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Living Rich With Coupons is your one stop source for savings & deals.

Cindy Livesey is your guide to finding the best deals you never knew existed. Her family of 5 has saved over $8000 a year in groceries.

After 25 years of marriage, multiple school tuitions, sports travel and much more, Cindy and her husband have decided to become 100% debt free. You can follow their journey as she provides insight into how to continue to Live Rich while cutting costs and saving money. And yes, you can still have that designer pocketbook and be on a budget. I mean really, a girls gotta have a nice purse right? Well stick around while we find deal after deal, even on designer pocketbooks.

Start your journey on Living Rich With coupons with Cindy’s beginner series where you can save at the grocery store like a pro. And stay tuned here everyday to find the best handpicked deals out there. You won’t want to miss a thing.

Cindy resides in NJ with her husband Pat, her 3 kids Megan, Nikki and Patrick and her MINI Cooper.

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  • Debbi Robinson

    Cindy, You Rock!! Thanks for all your great help and advice. I’m a newbie and still trying to figure out the whole catalina thing, as well as how much to stockpile. It’s just my hubby and me and our farm of fur children. Wish there was more info out there about saving at Petsmart and Target. Thanks again and have a blessed day! Debbi

  • http://www.jeanettasphotography.com Jeanetta Roberts

    Hi Cindy!

    I am the person who wrote the article about couponing at meramecmontage.. I had the fullest intentions of asking you if I could borrow the name of your site to name my article but I COMPLETELY forgot to do it. By time I realized it, we had already gone to press and it was too late! I really hope you’re not upset over it. I really didn’t mean to seem like I was going behind your back or anything about it. You can email me at jeanettaroberts@gmail.com if you need to! Thanks for sharing all of your deals!

  • Coupoid (John)

    Nice site!

  • Darnell

    Have a question. Have you receive any feedback from your subscribers in reference to Staples Rebate program. I am wondering is it just me or is this a general practice. I processed a rebate online in late July. Received a confirmation that the checks were processed in early August. Had to follow up in the middle of September looking for the checks. I was told that they would be reissue the checks and not to cash the ‘checks’ that they mailed. Well, I am still waiting for the reissued checks and the original checks never showed up. I am asking this question because this is the second time I had to follow up with Staples about a rebate check I never received. Has any of your followers experienced a situation with Staples?

  • cathy mekulik

    can not print coupons

  • Michelle

    I selected to receive email update on the shoprite match up how do I change setting to stop them

  • Michelle

    Hi Cindy, I LOVE LRWC!! I never shop without checking it first. I call it my coupon bible lol. I tell everyone I know how great it is and how much money I save. I started couponing back in April of 2011 and I saved over $1,600 just on myself!! I only have one small thing to suggest. You have fans down here in south jersey and it would be great if you could post some deals for our neck of the woods or beach whichever lol. Thanks for everything Cindy keep up the great work!!

  • Laurinda

    Hi Cindy,

    I’m a newer couponer (yet not an extreme one). Wondering if there’s been many problems with uploading the coupon tool bar(s) required before printing coupons from sources such as red plum, smart source, etc.
    Yes, I want to save money, but I want to avoid computer problems from “suspicious” sites. Any input you have is appreciated.

  • dd

    It appears That PATHMARK will chsrge Taxes on the original price of a discounted item appearing in there flyer….. sent email twice on 2 different weeks on items that incorrectly were taxed……
    colgate @ .99 cent was taxed at .24 original price before discount 2.99…
    poise @ 2.99 taxed at .28 cents Tax in NJ are at .07%…………….
    Pathmark did not return email contact……
    Shoprite & stop&shop taxed discounted poise items at correct taxes….24 cents……..

  • Pat

    I love your webpage. As far as your emails, I prefer the old format with the menu on top. This way I can see at a glance if I missed a post on your blog.

    Thanks for all the work you do.

  • Veronica

    I have been wondering how to post shopping trips.

  • J C


    • Hems

      Buy a printer

  • Jeri

    Hi Cindy – just curious about where in location that these coupon listings are good for – I think I’ve heard that certain states have different coupons and/or of coupon value?

    • http://livingrichwithcoupons.com/ Cindy Livesey

      Which coupons are you referring to?

  • Barbara

    If you buy 95 toothbrushes do you have to have 95 coupons or just one how does that work

  • Lisa

    I watched you on Rachael Ray yesterday and I have always tried to work my coupons but lately I have been cooking with fresh vegetables and more fruit and not much boxed food. I have a very strict store by me that does not allow double coupons or any variation from basic coupon usage. My question is how can you get produce for free like you were able to?

  • Debra

    I would love to get free groceries as you demonstrated on Racheal Ray show but am always disappointed that it requires the store doubling .75 and 1.00 coupons. The best you can do where I live is double up to 40 cents. The best I’ve ever done is saving about 40%. What stores double 75 cent coupons?

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