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Stop & Shop Coupon Policy

stop & shopStop & Shop Coupon Policy

Redeeming Manufactuter Coupons:

  • Only 1 manufacturers’ coupon may be redeemed per item; No substitutions are allowed.
  • The exact item stated on the coupon be must be purchased in order to redeem the coupon.
  • Coupons cannot be redeemed after the expiration date stated on the coupon. The total redemption value of the coupon may not exceed the retail value of the item purchased.
  • Any coupons for “free” products will be honored for the value of the item only. “Free” coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
  • Act Media coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
  • Product specific Checkout Coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
  • Product specific Checkout Coupons cannot be used with any other manufacturers’ coupons for the same item.
  • Non-product specific store Checkout Coupons can be used with another manufacturers’ coupon. For example: a customer my use a coupon for “50¢ off any Produce item” and a manufacturers’ coupon on the same item.

Double Coupon Policy:

  • We double the savings marked on manufacturers’ cents-off coupons up to 99¢. Any coupon $1 and over will be redeemed at face value of the item purchased. In cases where the double coupon total exceeds the value of the item, the offer is limited to the retail price. Lottery tickets, cigarettes, tax and items prohibited by law are excluded.
  • You may double a maximum of 4 identical manufacturers’ coupons. For example: if a customer purchased five boxes of Cheerios and presented 5 manufacturers’ coupons for 50¢, the first four coupons would be doubled to $1. The fifth coupon would only be redeemed for 50¢.
  • Up to an additional 12 identical manufacturers’ coupons/items will be redeemed at face value for a total of 16 identical manufacturers’ coupons.

Competitor Coupons:

  • Stop & Shop does not accept competitor’s coupons.
  • Ulrica Woods

    If I purchase a buy one get one free product at Stop and Shop, can I use 2 manufacturers coupons even though the one product of the two is essentially free? Thanks

  • Ashley

    I believe you can use two manufacturers coupons for a bogo I’ve done it and had no problems.

  • Lyn

    If u use “scan it” coupon from iPhone can u still use a paper coupon for the same item? Thanks

    • Bill


  • Ana

    Does anyone know, can I use 4 identical $.75 coupons for sauce for instance a day or is that limited to the hole week of the sale? What I’m trying to do is stock up on barilla sauce and I live next to a stop n shop, can I come in everyday of the sale and purchase 4 jars and have my coupons double or is it a one time deal on doubling per week? Thanks

    • Cindy Livesey

      It’s a limit of 4 like coupons per transaction however some Stop & Shop will double more then that. But, to be safe, it would be 4. You can go back in the same day and do it again and they will double again.

      • Maggie

        My stop n shop is really good. I did them all in separate transactions!

      • misterbill

        The interesting thing here is that the per transaction limit is not something that is coded in the register (to stop doubling after 4), as it is at Shoprite.

      • Coupon Lover

        I walked into Super Stop & Shop #0592 and was told corporate coupon policy has changed and they do not except Internet coupons. I certainly hope this is not the case. They even stated they will only double three max of identical coups. Sounds like they’ve fallen on hard times but even if this is the case are stores allowed to switch the rules by location. I say this because I have not run into this at other Stop and Shop locations.

        • Maggie

          I noticed something has changed as well! A&P has done some changes as well.

  • need2know

    when a coupon states “do not double” but it is within the under $1 doubling guidelines, can it be doubled?

    • misterbill

      No. What is written on the coupon supersedes the store’s rules.

      • need2know

        thanks! this has been enforced inconsistently @ my Stop & Shop.

      • misterbill

        Well, what I didn’t add is that what’s written on the coupon doesn’t necessarily equal how the coupon is coded, and it’s not unusual for a coupon that SAYS DND to actually double when scanned. If the cashier decides to read the fine print, they can refuse to double it, even if it scans doubled. Self scanning is good in those cases.

  • Sam

    So if you have 20 different coupons for 20 different items, would that still be allowed?

  • lisa

    What about shop rite’s ecoupons? Are they reusable? Or if you use an ecoupon one time is it now void? Thanks!!

    • Kathy

      SR Ecoupons can only be used once, meaning that if you buy 4 identical items for which there is an Ecoupon, that Ecoupon will only be applied against one of the 4 items. After that it disappears from your account but it can sometimes take a day or two to be removed so don’t forget you’ve used it as it will not work again.

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