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Got Coupons? – Master List

Money Saving Tip...Request FREE Coupons from Companies. Use our HUGE Master List of Companies to Contact for FREE Coupons.

Most companies have coupons that they send out to loyal customers.  So, take a moment and contact a new company to see if you can score some great coupons, possibly even for free products.

Here are a few suggestions when contacting the companies:

  • Try to stay positive.  Complimenting them on a new product or how much you or your family enjoy it.  If you have a complaint, try to say what you have to say in a positive way.
  • You can offer suggestions on how they might improve their products.  Maybe offer flavor suggestions, etc.
  • And be sure to include your contact info when you write to them including your address.

Company contacts (click on the logo to be directed to the contact info):

 4C  8th Continent  

Angel Soft

Archway Cookies

 Azteca   Ball Park
Brown Cow Bubba Burger coupons
Cape Cod Chips Carapelli
 Creamette  Crest  Crisco
     Diamond Nuts
Driscoll's Durkee
Eagle Brand    Earth's Best
 Eden Foods Edge Shave Gel
El Monterey Energizer
  Farm Rich
Fisher Boy  Flintstones Vitamins Florida Crystals
Heckers Hellmann's
Hidden Valley Hills Bros. Coffee
 Honest Tea  
   I Can't Believe It's Not Butter  
Jimmy Dean
 Keller's    Kettle Brand Chips
 Kidfresh  Kikkoman  King's Hawaiian
 Kleenex Krusteaz
Ling Ling
  Mama Mancini's
 Near East  
 New York Brand    Nivea
Nonni's  No Yolks
Nutrish  Ocean Spray Olay
 One A Day  
Orville Redenbacker's  OxiClean
Redwood Hill Farm  Ricola  
 Smartfood Selects
  • helen

    free coupons by mail requesting free coupons by mail pls hi i real love your products it is the best in the world i real wood like to know if you have any home mail out coupons pls i don;t have any print and ware i live in the Boondocks :(

    • brittany austin

      Click on the icon of the products you like and it will take you to a form where you can write the companies :)

    • becky

      Don’t understand :0(

    • http://livingwithcoupons Janet

      This is the best website to use!

  • Heylin

    tyson does not offer any coupons. I have emailed then and I was emailed back by them with from time to time our coupons are available via magazines and newpapers blah blah…

    • Caty

      I wrote Tyson not too long ago and got 2 $1 coupons :/ guess it depends on who reads the email?

      • Anonymous

        the only way you will get free coupons from Tyson is if you have a complaint about their product , like ice particles on the inside of the bag, which does happen at times

      • Monifah

        Heylin you just didn’t reach the right person, I also emailed Tyson, and they sent me a full value coupon as well as 5 1.00 off coupons. It was the best, you should try again.

    • Donna D.

      There products r expensive and the quanity has shrunk!! NEXT….

    • nicole


    • taylor

      Tyson sent me coupons for a free bag of chicken this week

    • JaeLee

      I have found it more helpful to not request coupons directly. Flattery with these companies goes a very long way. Focus on complimenting them on making a great product, and then towards the end of the email, mention something about price, such as “I am willing to pay the higher price” or “I just wish you offered more coupons directly to consumers so that I could afford to by your products more often”. This usually tends to work well!

      • Barbars Payton

        very smart. I shoot I sure enjoy reading the polls and that you smart people are sharing.

    • Aenglish
    • Jessica

      Tyson does offer their employees pretty good coupons I gave some of mine away, I no longer work for them but if you want coupons you should work for them or find someone who does.

      • Katie

        LOL I am sorry but just reading your way of getting coupons from Tyson. I swear I don’t mean to put you down, but “you should work for them” to get coupons. Really now who is going to give up their career, moved to where ever a Tyson facility is and try to get a job just so they can get coupons. I will just tell my Company ” I Love my job being the Vice President of Operations in my State, but to save a couple bucks I am gonna give up my career and find a Tyson site to work at to save 2 bucks off my next chicken or turkey” I swear I almost spit out my coffee laughing so hard. I know you meant it in the best possible way and I am sorry, but really now if you look at it you see the silliness of that remark. Don’t get me wrong I need to save money as much as anyone and am not putting you or the site down.

        • Nuw

          Dear Ms. VP of Operations, Just because you say that you are not putting someone down doesn’t make the statement true. You sought out to “correct” someone whom you may or may NOT know. Because…? How did her statement hurt you or anyone else? In case you don’t know when people say “I’m Sorry” (ad you did) before they say something, it doesn’t count as a real apology. It also usually means that they are fully aware that what they are going to say and how they plan to say it will definitely hurt, belittle, put down etc. Now I’ll offer you the same suggestion that you offered her: …”now if you look at the silliness of that remark…” Do just that my dear. She isn’t the only silly one involved. Looks like to me that saving money isn’t the only thing you need to save. If you have nothing nice to say…. or should I say treat people like you want to be treated…. be careful LITTLE mouths what you say… Take your pick.

          • Stewart Nbk

            I think Katie was meaning it as a “thanks for the laugh” post. I didnt take it as her being snotty, because honestly, i felt the same way she was, and i thought of it as “lol thats a funny way to put that!” and i had no ill feelings at all. Maybe if you would have heard her in person and seen her appreciation for the comment and laughter your wouldnt be so angry?

    • HollyDean CouponQueen

      I asked for coupons and got 4- $1/1 any product

      • Nadira

        So did I :)

    • Bella

      Actually I wrote Tyson and they send me 4 1$ off any product coupons.

    • kellee

      I have tyson coupons for some chicken nuggets and some wings.

  • Erin

    FYI, I recently had luck with Cedar Lane — I sent a request by email and received by mail two .55/1 coupons that don’t expire until 2014.

    • Barbars Payton

      that’s great.

  • Kim

    Almay needs to be taken off the list. As soon as you submit your email you get a message saying Almay does not offer coupons or samples. Thanks!

    • Tina

      I just emailed Almay tonight and I got an email, but it said nothing about not sending coupons or samples it was just verifying that my comment was received and would be processed

      • tiffany

        I know you guys posted this about little over a year ago and I’ve email almay recently and they sent me 4 $3.50 off any almay

  • Paula

    FYI you usually get realy good coupons if you write a complaint. Don’t be afraid to email companies if you have a bad expeience. Most of the time they will send out a coupon to replace the product, sometimes they will send multiple coupons! Also, you have better luck if you don’t ask for the coupons.

    • JaeLee

      You get just as good of coupons when you tell them how much you love their products. Especially pharmaceuticals! Pepsi is another company that will send coupons to you. I have received great coupons from them in the past for both complaints and compliments! They should be added to the list!

    • Sabrina

      I did that once with Hormel. I wrote and told them of an experience with a party platter and that the meat hadn’t been sealed right. I didn’t ask for anything, I was just letting them know what had happened and they sent me 4 $2 off any Hormel product coupons that didn’t expire.

  • Jess

    Usually I just tell them how much my family enjoys their products, without the mention of coupons, and they sometimes send me some.

  • Irene d.

    I’ve had good luck lately with requesting coupons. Contacted about a dozen or so companies that I use products from. I’d say about 70% have responded positively. I even got coupons for free items from Ocean Spray and Popcorn Indiana. Some flat out say no, but most have been very nice.

  • Allison

    Ive been using your site for about a year and haven’t commented before. So first THANK YOU eveyone here for all the help. I was motivated to finally comment because the mail came today and there were several coupons and, by coincidence, no bills. A good day, I’d say :)

    • Cindy

      A good day I would say for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Jennifer

    I’m hit or miss with the coupon responses. I had a good response from Kozy Shack and have emailed a few more in the past week but nothing yet. I emailed coke this morning and said Pepsi puts out coupons but not coke. We are a coca cola family and will still of course drink it with out a coupon but one would be great once in awhile. We will see!!!! :) Thanks Cindy for everything, you have made a big difference in my shopping!!!

    • elizabeth

      just wanted to let you know i too love coke and its hard to find coupons,however if you check out coupon they have some right now for $1. off 8pack/need to purchase 2. limit 10 betsy :)

      • Kristel

        Be weary of coupon clipping services. Coupon Fraud is happening so much lately its truly sad. :(

    • Susan Brown

      In the past I received Coke coupons for free 12 packs because I hard can explode when they were just sitting in the pantry and they were a couple other times when I opened a can the presser released and the can split. I have even ran into some 2 liters that were still left past due date when I opened them they tasted like mold. For all these time I called and complained and got free coupons and I can’t remember what is was for but they sent me a free pull over wind braker jacket it got delivered with driver to the grocery store I worked at

  • Katie Fairchild

    I have had excellent luck getting coupons from this list. Actually, shocked as how many positive responses and how many coupons I got. Egglands best eggs sent me 5 coupons for free eggs, and we love those eggs. I gave several of the coupons away that I got, as that was my intentions to help others out with coupons.

  • Amanda

    I requested coupons from most of the companies on your list and I got a great response from most of them. Thank you so much for all your good advice.

  • http://lrwc barb

    I have really received a lot of coupons by mail from requesting via this list. Turkey Hill sent me the most and marzetti sent coupon for a free salad dressing you didnt have to buy anything. I have gotten bumble bee, talenti,zatarains, dannon, welch’s, smuckers , skinny cow, jif, breyers, apple and eve, who nu (free box), arnold, heinz, and more .. Every day was a great surprise in my mailbox…THANKS

  • http://lrwc barb

    forgot to mention…all i say is I love the product and would appreciate any coupons..skinny cow has sent them to me twice.

  • Cassie

    Tuesday of this week I contacted nearly every company on your list. Well as of yesterday (Friday) I have already received (4) .25/1 Bumble Bee (1) .50/1 & .75/1 solo product and (2) .75/1 Ore-Ida. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see whatelse I get!

  • Jessica H

    I’ve had luck several times with ZenSoy for any families than have loved ones with dairy allergies, their chocolate pudding ROCKS ;)

  • ashley

    I contacted axe a few weeks ago, I recieved a small booklet with several different product coupons in it.

  • ashley

    Also the bar s link doesnt seem to be working. thanks so much for all that you do!!

  • Michelle

    Last night I sent a few emails to some of the companies on list, Eggland Eggs said they do coupons thru facebook and sunday papers. Welch Juice glad to here your family loves our product, be on the lookout for a newsletter via. mail. I contacted Eggland, Welchs, Jif, Folgers, Huggies, and Axe.. Are the ones I can think off hand, will wait see what happens :) Thanks for the list though, never even thought abt doing something like this…

  • Sheri

    Thanks for posting this list…I emailed a few of the companies and so far I have received a Free WhoNu cookies Q and (2) 55c for the same, 4c breadcrumbs or drink mixes…I received (8) $1.00 Q’s and a bunch of various coupons from Nature’s Valley organic products. I love going to get the mail now.

  • Sheri

    Oh and I also received a few 75c Qs for McCormick spices and Schmuckers jelly.

  • Sheri

    Forgot to write that I have also received a few 75c McCormick spice coupons and Schmuckers jelly.

  • Marisol

    I contacted Folgers and mentioned how much I love their Lively Colombian K-cups and they sent me within a week of writing to them (2) $5.00 off any Folgers product coupons with exp. dates of 06/30/13. I am very happy I wrote to them. I was able to get the 12 pack K-cups at CVS this week for only $1.99 after coupon ($6.99 sale price – $5/1 coupon = $1.99).

  • Brooke H.

    FYI…Pretzel Crisps link comes up blank. $1/1 coupon on right now. I actually bought a bag last week for the first time and really enjoyed them and I am not a fan of regular pretzels. Thanks for all the links! I will update.

  • ashley

    i emailed the almond company and recieved a dollar off coupon!!. thanks so much for all your hard work!

  • Danielle

    I had a lady from Newman’s Own basically mock me in an email that I sent saying how much I loved their salsa. She could of been “Sorry we don’t send coupons out” instead of making fun of me. It put a bad taste in my mouth.

    • judy

      what you should do is save that email and foward it to a super visor in the company ….

  • http://TurkeyHill Pam Kurtz

    I contacted Turkey Hill and got a booklet with 7 coupons for ice cream and drinks. Not bad!

    • tammy

      you can contact turkey hill every 30 days for coupons.incase you didn’t know this.thanks

  • http://MTOlive brenda

    Mt Olive sends great coupons, I used them so quickly I don’t recall the amt

  • http://Purinashouldbeadded brenda

    HI, I wanted to mention that if you use Purina Veterinary Diets OR Purina Pro Plan products you can call them ever month and they send $5.00 on :one (1) 3.5 lb or larger OR one (1) case of 12 or 24 cans OR one box of FortiFlora

  • tammy

    Cabot will not send coupons out I tried….:( also heluva good dip won’t either……:(

    • Neesie

      cabot is my favorite cheese. It’s ashame they won’t send coupons. luckily my store has it for 1.66 this week. I will be stocking up.

  • tammy

    Does anyone know how to get the coupons that are being sold on ebay???? example coupon says free angel soft any one 24 package up to maximum 19.00 I have searched the internet for hours and i can not find them,I have bought some from ebay but would really like to get them on my own can anyone please HELP.

    • Rocky

      Tammy, they were likely fraudulent coupons. Type “coupon fraud” into the Search bar on this site. It will bring up a post from July 11, explaining the situation with those types of coupons in more detail.

      • tammy

        I’ve used them at the store I shop at,they aren’t printed ones from a computer tho,
        I’m gonna check out the fraud thing cause I don’t wanna have fraud coupons thanks

      • tammy

        OMG,I read the artical and thought I was gonna be sick,uggggg all the coupon clipping I do,all the emailing I do to companies and to think people are doing this illegal…..all the coupons I got from ebay I threw out….I will keep doing couponing the way I started out,at least I know it’s legal,and honest I feel like such an idiot right now :(

        • Rocky

          Ahhh, no, don’t feel that way. It was an elaborate set-up that was made to look very real. But, now that this is out in the open, everyone can know better and stay away from those types of coupons! If it seems to good to be real, it probably is…well, except for the great deals that Cindy puts together for us, that is!!!

          • tammy

            yes she does,I COME HERE more than any other site.thanks for the help

    • Kristel

      Tammy more than likely they were fraudulent. I know that some manufactures do indeed send coupons for free products and can range to high dollar amounts. But coupon fraud is becoming so bad that it is causing issues for the legit couponers that follow policies. Good luck to you all and will be posting updates. Happy Clipping :D

  • Matt

    Just a request for MORE company contact links. I know the current list may seem daunting, but there are WAAAYYYYY more. While some may want to use the online forms, a list of just the customer service emails would be very helpful too.

  • Blinky

    Hey! Thank you for posting this phenomenal list. Until now, I was a bit wary of actually using the Contact Forms to compliment or complain but with this list, I emailed a few companies whose products I was happy with or dissatisfied about and in most cases I’ve received coupons (free product ones!). I emailed Turkey Hill, Bounty and Glad and heard back from all of them about replacement coupons for some products that I was not satisfied about and Tresemme (Unilever) has told me they’ll send a Unilever coupon booklet when I told them how much I love their product. Cottonelle just sent me a standard reply saying I should look for coupons in the Sunday inserts. Win some, lose none :)

  • Tammy

    I have been keeping track of who will send coupons and who will not,so far I have received coupons from,vlasic,mt.olive,barber,boboli,smartones,Turkey hill (you can request every 30 days)pistachio,alevee,windex said no…I have received emails from others but they didn’t say if I was getting coupons…so if I do get them i’ll be sure to post….also My hubby answered my phone the other day and said a coupon was coming in the mail but he could’t remember from who,I wasn’t very happy not knowing who was going to send me coupons….now he isn’t allowed to answer my phone anymore lol.

    • Blinky

      That’s awesome! I had emailed Turkey Hill earlier when their iced tea started smelling really funky and I got an almost immediate response saying that they’re sending coupons and that they hope that I’ll continue using their product. Similarly, Bounty also said that they were going to send me coupons to try a different version of their product (the Bounty Basic I bought was super thin for some reason and it would just tear off easily). A lot of other companies (that I complimented) emailed me back saying thank you but I have to see if I actually get any coupons.

  • http://livingrich mindy

    I would love any pointers. or websites where I can visit and try to save money.. Thank you for your time…Mindy

    • tammy

      I use the list on here,But I also type in the names of what we use in our household email them to see if they respond…also shick razor will send you 2 coupons for 2.00 of anyone product…. hope this helps

      • Blinky

        Hey Tammy, I sent a compliment email to Schick and they replied back with a Thank You email but no mention of coupons in the email. Did they send you an email informing you that they’re sending coupons? Thanks.

        • tammy

          I got the same email,then my coupons arrived.

  • Ann

    Thank you for your Master List it’s so convenient. You’re a genius!!!

  • Lori

    Does anyone have a Master List of just the addresses for each of these companies instead of the website? I would like to send them a request every 6 months or how ever often they’ll except for coupons. This is great way for my family to save BIG time on money. Any help would be great. If anyone has a Master Mailing List, please email to me in Excel at

  • tammy

    Okay call me crazy but,I love getting my mail now lol everyday so far I get new coupons in the mail,even my Boyfriend runs for the mail now…..also I just came from weis and my bill was 60.00 I paid 25.00 I’m so excited lol.I stacked my cereal coupons and got them for nothing…..I love this site Thank you so much for helping me to coupon better.

  • Laura S

    I sent a bunch of companies emails..this is the ones that sent me free products

    chore boy
    spic & span

    Also purex, glad, got2be, right guard, dial, cheer, bar s all sent me money off coupons.

  • Alejandra Alvarez Tostado Garc

    Thank You so much for this list :D God bless You always In JESUS Name :D

  • William Krulak and Debi Krulak

    I love saving money. This is a great place to do it and live it up. 6422 Blackburn, Baltimore.

  • Nikki

    I just received a FREE coupon from Poland Spring for letting them know I like their product (not asking for coupons). I got coupons from Biotene and Iams as well. All messages sent were compliments and not asking for coupons.

  • Son

    I have had good responses & will be sent coupons from the following- Boulthouse Farms(juice), Bath and Body works:GiftCard, Campbells soups, bayer… All have said that they will be sending me coupons, just yesterday I received coupons from Bushs Beans.

  • Son

    Just received a reply from Duncan Hines @ Penacol Foods, they do not send out coupons. Silk soy milk is sending a coupon.

  • nina

    Can someone post a sample e-mail that I can work with?
    Thanks so much!!

  • Alysia

    I emailed some companies not listed above that emailed back and said they would send coupons they were

    Johnsonville sausage
    Jimmy deans

    and I had a bad experience with a marie callenders product. I was polite but explained that I followed the directions and the plastic ruined the meal and that melted plastic is bad for people. I had an immediate response and was sent coupons in the mail. A very high value one that I can buy any product from a listed company for any amount. I don’t normally complain but they handled the complaint very well and they basically gave me my $10 back.

  • Ann

    I just took a little time and wrote to the companies on this list that I use alot. I told them about my Hurricane Sandy experience and how I lost my fridge and freezer full of food. Hopefully some of them will send me some coupons to make re-stocking a little easier. :)

  • Amy

    I have been sending emails of praise to all the companies and have been receiving alot of coupons. Thanks so much for this website. Got $5 coupon from Arnolds.

  • Mary Beth

    This was my first time writing to a company and I got a free box of Welch’s Fruit Snacks, two dollar off coupons for bounce. Turkey Hill wrote me a nice email and said they would be some coupons. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Nichole

    Dear Master List Users
    Here are some companies that I have got really good results from.
    —Free Products—
    -Clabber Girl Baking Powder
    -Kettle Brand Chips

    • Kristel

      -King’s Hawaiian Bread –another free product
      -Ocean Spray–Free Product
      -Lactaid– Free butter coupon

  • Nichole

    —Companies that said yes—
    -Alka Seltzer
    -Aqua Fresh
    -Aquaphor & Eucerin
    -Beech Nut
    -C&H Sugar
    -Clean & Clear
    -Duncan Heins
    -Elmontery Burritto’s

    • Nichole

      - Did not see this section posted so sent again just in case–
      -Egglands best
      -Earths Best
      -Fresh Express
      -Farm Rich
      -Hills Brother Coffee
      -Hagen Daz Sorbet
      -Jimmy Dean
      -Kings Hawaiian Bread

  • Nichole

    Continue of list
    –Companies that said yes—
    -Land O Lakes
    -Malt O meal
    -Ocean Spray
    -Pepper Ridge

  • Nichole

    Also I am not finished contacting companies so will give random updates but Unliever sent a booklet with multiple coupons then I contacted Scrub and bubbles they sent a coupon for SC Johnson Booklet with a lot of coupons and lastly I contacted Colgate and Palmolive and they send a stack of awesome coupons
    Hope this helps Happy Clipping
    Kristel Brown

    • Kristel

      - Hungry Jack
      - Seattle best coffee

  • Jess

    I also just wrote to—-
    Arnold Foods
    Kentucky Legands Ham
    Clabber Girl Bakery
    Silk soy milk
    C&H Sugar
    Elmontery burritos
    Hills Brothers Coffee
    Hagen Daz
    Farm Rich
    Land O Lakes
    Malt O meal
    Cedar Lane
    Turkey Hill
    Who Nu
    Sargento Cheese
    Nature Valley
    Angel Soft
    Mt Olive Pickel Co
    Smart Ones
    Shick Razors
    Pedia Care
    Chore Boy
    Spic and Span
    Iams dog food
    Bath and Body works

  • nicole

    Also, De Wafelbakkers frozen pancakes sent me coupons for 2 free products, and a few more for $1 off.

    • Kristel

      Dear Nicole
      Thanks for the tip

  • lynn

    I have been getting coupons for years, but I have never seen anything as
    great as this! Thank-You!

  • tara

    Thanks so much Cindy! I’m been religiously following your site/FB but first time posting.
    Do you/fans outright ask for coupons? I’ve had luck calling customer services but never sent emails.

  • http://livingrichwithcoupons gilly

    Sent an e-mail to Ocean Spray telling them how much my kids enjoy their product they sent me a letter and a coupon for a free bottle!!

  • Amanda

    I have been doing this for several years now. Mainly with compliments, but I have sent complaints. I just sent an email to Eggland’s telling them how much I love their eggs and they already emailed me asking me for my address to send a coupon!

  • Mimi Langer

    I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Every so often I come back here and try again. I don’t come right out and ask for coupons. (Should I?) I just tell them how much my family loves their products and sometimes mention a specific product… the Oreo Yocrunch. I will get a form email back sometimes thanking me for buying their products. But I have never received any products. My daughter tried with a few companies also but she has never received anything either.

  • lillian

    try whonu, oceanspray,snuggle and spic n span they all sent me a free product coupon…turkey hill.,ad colgate send coupon also

  • http://LRWC patsy

    Hi everyone hope all is well..I was wondering if anyone wrote to Cola Cola and if they replied im a big coke drinker..Have a great evening..Happy couponing.Cindy hows the garden doing

    • ashley koon

      I emailed them a month or two ago and never heard back.

    • Anonymous

      you can enter the codes from your products at mycokerewards and get free product coupons after you accumulate enough points – and sometimes they have giveaways and reduced point redemptions

  • http://LRWC patsy

    oops i meant Coca Cola sorry lol

  • Kristina A.

    I would love it if someone could post a sample email showing an example of what you send to one of these companies when you’re “cold emaling” a positive, compliment email.

    I’ve seen several people asking some of the same questions I have The questions that I hope would be answered by showing a sample email are:
    Do you outright ask for the coupons?
    Do you include your street address in the original email?

    So much GREAT information so far — Thank you for the initial post and all the subsequent comments, updated lists of brands. This is a lot of work and I’m appreciative to everyone that is sharing their knowledge!

  • http://livingrichwithcoupons gilly

    Turkey Hill use to send a calendar each year with coupons for each month, when I didn’t receive one I sent them an email stating how much we enjoy their products and that I was disappointed to not get the calendar in the mail, they sent me back a message that they discontinued the calendar but they sent me a packet of coupons for ice cream and their drinks that are good for a whole year! I originally contacted them about the Party Cake icecream that was a limited flavor I had a hard time finding (It is now one of their regular flavors!) I think they enjoy positive feedback about their products.

    • Anonymous

      you can request coupons from turkey hill every 30 days. they send several, and they always have good expiration dates – have some good through 2014 and 2015 right now.

  • Morgan

    I emailed a lot of companies last week and received GREAT coupons:)

    Companies who sent coupons for FREE products:
    -Popcorn Indiana
    -Welch’s Fruit Snacks
    -Davis Baking Powder (Clabbergirl)

    Companies who sent other coupons:
    -Turkey Hill
    -Popcorn Indiana

    Some companies said they would send coupons but I did not receive them yet, but I will post what I get this week!

    • Rocky

      That’s a nice haul, Morgan! Thanks for letting us know – Way to go!

  • Nicki

    You get better responses when you compliment the products instead of asking for coupons!!! Alot of products I used when i was child and still use today with my own family, that is my primary compliment and it works

  • MARY

    I have emailed some companies before I found this site. The ones I did most send coupons.I did it from they website were it says contact pus. Some of the ones I emailed that mailed coupons are Hartz, Kozy Snack, Mom’s Best, Johnsonville sausage.
    Also if any like the All You magazine Walmart isn’t the only place you can get it. Kroger also has had it for the last two.months

  • Lindy Larson Ward

    I did this about a year ago and received coupons from about 75% of the list. half of which were freebies. Most also said that I could request every 6 months. So Ive fallen behind so I will have to try again!

  • Kathy

    is emailing the companies a one time deal? do I have to email them every month or so for more? Thanks for any responses

    • Cindy Livesey

      Once you are on their list they usually email or mail coupons periodically. No guarantee on that but I have found that to be the case on a few of them. Especially Turkey Hill. They always mail coupons.

      • Kathy

        thank you!!

  • Kristyn

    I emailed a bunch of companies with all good comments (except Birds Eye – that was a complaint because I had a ton of stems in a bag of frozen green beans and kept plucking stems out of my mouth while eating veggie soup!). So far I have received coupons from McCormick (3 x $0.75 off any product + a recipe booklet + a couple of handy informational sheets about spices), Muller ($1.00 off any 2 ), Del Monte (3 x $0.50 off any canned food, snack cup or ketchup), Kellogg’s (one free product up to $5), Pepperidge Farm ($0.50 off any product), Tide ($1 off any Tide product), and Chobani (6 x $0.30 off any 6 oz yogurt). A few other companies promised coupons but I have not received them yet and I can’t remember who they were.

    • Matt

      Kristyn, what did you say to Kelloggs that made them send u a free product coupon? Was it a complaint?

  • Qjaz

    What program do you use to autofull your personal info?

  • quesoman345

    I recently emailed KA-ME and asked for a coupon. I was promptly mailed two coupons (one free and one $1 off).

  • Shai

    Dear Shailyn:

    Thank you for your recent inquiry about our Bumble Bee products.

    Our company has generous coupon offers from time to time in various areas of the country. Please watch for our advertisements in various magazines and local publications. You may also want to check for store displays in grocery markets.

    Thank you,
    Bumble Bee Consumer Affairs

  • Nikki C.

    I have noticed, that if you just provide feedback on the products, without requesting coupons, you almost always get a kind response with a note that they are mailing some coupons out to you. I get these replies more often than when I tried just requesting coupons.

  • Jenna

    Hi, Just to say, someone should start a list of companies that don’t so we can boycott them. I will start by adding B&G , and Egglands Best. It seems as they put it “It is too expensive for these companies to send out coupons”.

    I love companies that send out coupons and samples. I usually add those products to our household list of items we use.

    • Gigi @ LRWC

      Hi Jenna, I did receive coupons from Eggland’s Best. Seems like it is hit or miss with some of the companies.

  • Cheri

    I sent a question to McCormick’s about one of their flavorings. They responded quickly and told me they were mailing me some coupons. SCORE! (plus they answered my question) :)

  • Machelle Brandt Hutchinson

    I got ton of coupons from all the places listed on here. I told them I loved their products and would love to receive their coupons….they either sent me a note with coupons or a note, samples, coupons!

  • Machelle Brandt Hutchinson

    I just received coupons for free products….2 Mrs.Pauls items up to 7.00 and a coupon for free Ocean Spray drink!!

    • Denise Davison

      Hey Machelle! Thats awesome, thanks for sharing a picture of your coupons!

      • Machelle Brandt Hutchinson

        anytime!! nothing like *free*!!

  • Machelle Brandt Hutchinson

    Heres proof of my free coupons!!

  • justina

    Borden immediately responded stating that they would gladly send me coupons. (I only asked to be added to a mailing list) All of the P&G ones just direct you to the website for coupons.

  • Ingrid St Pierre


  • barb

    Hi the thing was, I did this a long time ago, and got lots of coupons in the mail, however I did not realize that you can request them again. Turkey Hill allows you to request every 30 days. I also received Welch’s again and Skinny Cow again. So I am on my second time requesting some more. Turkey Hill you can also just call 1 800 Dairy to request.

  • gordy

    Hello me and my wife Loves your product and was wondering if u have any coupons u can mail out if u can pls mail them to 124 oneida st trlr 52 oneonta ny 13820 Thanks so much and hope u have a grate day thanks for making grate products..

    • Amy Mace

      This isn’t how this works, @gordy. For your own security, you really need to delete/edit this comment which lists your street address. You don’t need to post that info for the world to see!

      This is just a deals blog; you need to contact each of the aforementioned companies in order to receive coupons.

  • samantha

    no pampers??? why???

  • Barbars Payton

    this looks like a great site I can’t wait to look and see what you have to offer. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve never directly asked for a coupon from a company. All companies I have emailed is about a complaint. I start my email off with a positive thing I like about the product or the company and then I go into my complaint. I’m never rude and I try to keep it as short as possible. So far I’ve received coupons from Huggies, Pampers, Aussie, Herbal Essences, Venus, Dial (although they required some back-and-forth emails first). The only company I haven’t got any coupons from is Meow Mix. I just recently emailed Downy and I’m waiting on a response. All products made by P&G have sent me coupons. Sometimes its for a FREE product and other times its for an amount off an item.

  • Emma

    Bird’s Eye does not give out coupons at this time. You can however find them in your local newspaper and if you like them on Facebook I believe you get a coupon.

  • angie

    anyone having any luck now??

  • Jenn

    ive had luck with turkey hill, jiff, fresh express. argo, and tribe…. within the last week

  • cindy Balderaz

    I am new at requesting coupons or where best to find them, does anyone have any advise?

  • rose

    I contacted Purex and they sent me a packet of coupons! They said they they issue them once every 6 months. This is great because I have not seen Purex in a long while

  • larissa

    Great coupons from nivea!!! I got multiple $2 off a product coupons. Glade also sent up to $3 off.

    • Denise Davison Uzunis

      yay awesome!

    • Trish

      did they email?

  • Wendy K

    I got a doozy response from Jello. “…The best source for coupons is in newspapers and in store offers, but be sure to check back with us for product promotions and announcements!” No coupons however keep buying our jello. Wow. Think I’ll stick to the list. TYVM for the list, LRWC.

  • Stephanie Goforth

    I have written bird’s eye on serveral occasions . They do not give coupons.

  • mainecindy

    coca cola doe’s not offer coupons either :-(

  • mary

    What do u say when u write them? Hey send me coupons lol

    • Trish

      Try that :)

  • edna2014

    This really does work! I just started a few days ago asking companies for coupons and already have recieved 2 responses!!!

    • Cindy Livesey

      That is awesome!

  • Anthony

    This list is one of the only like this on the internet. Could you please update it every couple months maybe? Keep trying to add new coupons? It would be extremely helpful. This list is why I have a whole coupon binder — it really helps but it’s starting to empty… :( This list could be a website on it’s own to be honest, it’s that fantastic.

  • Kelly D

    Got some great coupons in the mail this week from Turkey Hill, Jones farms,Cape Cod, and Alka Seltzer. Thank you for the links to email these companies!

    • Melinda Dilione

      Awesome! you are welcome :)

  • Diane

    Where is Garnier Fructis on this list?

    I would absolutely tell them that I love their hair color, but have been forced to buy other brands because their coupons are so rare. And when they come out, they are regional. We never see them here.

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