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Living Rich With Coupons is your one stop source for savings & deals.

Living Rich With Coupons was born in 2009, when founder Cindy Livesey was forced to put her household on a budget for the first time, resulting in the savings of $11,000 on groceries in one year.

Living Rich With Coupons shares Livesey’s self-taught tips on how to “stack” coupons with sales and promotions to save the maximum amount of money possible. They take the legwork out of couponing and budgeting by acting as a guide for consumers to find coupons and store match-ups, see what items to buy when, and uncover simple strategies to start saving money and stick to a budget.  The Living Rich With Coupons philosophy is to empower smart shoppers to “live rich.”

Cindy and the Living Rich With Coupons team provide thousands of readers with the same money saving approach she uses to help readers pay off debt, save for vacations, pay college tuition, buy new cars and even splurge on a designer handbag.

Just starting out?  Be sure to visit the Couponing for Beginners section to follow the Living Rich With Coupons Step by Step Guide to Couponing


Cindy Livesey


Editor, Founder, Chief-in-Charge. Speaker of all things coupons

Couponing, Sewing, Frugal Living, Saving Money, Family, Sunday Dinners


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Meet the Living Rich with coupons Team

  • -Megan Livesey- Operations Mgr

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    Team Member Since: May 2011

  • -Melinda Dilione- Senior Editor

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    Team Member Since: Nov 2011

  • -Denise Uzunis- Content Editor

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    Team Member Since: Nov 2013

  • - Gigi Howe - Assistant Editor

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    Team Member Since: Nov 2010

  • -Linda Merces- Assistant Editor

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    Team Member Since: July 2013

  • -Cooper Livesey- Security

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    Team Member Since: Aug 2012

  • -Loretta Dugan- Assist. Content Editor

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    Team Member Since: Sept 2011

  • -Amanda McGrade - Assist. Content Editor



    Team Member Since: April 2014

  • -Lisa McCarthy- Assist. Content Editor



    Team Member Since: May 2014

  • -Nichole Lorusso- Marketing Asst.



    Team Member Since: June 2014

  • -Barbara Hertzog- Assist. Content Editor



    Team Member Since: July 2014

  • --Karin Green-- Database Asst.



    Team Member Since: Oct 2014

  • -Nanci DeNuzzo



    Team Member Since: Jan 2015



We have only your best interest in mind when hunting down deals so we guarantee the following:

  1. We will list the best deals and coupons regardless of our relationship with the brand or company
  2. We will not post coupons, deals or free offers from companies we do not find reputable or have poor customer service.
  3. We will vet every deal, online and in-store, so that you can be sure that the deal is a valid deal. Sometimes we may not be the first to post it but, you can rest assure, that we’ve tested it for you first.

While we are asked to report deals from our advertisers from time to time, we have extremely high standards for the information that we pass onto you. So, with that said, we will turn down offers, even from our most trusted advertisers, if we do not feel that it is the best deal for you our valued readers.

We know that saving money is important to each and every one of you but we also know that your time is valuable. While items do sometimes sell out fast and that we can not guarantee stock and pricing at every store located around the country, you can feel confident that we are providing you the most accurate information out there to help save you time and money.

  • Pat

    Thank You! You do a fabulous job of saving me money.

  • Ethel See

    thank you guys for all that you do <3

  • Thamona

    Love This site, you Ladies do wonderful work! Thank you!

  • kabbysteve

    Go Cindy and crew! especially Cooper, lol

  • Christina

    You all rock. Thanks so much for all you do!!!!!!

  • Karen B

    Thanks to all of you for everything you do. Great job!

  • mrsclaire

    you guys are the best!!! thank you!!! xox

  • DianeG

    Somebody likes treats and eating out of the garbage – wait – no, they like eating out of the garbage as a treat while you rub their belly. whoa – Get back to work Cooper ! woof
    Seriously – thank you to the entire team for everything you do, everyday.

  • cfergy21

    Thanks for all you do Cindy and team! Love the look for less Megan does too!

  • Christine Hubbard

    Thank you ladies for all that you do. You all do an amazing job. :)

  • hope

    Looking forward to meeting some of you at the workshop on 3/25! I work with you ladies to make magic happen with our budget – thanks so much!!

    • Melinda Dilione

      Looking forward to meeting you too, Hope! We think workshops are so fun, love meeting the readers :)

  • sue

    i feel so silly! not the first time i’ve looked at this post, but the first time i realized why there are dots under the middle picture – to scroll through the rest of the crew! was wondering where you were hiding! ;D

  • andrea

    i love that you have king kullen match ups :)

  • http://fitfrugalandfaithful.com/ Kaitlin Mcnaughton

    It is SO fantastic to put all the hard work I see day in, and day out, to pictures and names! Thank you, all of you, for helping me strive to save the most money I can in my little family! You guys are truly a blessing. :-)

    • Melinda Dilione

      aw thanks Kaitlin! so happy you’re saving lots! it makes our “job” worthwhile! 😉

  • Cindie

    This is the deal at Target I can find everything but this,(-(3) $3/1 Pedigree Dog Food, exp. 8/16/14 (RP 06/29/14 R) where do I find these coupons?

    Buy 3 Pedigree Dog Food,15.9lb – $11.99 each
    Buy 3 Pedigree Jumbone – $3.24 each
    Buy 2 Pedigree Marrobone Dog Treats – $2.99 each
    Subtotal: $51.67
    -(1) $15 off Select Dog/cat purchase of $50 or more (or text PETS to 827-438)
    -(3) $3/1 Pedigree Dog Food, exp. 8/16/14 (RP 06/29/14 R)
    -(3) $1/1 Pedigree Dry Dog Food Target printable
    -(2) $1/2 Pedigree Treats For Dogs Printable
    Pay: $22.67
    Get (3) $5 Target Gift Cards
    as low as $0.96 each after stacked offers

    • Melinda Dilione

      Hi Cindie, these coupons were from the 6/29 red plum insert which are in local newspapers. Unfortunately if you don’t have these coupons from 6/29 your only option may be to order them from a coupon clipping service or find someone who does have these coupons and may not be using them. Hope that helps!

  • Tami D

    Fun to meet you guys at the race last week end! Can’t imagine
    grocery shopping with out! Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Denise Davison Uzunis

      Great meeting you too! Happy Shopping! :)

  • Marcy

    Thank-you for your dedication and research to enable us to save significantly with our groceries, retail purchases, and terrific tips…

  • Marcy

    The ladies in the Manahawkin/Barnegat area would love to attend one of Cindy’s seminars in the near future…We love to shop at the newest Shoprite in Waretown, NJ…

  • Gretchen

    Just a note to say a million thanks! With all the LRWC team’s help, I am able to donate TONS of grocery products and H&BA products to a local missionary center WITHOUT leaving me penniless! I even eat well, as does my beagle (he eats WAY too much), and am able to stay on my retirement budget! You all have been a tremendous blessing…!

    • Denise Uzunis

      Yay! SO happy to hear that! Thank you! :)

  • ruby

    thank you for helping my family feel secure that we can feed our family during hard times and to keep saving once we got on our feet. thank you so much for your effort.

    • Denise Uzunis

      So happy that we can help! :)

  • Maria

    Thank you TEAM for helping me save money with my family.I always share and try to teach others how to coupon and save at stores I visit.Thank you again so much, for all you do…..

    • Denise Uzunis

      It’s our pleasure! It’s great to hear that you try and teach others!

  • Missy

    You ladies do an awesome job! But I find that the deals here in New England (north east) are OFTEN different than you state. Different coupons amounts, different costs, different ECB or Reward deals, etc. What is your connection to the north? How do you verify deals and such?

    • http://livingrichwithcoupons.com/ Cindy Livesey

      We are located in NJ/NY/PA area. Prices at certain stores such as Target & Walmart will vary. But rewards offers will not. CVS ECB deals are the same. Coupons in the inserts can vary from paper to paper, region to region. One paper in my area has better coupon inserts then another.




    Oh, by the way my contact info is Sweepme48@hotmail.com

  • linkedin lady

    or maybe I’ll just post on your website like 200 times like you did to me

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