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Common Kindness Coupons

  • http://LRWC Ted

    nice idea

    • Gail

      Coupons will NOT print!!!!!

  • cat

    where’s the print button? :/

  • Anonymous

    I can not print them?

  • jess

    having problems printing

  • Anonymous

    I can’t print them either …. thought it was my printer at first, but now i’m wondering. Gonna go try to print on

  • Marissa

    Couldn’t print either and when I went directly to website it said I had already printed.

  • http://commonkindness MARCY


    • anonymous

      I beg to differ! This is an extremely user-friendly website. There may be a glitch on this particular page, but that doesn’t mean the whole website is not user-friendly. If you can make a better (FREE INFORMATIONAL) website please do, otherwise your ALL CAPS/SHOUTING comments are not necessary!

      • Anonymous

        FYI- My mom is new to this type of couponing and she always writes in Caps… She is not shouting believe me…. She is just a learning the ropes and venting like many newbies… Try to be more compassionate instead of looking to yell at someone for no reason!!! You made more out of that comment than necessary!!! I am disappointed in many people replying in a NASTY TONE!!!!!!! I am sure Cindy does not like NASTY comments either on a website that is suppose to be positive an help people :(

        • Dave

          I don’t think the tone was nasty. She took the time to educate an obvious Internet newbie about how the Internet works. Using caps is a fundamental mistake that deserves at least a bit of harsh criticism — just like being honked at for driving down a one-way street.

          Now, back to couponing. (its coo-pon-ing, not que-pon-ing, just in case you didn’t know that either :-)

          (that’s a smiley at the end – tilt your head to left)

          • Anonymous

            nope, it’s q-poning 😉

            (and no head tilting necessary) 😀

    • Anonymous

      Don’t write in caps on public forums, they think you are shouting, LOL!!! XOXOXO ;)Keep your chin up and don’t let peoples nasty comments bother you. I have been yelled out for asking questions before too by others!! That is why I don’t comment anymore…

    • Melanie

      FYI- I know you always write in caps but DON’T write in CAPS or people think you are yelling/screaming, LOL!!! :)

      • Melanie

        *My comment was a reply to Marcy!

  • dee

    hello , anyone can tell me if they could print coupons i been trying but not luck at all ! thanks

  • Amy Mac

    I can’t print the coupons, either. I hate CK. They always have some “glitch” !

  • Denise

    You need to sign up for a common Kindness acct in order to print these. Once you sign in and clip a coupon then a print button shows up on the side bar in red

    • luvcoupons

      I also have been signed up for a long time and have used this website like some of the others here. I have signed today in selected the coupons and hit the “red” print button also and the coupon program starts but nothing prints. Hopefully it gets cleared up soon.

  • gilly

    Very frustrating trying to print from this site off and on all day, down load Java, update Java . printer on paper in ……no coupon.

    • Cindy Livesey

      gilly I am actually going to email them and let them know that many people have problems printing.  Hopefully they can look into it.

  • Debbie

    I printed fine off the iframe and the site. Used Firefox on Mac. Safari doesn’t work though due to something with Java I think. It does take a while for it to come through, maybe 4minutes or so but it did work :)

  • Nell

    Every time I am trying to print from this site it doesn’t print at all,i can’t see is as pending document it doesn’t go through but then it shows I already printed the coupon:(

  • http://livingrichwithcoupons gilly

    I would really like to support this site, but now even though I signed up cannot get thru – had them email me a password and put in info and screen cancels and goes back to putting in info…down loading Java is another problem my husband has installed the new Windows 8 which seems to cause a problem with printing ….I get so frustrated told him to take off new windows and get his money back!

  • teachinmom

    If you are having trouble printing, try looking for a red block to the left side of the web address. Click on that then click to activate Java. I have to do this on a few different sites every time.

  • Sherry Z

    Thank you.

  • http://livingrichwithcoupons gilly

    Gave it another shot am low on coffee creamer but am still not able to print from this site :(

  • luvcoupons

    On August 11th (Sunday), I could still not print from the site. I switched to google chrome and after about 3 minutes it printed with no problems! It wouldn’t print from internet explorer for some reason? I hope this helps someone.

  • CJ

    Cabot Cheese coupon did not print.

    • Kathy

      Common Kindness coupons are the ones I have the most trouble printing and my Java is up to date. I think I’m going to give up on even trying anymore because there aren’t many for “known” products and they expire too quickly.

  • CommonKindness has recently rolled out some updates to the printer app. If you continue having any problems, please email with your browser and operating system versions so that we can help you further. The CommonKindness Team

    • BJ

      I’ve tried and tried to print from my Mac and it’s in Safari not Chrome. My Java is up to date and I’ve made sure my printer is on etc. Just printed out coupons from all the other sites etc.

  • Sarah Mormello

    Cannot get the Cabot Chees Coupon for some reason.

    • ss

      You and me both. I have given up on their site. Tired of wasting my time to print out a .50 coupon :)

      • DianeG

        ‘Had given up on them too. ‘Gave it one more try due to the comment from the site above. They printed, including the Cabot cheese! (XP, using Chrome, JAVA 7 update 51) It was a bit slow and it goofed the browser for a while – but it worked !

        • CommonKindness

          Thanks for the information DianeG and glad you got the prints!

    • CommonKindness

      Hi Sarah, does this mean you were able to print other coupons and just not the Cabot one? We will have the development team look into specific Cabot coupon issues.

  • Peter Canine

    Impossible to print coupons from this site. Common Kindness is not very kind to potential users.

  • Barbara

    Tried to print yet again today. No luck

    • CommonKindness

      Barbara, can you email with your browser and operating system? They will be happy to help with troubleshooting any issues you are having. Thanks

  • CommonKindness

    BJ, are you able to try Firefox as the browser? Safari has changed connections and some development changes are taking place. For firefox, just make sure java is enabled on the browser (left of the URL there should be a small ‘logo’ like icon, click it and then click allow). Hope this helps for now and apologies for the issues your having.

    • Wendy

      Common kindness
      It’s a waste of time trying to deal with your site. It’d always an issue
      Your coupons are mostly for things I’ve never heard of
      I don’t want to jump through hoops on the rare occasion I find a coupon
      What I need is link to coupon, click and print. It’s as simple as that
      Sorry to sound so harsh, it’s time consuming to coupon and I don’t need the aggravation

      • disqus_u17j8jgPLR

        I agree!!!

  • Allie

    how many times do I need to sign in? I sign in and it takes me to the home page and I look at the top and it says that I need to sign in, its an endless cycle. Waste of time.

  • Doc

    Giving up on Common Kindness, Having same problems with login and printing coupons as All other complaints on here. This site isn’t user friendly.

  • liz

    mine finally printed, it just took a LONG time (about 5 minutes). using Mac OSX Mountain Lion and Firefox newest version of that and newest version java.

  • Anna Dalton

    Of course, like always! My stuff didn’t even print right just a paper with a bunch of crap and something that says OFFER up top. What the heck! I really want the good2grow coupons to use tonight when I went grocery shopping!

    • CommonKindness

      Hi Anna, are you able email with your browser and operating system? They will be happy to help troubleshoot your printing.

  • NJ GAL!

    i just tried printing 3/27/14 and like many others it did not work im done wih kindness site

  • Heather

    This keeps telling me bad code value when I try to sign up

  • Leslie Davis

    My coupons have always printed without any problems on this site and I love that I can coupons for healthy/organic foods for my kids!

    • diane

      just took 20 minutes for the cabot cheese coupon to print!!

  • rob

    So I am not the only one having problems printing from commonkindness? Good to know.

    • CommonKindness

      Rob, can you email with your browser and
      operating system? They will be happy to help with troubleshooting any
      issues you are having. Thanks

  • augustbaby

    Commonkindness sucks! Can’t print my one and only coupon that I wanted which is the good2grow one. Says its printing but nothing prints out. It’s not my printer’s problem because I tried printing from other coupon sites and it worked like a charm. I feel like I got suckered to create an account. Not going to back to the site ever! Waste of my time!

  • Lisarie Gleason

    I am having trouble just joining. The security code you have to copy is so buggy. I put in exactly what was there, 5 times (stared at and approved by my husband as being exactly the same, and all 5 times it rejected it. Well, those 5 times were after the 4 times is failed, before my muffled anger dragged him to my office. Now, after it seemed to accept it, it isn’t logging in with my information. My guess it is because I am waiting for some email to verify my account, yet It never mentioned it after my screen just went back to the coupons. Some cleaning of this page is needed.

  • Nicole

    I can’t get Cabot to print. :(

    • marie

      I try to print the same one two days ago and nothing. I really don’t like that website.

  • Ruchama

    I’ve emailed them, and the responded that they could send me whichever coupons I wanted, but offered no suggestions about how to be able to actually print.

  • Yessenia Candelario

    being try to print coupons and cant do it

  • Rose Davis Landino

    Where is the V05 coupons?

    • Denise Davison Uzunis

      I see it on the first page of the coupons, have you printed it before? It has not reset and that may be why you cannot find it, hth!

  • Marcia

    I’ve never had luck with them. I wonder why they hang onto that platform. I’ve given up!

  • cpn headache

    this site is not even letting me register!!! UGH!! So sick of trying to get online cpns.. these sites are a waste of time!! And if companies are paying your an advertising fee.. you should be making this site more user friendly… I am not even getting an error message telling me why I can’t register!

    • CommonKindness

      If you could send your operating system and browser details to, they will look into the issue for you. We do not charge brands for advertising, only for the sales that they make but this is no excuse for your printing problems. Each browser and system can behave differently. Customer support will be happy to help you get your coupons printed.

  • Name

    Forget trying to print the coupons, it wont even let me register for the site. Keeps telling me the text I type in from the box is a “Bad Value Code” this is beyond ridiculous.

    • CommonKindness

      All of our tests show this is working. If you could send your operating system and browser details to, they will look into the issue for you.


    how many times must one “SIGN IN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

  • Steve

    I can’t print them using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

    • CommonKindness

      Steve, if you could email with your browser and operating system information, they will help you trouble shoot. Thanks

  • rs

    It’s impossible to sign up, I have tried 25 times yes 25 and it just keeps saying bad code. Totally useless site

    • Sandy

      I agree. I can sign in but have to wait 20 min. for a coupon that may just print this time. Not worth my time for .50
      They can trouble shoot this all they want. Invest some money and upgrade the software system!

  • Jackie

    Same here. Can not print at all. Tried opening two accounts…

    • Jessa

      I’m not sure what specific problem you’re having but I was able to sign up for a new account and print a coupon last night no problem. Are you checking your spam mail to make sure you’re getting the activation/verification link? Maybe that’s the trouble?

  • shelly

    It won’t even let me register!!! this is the third time I’ve tried, it keeps telling me I have a bad code value for the stupid letter blob…so frustrating!

    • CommonKindness

      Shelly, if you can send your browser information then they will follow up with you. In the meantime, trying a different browser may resolve the issue for you. The CommonKindness Team

  • DS

    No luck like the rest printing out coupons…. waste of time!

  • DD

    Have you tried clearing your cache? Thats what did it for me on Chrome.

  • B. Turner

    WHERE is the PRINT space to click to try to print?

    • Cindy Livesey

      it should be on the far right. It won’t appear until you are signed into your Common Kindness account. Hope that helps

  • Candy Nichols-Gillingham

    Why can I not click on any of the coupons to print? It keeps saying to sign in

  • Jes

    Can not even join wasted a lot of time the CAPTCHA keeps saying I am wrong no mater how many times even on different computers, has to be some error with the site :( NOT happy

  • pat

    i have enables java on the firefox and it will not allow me to print i guess i give up on this web sight

  • Rosa

    I have tried to register but it constantly tells me the code is bad. I have tried at least 10 times. Please help.

    • Sandy

      It’s by far the worst coupon website out there. I gave up a long time ago. Saving .50 is not worth the aggravation!

  • megan

    i am trying to sign up.. but keeps saying the bad bar code and I keep redoing it.. wtf

  • CardCrazeeHeather

    unable to register! Keeps saying bad code value!

    • Loretta Dugan

      i just went through the sign up process and had no issues, I believe you entered the captcha code wrong, it’s at the bottom and there should be 2 boxes, one with the code, and an empty one for you to type the code in to

  • lyneecoupons

    I switched to internet explorer, enabled java plug ins and it worked just fine, wasn’t hard either! Thank you Common kindness!!

    • Veggiechik

      Thanks for mentioning this…I never had a problem with Common Kindness on Firefox until today…I switched over to IE and was able to print (although it did take a few minutes for the Run box to pop up).

  • Sue

    Ive tried Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. The coupons wont print and your wasting my time!!!!!!!!!

  • ltsims

    nothing printed!!! Again!!!

  • Emilia

    Same issue here about NEVER being able to print that 1 coupon :/

  • janet

    The cabot coupon is a nightmare!!! It does not print

  • Patty

    Beginning to believe this site is a joke. Can never print the coupons. Is this just a big scam????

  • Jenn M

    I see how to clip but how do I print? I see no print icon or button or anything??

    • Jenn M

      never mind I see the button now…huh

      • Jenn M

        well it wouldn’t work, what a waste of time. :(

  • Denise Hecht

    Always have trouble with this site it can never be easy

  • Jim C

    Seems I”m not the only one that can’t print from this site. Tried both Firefox and Chrome. It”s not worth the hassle if it isn’t easy, no one will even try.

    • george

      I too had a problem today with Common Kindness. I noticed that LRWC publishes SS or RP when it list their coupons. I would also appreciate knowing ahead of time if a coupon is Common Kindness or Hopster since these 2 sites give me more problems than all the others combined.appreciate

    • MisterBill

      Try going directly to commonkindness dotcom. I could not print using the LRWC redirected site but was able to going direct thru the site. Still not simple (several warnings about Java and their site), but it worked. And it appears that I was able to print 4 coupons (the file sizes are all the same, but I haven’t printed them yet).

      I assume you are trying to print for the Three Twins ice cream. I looked up the reviews of that and they’re somewhat mixed but for 99c a pint I’m willing to give it a try!

      • Jim C

        Thanks Bill…. I even tried the Common kindness site directly.. No go. Maybe someone is telling me I don’t NEED any ice cream!! lol

    • DianeG

      I agree with Mr. Bill. Print directly from Common Kindness site, not the LRWC linked site. Just a few minutes ago, I printed using Internet Explorer based on the comments below. After I reset my password, it took three minutes to locate, select, and print. On the second try for a print of the Three Twins Ice Cream, it was shaded out – so just one print for me. I am surprised, ‘gave up on CK a long time ago…..

  • Rebecca Collins

    Can’t get anything to print. I tried on 4 different computers and on Chrome, IE and Mozilla. Nada! It just won’t go on to the print page. Always have these issues with common-kindness coupons. Why?