Market Basket Coupon Policy

Market Basket Coupon Policy

Here are some important facts about Market Basket Coupon Policy:

  • They DO accept manufacturer’s coupons, including IPs.
  • They DO NOT double.
  • They DO NOT accept competitor’s coupons

For more detailed information, please check your individual store.  Also you can visit the Market Basket Coupon Policy site which breaks down the policy by store.


  • Debbie Hayward

    If a coupon says available at Hannaford or Wal-Mart at and doesn’t say redeemable only at Hannaford or Wal-Mart, would I be able to use it at Market Basket?

  • jen

    Was at a Market Basket yesterday in Massachusetts and was very disappointed. :( Good sale on diapers but only allowed me to use 1 internet coupon of same kind. They do not have any policy regarding this but all the cashier, + 2 managers could tell me was that it would make her drawer short. No apologies and very cold shoulder. They were saying it was a copy, (freshly printed my 2-legally) ~not copied!! Won’t be going back!!

    • Melinda Dilione

      Sorry for your negative experience, Jen! In the future, if anyone ever tries to tell you a, etc. coupon is “copied” simply point out to them the different numbers in the barcode under the expiration date on each coupon. When you print a coupon twice from, each coupon will have a different number under the expiration date, which proves you could have not copied the coupon because they are not identical. This has helped me show cashiers and managers in a polite way that I did not photo copy and use internet printable coupons correctly. HTH :)

    • Heather

      That is awful. Its disappointing. Store workers don’t know their own policies.