Stop & Shop Coupon Deals – Week of 4/21


Stop & Shop Coupon Deals – Week of 4/21 {Preview}:

This List Has Expired

Kimberly Clark: Spend $30 Get a $7 Off your Next order eCoupon

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Stop & Shop Unadvertised:

This List Has Expired

Stop & Shop Unadvertised Deals

Deals Expiring 04/27

Buy 3 Participating Items Get 1 Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese Slices 7oz Instantly Through 5/18

Natural Care: Buy $20 Save $6 Instantly – Through 4/27

Spend $6 Save $2 on FRESH Meat -Through 5/18


Deals $1 and Under









Clearance Finds – Can vary by store

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  • Nikki

    Is there any chance someone has a pic of the one that runs 3/20-4/16?
    Mine didn’t print today (bought 4-24pk 0.5L). I should have received a $3 cat. I need to submit a pic
    with my complaint. Thank you for any help!

    • Peggle

      I don’t think you need to send in a pic of the cat. I sent 2 submissions in using just my receipt and both were approved. Just put in the name of the offer or close to it. They’ll know what it is. Good luck.

      • Nikki

        They have denied me before so I want to make sure I send everything. I’ve only had problems with catalinas a couple times and received denial emails so I gave up. I’m going to try again. Thanks

      • Nikki

        Thank you so much! This was the one that I didn’t have.

  • MisterBill

    Free Silk yogurt as Friday Freebie.

  • Nik

    The list says Halo coupon says it expired 4/19. Printable is still available.

    • ty I started on monday that happens once in a while i’ll fix 🙂

  • MisterBill

    So, how are clearance prices supposed to work at S&S? Does the store get a list and has to make the price changes themselves? I was at a store on Thursday that had neither the Nibmor nor the Impressa sizing kit on clearance. Another local store had the sign up for the Nibmor but they still rang up at regular price (got CS to sell it at the reduced price). Is it the store’s option to put then on clearance?

    • IK

      i’ve seen instances where one store would be sold out of the clearance items, while the other (in the same locality) NEVER got that clearanced.

      • nick hill

        I agree. It totally varies from store to store.

    • DD

      I think it is based on what sells at a particular store. I can still get the Tide Purclean (or whatever it’s called) for $12.99 when the whole rest of the world had it on clearance.

  • Spancho

    There are some loadable offers on the Stop & Shop app for discounts related to gift card purchases. For instance $10 off Grocery Purchase when you buy $100 or more in MasterCard Gift cards and $6 off Grocery Purchase when you buy $30 in Dunkin Donut gift cards. Does anybody know exactly how these work? Do groceries need to be in the same purchase as the gift cards in order to receive the discount? Or do I buy the gift cards in their own transaction and receive a coupon for $ of a future grocery purchase at the bottom of the receipt?

    • SaraD

      I did this the other day with the DD cards, it comes off as instant savings so do it with another purchase. It said personal discount $6 at the bottom of receipt where the coupons are shown 🙂

      • Spancho

        Thanks SaraD! Will try it this afternoon.

      • nick hill

        Thanks SaraD, I had totally missed this deal!

  • nick hill

    The kraft deal (buy 3 Arnold Bread, Kraft Mayo, Oscar Meyer Cooked Bacon etc.,) is back but this time it is buy any 3 items get a Cracker Barrel sliced cheese free. I bought 4 Arnold Bread at $3.99 B1G1 and the Cracker Barrel. I used 4 55/1 coupons that doubled and had a $1.50/1 e-coupon for any Cracker Barrel product. Paid $2.08 total!

    • Thanks nick i’m clocked out for the weekend i’ll add in the bacon and mayo sunday – my store wasn’t tagged for those yet just the lunch meat and mustard

  • nick hill

    I did the Kimberley Clarke deal but no $7 off. CS said $30 must be “after coupons” of course even though that has never been my experience at this particular store before.

    • did you check to see if it came off before you used coupons? (like after you total)

      • nick hill

        I forgot to do that 🙁 That may well have been the issue.

        • okay apparently it’s suppose to come in the form of an ecoupon and I’m in the process of upating the deals.

    • Selma

      KC is a catalina deal, right?

      • nick hill

        Yes thats what i thought and can confirm as just checked my flyer. I could contact catalina directly i assume?

        • Selma

          Yeah definitely!

  • Karen

    SoftSoap 7.5oz (2 varieties – soothing aloe vera, and milk and golden honey) were tagged as part of the 500 gas points wyb 5 deal. Shelf tag is $1.59ea but they rang up as $1.55ea so pay $7.75/5 and receive 500 gas points. I did a small, quick order with 5 SoftSoap for $7.75, 2 Colace $.99 ea ($2.99 – $2 IP), 1 Nibmor clearance $1.49, and a $100 MasterCard + $5.95 activation fee minus a $10 e-cpn off groceries wyb $100 MC. Paid $107 at the store and, in addition to the products, I received a $100 MC to pay bills, 500 gas pts worth $10, $8 rebates from ibotta & C51 on the Colace & Nibmor and $6 credit card rebate.

    • ueen

      haven’t done gas deal in a while now due to the $25 additional purchase – if I am reading your post right, the 100 GC counts towards the ‘$25 purchase requirement”?

      • Karen

        Yes, the GC counted at my store towards the $25 minimum. Not sure if that’s true at all S&S.

        • ueen

          tks Karen

    • ueen

      and what is the $6 credit card rebate?

      • Karen

        Sorry, I should have been clearer… 6% cash back on grocery store purchases from my credit card.

    • Harry

      just be sure to get rid of the MC ASAP since they are known to be easily hacked within hours of activation and used in other part of the country.

      • Karen

        Thanks – I saw your similar comment on the staples rewards visas. I’ll be sure to use them both up asap. 🙂

      • IK

        wow… i’ve been holding on to those, and visa’s for years… but recently redeemed all… thanks for the info…

  • Karen

    Maybelline NY Great Lash mascara is $5.99. There are 2 $3 e-cpns plus the new $4 printable valid on 4/30 only…

  • Ken

    Anybody know if you can use a manufacturer coupon on top of a store coupon if the store coupon is for a free item? I know normally you can stack but wasn’t sure if I could stack when the store coupon is for a free item.

    • technically the coupon policy says you can get an item free but not better than free – Not sure if that answers your question

  • nick hill

    When at S&S yesterday there were tags by the Shout (dated 4/17 – 5/14) for $1 cat when you buy two. I wonder if it is a continuation of the previous cat deal?

  • Karen

    Revlon Colorsilk Haircolor – matching B1G1 e-cpn and printable at cdc.