Target Valentine’s Day Clearance – 70% off Decor, 50% off Food & Candy!

vdayValentines Day Clearance

I stopped by my local Target today to take a peek at the Valentine’s Day section.  The candy is marked down to 50% off but the decorations are marked down 70%.  Don’t forget to check your “One Spot,” there are always tons of great markdowns you can find there during holiday clearance sales!

Target Valentine's Clearance

Here are some highlights of things I found:

  • Pyrex Hearts Storage Container, ($4.99) $1.50
  • Pillsbury Valentine’s Funfetti Cake Mix, ($1.25) $0.63
  • Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper, ($1.50) $0.45
  • Scotch Expressions Tape {valentine’s day theme}, ($4.00) $1.20
  • Girls Valentine’s Day Shirts, ($8.00) $2.40
  • Kids Valentines Day Socks, ($1) $0.30
  • Kids Valentines Day Body Lotion, ($1) $0.30

Of course there were tons of boxed Valentine’s cards, conversation hearts, and chocolates marked down as well! Don’t forget, kids are not picky, stock up on these cheap items to fill Easter baskets for cheap! Don’t forget to share all of the awesome deals that you find in your store as well!

Be sure to bring some coupons with  you including:

  • $1/2 Mars Snickers, M&Ms, Twix, 3 Musketeers or Milky Way Fun size or Mini Laydown bags 8oz+ dnd, 1/8 RP #1, exp. 02/19/2017

Check out the rest of the Target Coupon Match Ups for this week to score all the best deals!


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