• ShayD

    Can Harris Teeter also be included amongst the regional stores?

    • Denise Uzunis

      Harris Teeter is listed there!

  • couponmommacat

    what is going on with bj’s list? It hasn’t been updated for the month of november and month is almost over now….

  • ashlea

    Are we not doing bjs deals anymore?

  • springinparis

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but I don’t see another way to email you–Since I have signed on with your newsletter and web site-my SPAM emails have tripled–do you sell or share our emails? If so please -you do not have my permission to do so–TIA

    • We do not sell or share emails EVER so it’s definitely not from us.

  • Christine

    What happened to Wegman’s match-ups? I cannot find a link to them on the regional grocery store list.

    • geoff84

      I wish they still did Wegmans too. But Wegmans rarely has deals to write home about. Their everyday pricing is good but they don’t have weekly sales, gas points, or many of the other things that add up to great deals.

  • Liz Burdick

    Tops just replaced Stop and Shop in my town. Big frowny face. I like Nature’s Promise. What do you LRWC peeps think of Tops?

  • Liz Z

    Tops just replaced Stop and Shop in my town. What do LRWC peeps think of Tops?

  • Jon

    Can you add Foodtown / Nicholas Markets to your stores?

  • Dana

    looking for shursave