2/17 :

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  • DD

    For reasons I cannot explain, SOME electronic coupons on linked to my card CAME OFF TODAY even though I was using paper coupons! Worked on the Head & Shoulders (oop $3 for two bottles after $4 e-coup and $5 mfr); Venus disposables (oop 99 cents after $3 e-coup and $3 mfr!); and Quaker Instant Oatmeal (oop $1.98 for two boxes after $1 e-coup and $1 Mfr). No special effort by cashier!!! Others did not — Downy for example. I swear, when I think I have it figured out, this happens and it throws me for a loop. It’s a happy loop, but still a loop.

    Oh, and FYI — Luvs diapers are still $5.99 at my store and are part of the buy 2, get $2 off instantly. With the $2 Luvs coupons from the P&G insert, $5.98 for two bags. Good price.

    • thanks! I did see the luvs im making all the changes 😉 can i ask the P&G coupons did they come off as line item with “Personal Discount” or just a savings?

  • geoff84

    Has anyone tried the Campbell’s Buy $15, Save $5 deal? I’m wondering if the $15 threshold is before or after coupons. Thank you!

  • MisterBill

    Do you suppose that someone could delete the first image in the ad preview, which is from a January ad? It’s very confusing to still have it there.

    • Megan Livesey

      I apologize – it has been removed.

      • MisterBill

        Thanks :).

  • MisterBill

    So, I was corrected on another board this week when I posted that only 4 like coupons would double at S&S. I was told that this wasn’t true and that there was no limit. I did the Campbell’s Well Yes soup deal on Thursday and am happy to report that all 8 75c coupons I used doubled to $1.50! I thought the limit of 4 like had been confirmed here, It’s not correct.

    • nick hill

      Good to hear. The 4 coupon doublers had been the case for me in the past at SCO but haven’t tried more than 4 in quite a while so not sure if it is still the case. May be a regional/local thing or have changed with all the recent poicy changes?

      • it’s a YMMV situation – If your’s didn’t double past 4 before it probably still won’t but it doesn’t hurt to try, your still allowed 16 like coupons in a transaction. I’ve had it work, and have had a cashier stop my coupons from doubling past the 4.

    • Mark

      Hey MisterBill,
      I just want to caution you. If you use insert coupons only 4 like coupons will double. The system sees them as the same. IP’s are different because they are unique. The IP’s have a unique code embedded in them. This has been the case with S&S registers for awhile. HTH.

    • IK

      That was mentioned here previously, however , this only works for IPs, inserts etc coupons are limit 4 for doubling…