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New SavingStar Produce Coupons – Save 20% on Bananas!


Produce Coupons

The SavingStar Healthy Offer of the Week is now available.  The eCoupon is for Save 20% on any single purchase of loose Bananas at participating retailers.   The coupon is valid through 7/6.  I would clip this one quickly as some SavingStar offers tend to reach their limits quickly!
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.52.14 AM

Clip: Save 20% loose Bananas SavingStar eCoupon

eCoupons may reach their limits quickly. If these eCoupons are no longer available, be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for other great coupons

Dollar General Coupon Deals: Week of 6/28

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.12.38 PM

Dollar General Coupon Deals: Week of 6/28

Here are the Dollar General Coupon Deals for this week!

View Full List of Deals: Dollar General Match Ups as of 6/28

Ways to Help you Save at Dollar General:

Aldi Deals of Week – 6/28


Aldi Deals Week of 6/28/15

Here are the Aldi Deals for this week!

Here are some things you need to know before you shop:

  • You need to bring your own bags. They do not supply them. If you forget them they do have bags there that they sell.
  • Make sure you bring a quarter for the shopping cart. You get your quarter back after you return the cart
  • They do not accept coupons and quite honestly you don’t need them. Their prices are so cheap.
  • They only accept cash and debit card.

Go here to find an Aldi store near you

Click the link below to view the full list of deals for the week

Full List of Deals: Aldi Deals – Week of 6/28/15

Image Credit: Aldi. Living Rich With Coupons is not affiliated with or sponsored by Aldi

Huge List of Free/Cheap ShopRite Unadvertised Deals for The Week

SR free cheap 6.28

ShopRite Coupons

This is not the full list of ShopRite unadvertised deals but here are some of the super cheap and FREE items you can get this week in addition to the regular ShopRite Coupon Match Ups.  We’ll post the full list of Unadvertised ShopRite Deals tomorrow.

View: FREE/Cheap at ShopRite Week of 6/28

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Newman’s Own Salad Dressing Only $0.74 at ShopRite!

Newmans 6.28

Newmans Own Coupon

This week ShopRite has the Newman’s Own Salad Dressing on sale for $2.99. We have a SAVE $0.75 on any ONE (1) Newman’s Own Salad Dressing coupon available to print or from this weekend’s Red Plum Insert.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.59.48 AM

There is also a $0.75/1 Newman’s Own Salad Dressing, ShopRite eCoupon available to clip making this just $0.74 after stacked offers.
Save 75¢ on any ONE (1) Newman's Own® Salad Dressing.Expires 8/8/2015.Save $0.75.
Just a reminder, there is also a $0.75/1 Newman’s Own Salad Dressing, exp 8/8/15 (SavingStar Rebate) available as well!

Here is your deal at ShopRite

ShopRite (through 7/4)

Show More

Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Deals for the week before you shop.

Over $46 in new ShopRite eCoupons – Quaker,Carvel & More

SR eCoupons 6.28

ShopRite Coupons

New ShopRite Coupons are available this morning.  There are over $46.00 worth of new eCoupons to clip to your card.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 5.47.24 AM

Clip:  New ShopRite eCoupons

Here are the eCoupons you can find:

  • $0.50/1  Aunt Jemima Syrup 1pt 8oz exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix  ONE 2lb – 2lb 3oz Box (excluding Quaker Oatmeal Pancake Mix) exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Quaker Protein Bars  8.2oz Box exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Quaker Quinoa Bars  6.1oz Box exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Quaker Real Medley Bars  6.7oz, 5ct Box exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Quaker Chewy Bars  6.1- 10 oz Box (excluding Quinoa Granola Bars) exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Quaker Old Fashioned Oats  18oz Cannister exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Quaker Oatmeal Squares 14.5 oz Box exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Life Cereal 13oz Box exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Cap N Crunch Cereal  11.5-14oz Box exp 7/4/15
  • $1/3 Canada Dry  12oz 12-packs v
  • $1/1 Kingsford and Matchlight 11.6lb -15.4lb Bag exp 7/4/15
  • $0.50/1  Nathan’s Beef Franks  10.5-14oz package (ex 14 oz. Cocktail Franks & 12 oz. Natural Casing Franks) exp 7/4/15
  • FREE Gerber 8oz Fruit Cereal WYB (1) Gerber Graduates Formula exp 7/4/15
  • $1/1 L’Oreal Excellence Hair Color exp 7/11/15
  • $1/1 L’Oreal Ever Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment  exp 7/11/15
  • $1/1 Fab or Dynamo detergent  50oz liquid detergent exp 7/11/15
  • $0.96/4 Earth’s Best Puree Pouches  3.5 – 4.2oz exp 7/11/15
  • $0.50/1  Inkos Organic White Tea  16oz exp 7/11/15
  • $1/2  Tone Body Wash or 6-Bar Pack exp 7/11/15
  • $0.33/1  Heluva Good Cheese Bars  exp 7/11/15
  • $1/2 Bailey’s Coffee Creamers  32oz exp 7/11/15
  • $2/2 Marie Callender’s Cream Pies  28-39oz exp 7/11/15
  • $1/1  Boca Frozen Foods  10-11oz exp 7/11/15
  • $1/1 Zevia Zero Calorie Soda  6pk  exp 7/11/15
  • $1/1 Colgate Total , Optic White, Enamel Health, or Sensitive Toothpaste (3 oz or larger) exp 7/11/15
  • $2/1 Infusium shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment. Not valid on 1.7oz. exp 7/11/15
  • $0.50/1 Pert 13.5oz or larger Pert product. Not valid on 1.7oz. exp 7/11/15
  • $1/1 Chicken of the Sea Crabmeat  8oz any variety exp 7/11/15
  • $0.33/1 Dutch Farms Chunk Cheese 8oz exp 7/11/15
  • $2/1 Banana Boat Sun Care Product 3 oz. or larger (excludes lip balm & trial sizes) exp 7/18/15
  • $1/1 Newman’s Own Frozen Pizza exp 7/18/15
  • $.75/1 Newman’s Own Salad Dressing exp 7/18/15
  • $1/1  Hidden Valley Flavored Ranch Salad Dressing exp 7/25/15
  • $.75/1  Simply Juice Drinks  59 fl. oz.  xp 7/25/15
  • $1/1  Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care product (excludes lip balm & trial sizes) exp 8/8/15
  • $1/2 BELVITA Biscuits (any variety, 8.8 oz. or larger) exp 8/8/15
  • $1/2 Atkins Bar 5-Pack or Shake 4-Pack. exp 8/15/15
  • $0.75/1  Fruttare Fruit Bars Multi-pack. exp 8/15/15
  • $0.75/1 MAXWELL HOUSE Iced Coffee Concentrate exp 8/22/15
  • $.75/1 RESOLVE Carpet Trigger exp 8/22/15
  • $1/2  Smithfield Bacon exp 8/22/15
  • $3/1 Carvel, OREO,CHIPS AHOY!, or Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cake 32 oz. or larger exp 8/22/15
  • $1/2  Veggie Popchips  exp 8/22/15
  • $1/2  Popchips  3-6.25oz  exp 8/22/15
  • $1.50/2  ALPO Tbonz or Dental Chews, 24oz or larger ALPO Snaps or Wholesome Bones exp 8/22/15
  • $2/2  Purina Busy Bone brand Chew Treat or Beneful Baked Delights Dog Snack  6oz  exp 8/22/15
  • $2/1  Tinactin product  exp 8/22/15


Note:  If you are having trouble loading coupons to your card, head over to the Cellfire page and try there.  Remember, ShopRite only allows 175 to be clipped to your card at a time.  If you can not clip a coupon, it’s possible that you have reached your limit.

I’ll be updating the ShopRite additional deals later.  Make sure to check out the rest of the Shoprite Deals for this week.

Kmart Coupon Match Ups – Week of 6/28

Kmart coupons

Kmart Coupon Match Ups – 6/28

Here are the Kmart Coupon Deals for this week!

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Ways to Help you Save at Kmart:

Weis Coupon Match Ups – Week of 6/28

Weis Coupons

Weis Coupon Match Ups – 6/28

Here are the Weis Coupon Match Ups for this week!

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Ways to Help you Save at Weis:

Wegmans Coupon Match Ups – Week of 6/28

Wegmans Coupons

Wegmans Coupon Match Ups – 6/28

Here are the Wegmans Coupon Deals for this week!

View Full Match Ups: Wegmans Coupon Match Ups – Week of 6/28

Ways to Help you Save at Wegmans:

ShopRite Coupon Match Ups – Week of 6/28

ShopRite coupons

ShopRite Coupon Match Ups – 6/28

Here are the ShopRite Coupon Match Ups for this week!

View Full List of Deals: ShopRite Coupon Match Ups – Week of 6/28