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Stop & Shop Coupon Deals – Week of 5/19 :

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  • Wing

    New ecoupon is up for a free nibmor 1oz chocolate! 🙂 combine with the ibotta if you haven’t done it yet and it’s a $0.50 money maker! (If the nibmor chocolate is $1 since that’s the max value).

    • nick hill

      Also checkout 51 has 50c rebate.

      • MisterBill

        Just note the C51 offer is limit 1, so if you have it on more than one (unlinked) card, be sure to wait until next Thursday to buy it on the 2nd.

  • MisterBill

    My McCormick Grill Mates Ibotta offer is only for the Montreal Steak Seasoning. It’s not valid with the marinades.

    • Mine said McCormick Grill Mates Montreal, but then in the small print it said any – and i have so many of those packets laying around that i scanned them – they all gave me the green check mark and i bought 6 today (got my free movie ticket) and redeemed the offer without issue

    • Buy 2 Grill Mates Products – Any Variety Any Size 🙂

      • John

        Interesting… you’re right!

        • L Kane Rosenwald Downing

          What’s the double dip on the hot dogs? TIA! Also if we get 6 seasoning packets to qualify for the movie offer can we also get $2 off meat as part of the spend $6 save $2 on fresh meat offer?

          • Theres 2 ibotta rebates 1 is for the grillmates sausage the other says any grill mates product – but i only thought of that when i wrote my response above so i didn’t think to check the barcode while i was in store. And i’ve already redeemed it 🙁

          • ooh i totoaly forgot they were part of the instant savings too! You could totally try it! You’d have to buy 10 to get over the $6 Breakdown: 5x $1.49 + 5 FREE=7.49 – $1 ibotta = $6.49 get the movie ticket for a total of $6.51 money maker. Note: the free ones usually don’t count towards the total

  • MicheleAna

    Good week to put those magnum coupons to use. Simply beverages too, if you didn’t make use of them at Shoprite last week like me. Also, if you need Ball Park hot dogs before Shoprite’s sale starting Sunday, not as cheap but still a good price after b1g1f and 2 coupons

    • D

      Any way to tell if it is must buy 2 to get the $2/4 price for the Simply Lemonade drinks?

      • MicheleAna

        You don’t have to buy 2 unless it states must buy which it does not.

        • Susan Scatena

          With regard to the buy $15, get $5 off, (Tresemme, Lipton boxed soup, Magnum, Suave, etc), anyone know of the regular Tresemme is included? I did the deal with the premium deal coupon, B1G1F, but I have several regular Tresemme $3/2 coups. How much is the regular Tresemme and how much on sale? Is there a deal to be had here? Thanks

  • nick hill

    Yes the Magnum double dip with the movie ticket deal it seems?

  • nick hill

    Buy 5 Magnum, use (5) 75c printables (if you have that many) and pay a total of $3.25 for 5 boxes and a $13 Fandango movie voucher. $9.75 mm if you are like my family and love both ice cream (especially Magnum which is usually a “luxury” item) and the movies! There is also a 75c/1 e-coupon.

    • limit 2 like coupons for magnum (unilever)

      • nick hill

        Oops, thanks for the reminder Loretta. I forgot about that from last year when they had these great deals. Still, mix and matching there are other combinations such as Vlassic pickles etc.

      • Karen

        The movie voucher promo has a limit of 5. Any idea if it is a limit of 5 per week or a limit of 5 for the multi-week promo period?

        • Limit 5 rewards per household. Limit 1 per transaction. (same terms as last time – i only did the deal 3x So I don’t know if it will print more then 5 or not on 1 card)

  • MisterBill

    I just got $1/1 e-coupons for Hellmanm’s Mayo on both of our cards. With the 50c/1 coupon in this week’s RP and hopefully a 50c/1 S* (which won’t work at SR but will at S&S), 50c after all savings.

    Also got $7.50/25 and $6/20 pet supplies, and a 75c/1 Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods. I guess it’s a good week to finally use that free Pillsbury coupon that I have.

  • Ranjit

    I do not see Lipton recipe secrets as part of 6 items purchase. However, as above scenario, purchase “Buy 4 Lipton Recipe Secrets, $1.50 each ” (besides 2 magnum) to qualify for movie code ?

    • Karen

      A LRWC deal post had a link to a 2-page list of participating products for the movie deal. The Lipton Recipe Secrets is on the list.

      • Ranjit

        Thank you Karen,Loretta. I see it now 🙂

    • This is the master list of included itmes, Lipton Recipe secrets is ont it 🙂

      • Mark

        Are the Knorr sides tagged as part of the Unilever deal buy $15 get $5 IS? I believe they are part of the movie deal. My insert had a $0.50/2 Knorr coupon.

        • Yes the Sides the coupon for is the new selects there priced higher but the regular $1 ones are included (sorry i didn’t get a chance to update that yet)

  • Michele_A_SI

    I bought 4 Magnum and 2 Ben and Jerry, used coupons, got the $5 discount – but no movie voucher (the Catalina machine did print other stuff, so it was working.) Went to Customer Service and they didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I showed them the flyer (there was a bunch of them outside the store with all products listed) and they just gave me $13 in cash, which was very nice (and surprising!) I bought 3 Magnum double chocolate vanilla, and 1 double chocolate hazelnut. The Ben and Jerry flavors were Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch and Urban Bourbon (love that name!)

  • Laura D.

    Is it possible to buy only 2 Suave Body Wash and double dip the Unilever and Fandango deal? Has anyone done it? TIA!

  • Karen

    For the Unilever/Movie tix double-dip, I purchased 2 Magnum, 2 Breyers, 4 Good Humor and 1 30oz Hellmann’s mayo. Received the $5 IS but movie tix voucher didn’t print. Nice surprise to receive $13 cash in lieu of movie voucher from CS. Had 2 $1/2 Breyer’s e-cpns loaded and both came off. Great deals!

    • Nik

      Same thing has been happening to me at my store (Peabody, MA). They said they haven’t received the right code from the company yet. I’ll check again to see if they have it working tomorrow.

      • MisterBill

        I’d be thrilled if it’s still not working tonight! I’d much rather have $13 in cash!

  • MisterBill

    My store had the June issue of Savory out the other night. Not a lot of coupons, there’s one for $2 off 2 Milka Oreo chocolate bar (1.44 ounce or bigger). Are they still $1 at SR? If so, they’ll be free (+tax) in the store, then get 50c back at Ibotta for up to 3. At that point it pays to buy 4 and use 2 coupons.

    There’s also a $1 Wish-Bone coupon on any 12+ ounce container.

    Has anyone looked into a deal using the B1G1F Teddy Graham Soft Baked that came out earlier in the week? There are Ibotta and C51 offers for it, and I found a $1/2 coupon in the 4/30 SS (supposedly some people got 75c/2). Depending on the price, it could end up being better than free. I’ll try to check it out on Thursday night.

  • Pam

    The Band-Aid deal is really sweet….Buy 7 boxes “Skin Flex” at $3 each Total $21- $6 instant savings = $15 – the $2 coupons (news paper or print) =$1 and there is a $2 digital as well so it’s a $1 Money Maker….

    • MisterBill

      They rang up at $3? There was no sale tag at my store, looked like it was regular price, $3.99. If so, just buying 1 is a $1 MM as well.

      • Pam

        I needed to stock up on them anyway… I did 7 boxes per order and did 3 orders… I am involved with the local youth baseball program so we will use them…

  • MisterBill

    Do e-coupons affect the $15 spending requirement for the Unilever deal? I haven’t done the deal yet, but was going to buy Magnum and Hellman’s and figured I should try to get to $15 to save the $5 and get the movie ticket. I have a $1 e-coupon for Hellman’s and 75c for Magnum. I read on a FB group that e-coupons may have affected someone’s $5, but it wasn’t conclusive.

    I posted this in the other thread as well. Sorry for double posting :).

    • IK

      i was fine with e-coupons making it lower than $15 – twice (two diff cards)…edit: BUT in your case mayo is a store coupon – this may be problematic…

      • MisterBill

        Good point on the mayo coupon!

    • IK

      make sure you read my EDIT to prev post…