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Got Coupons? – Master List

Money Saving Tip...Request FREE Coupons from Companies. Use our HUGE Master List of Companies to Contact for FREE Coupons.

Most companies have coupons that they send out to loyal customers.  So, take a moment and contact a new company to see if you can score some great coupons, possibly even for free products.

Here are a few suggestions when contacting the companies:

  • Try to stay positive.  Complimenting them on a new product or how much you or your family enjoy it.  If you have a complaint, try to say what you have to say in a positive way.
  • You can offer suggestions on how they might improve their products.  Maybe offer flavor suggestions, etc.
  • And be sure to include your contact info when you write to them including your address.

Just a note:  This list is meant as a guide.  Promotional periods vary from company to company so you may or not be able to get coupons from each of the companies listed here.  Also, just because coupons aren’t available one month doesn’t mean they won’t be available in the future.  Getting on the company’s mailing list may help ensure you receive offers in the future when they do have coupons available.

Company contacts (click on the logo to be directed to the contact info):

 4C  8th Continent  

Angel Soft


 Archway Cookies Argo  
 Aunt Nellies    Azteca
 Balance Bar
 Ball Park  Band-Aid
Brown Cow Bubba Burger coupons
Campbell's Cape Cod Chips Carapelli
Cedar Lane
Celestial Seasonings    Cheer
 Chicken of the Sea  Chinet  
   Chore Boy  Ciao Bella
 Clabber Girl Classico
Coffee-mate Comet
 Cream of Wheat  Crest  Crisco
Diamond Nuts Driscoll's
 Duncan Hines  Durkee  Eckrich
Eagle Brand    Earth's Best
Eden Foods  Edge Shave Gel  
  El Monterey Energizer
Equal Farm Rich
 Fisher Boy Flintstones Vitamins Florida Crystals
 Food For Life Food Should Taste Good
Franks RedHot
Friskies  Gerber
 Gold Bond Ultimate
 Good Humor Got2B
 Goya  Halls  Hatfield
Hidden Valley Hills Bros. Coffee Honest Tea
 Horizon Organic  
   I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
 Iams  Imagine  International Delight
 Jennie-O    Jiffy
Jimmy Dean
 Johnsonville    KA-ME
Karo  Keller's
   Kettle Brand Chips  Kidfresh
 Kikkoman King's Hawaiian  Kleenex
 R W Knudsen Krusteaz
La Brea Bakery Lactaid Lance
  Lea & Perrins
Lender's Bagels  Ling Ling  
Listerine Log Cabin Lucky Leaf
   Luna Bar  
 Malt-O-Meal Mama Mae's
 Mama Mancini's    Marcal
 Minute Rice
Molly McButter Motrin
 Mrs. Smith's
Nature Valley  Near East  
   New York Brand Nexxus
Nivea  Nonni's
No Yolks  Nutrish
Nutella  Ocean Spray Olay
 One A Day  
Orville Redenbacker's  OxiClean
Pace Pampers
 Pillsbury Pirate's Booty
Plum Organics   Polaner
Promise Purell
Purex Quilted Northern Q-Tips
Ragu Red Gold
  Redwood Hill Farm  Rice Select
 Rudi's Organic Bakery
Sani-Hands Santa Cruz Organic Sargento
Scott   SeaPak
Silk Simply Asia  
Smart Balance Smartfood Selects
 Snickers    Snyders of Hanover
Spice Islands
Sue Bee Honey
  Terra Chips
 Tofutti    Tree Top
   Tums  Turbana
 V8  Vanity Fair Napkins
 Weber Seasonings  
  • SuzieQ

    I sent message to kings Hawaiian rolls telling them how much I liked them. Got 2 coupons for free products.

  • Maan

    What do you say when you email them? Do you ask for a coupon??? or just compliment them?

    • Lesley

      I give them a compliment and then ask if they can send me coupons. HTH.

  • Bernice

    I clicked on a lot of these and requested coupons and the only ines I got were Bushes beans I try again

  • Caty Edgington

    One that I wrote to that isn’t on here is Pampers and they sent an entire pack of coupons for diapers and wipes that didn’t expire for a year. There were 5 or 6 for diapers, and close to a dozen for their wipes!

  • Sherry Z

    Thought this might be of interest…… Received moments ago:
    Thank you for contacting us to request Entenmann’s coupons. We are not offering
    coupons however, you are a valued consumer and we appreciate that you took the
    time and interest to contact us.

    We hope you will continue to enjoy our

    Consumer Relations Department

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