10 Budgeting Tools That are Free Online

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As you begin working on saving money, you’ll love using these 10 Budgeting Tools that are free online. There is nothing better to me than finding a free tool to help me figure out how to manage something in my life. My budget is a must, so free tools that also are available online make it even better. Having access from anywhere means I have no excuse to stay on top of my money.

10 Budgeting Tools That are Free Online

While you may not want to use all of these budgeting tools, you will be able to choose from this list to find something that fits your unique needs. Whether you are setting up a budget, or you are starting with extreme couponing, this list is a great place to begin.

Google Spreadsheets

There is nothing easier than using Google Drive to set up free spreadsheets for your budget. In fact, this is my number one on the list of budgeting tools. Free, convenient, and accessible from nearly any device, there is no better way to keep track of everything in one place.

Note: If you are using this for storing your budget information, I do recommend keeping things like account numbers, passwords, and personal information used to pay bills stored separately. While Google Documents and Spreadsheets are secure, it is always best to keep things separated.

Every Dollar

Every Dollar has been around for several years and has both free and paid options. It is one program we love using and can stand behind for being a great asset. In fact, one of the best things with this brand is the free option to set up everything in one location. Connecting your bank account to the program for a small fee also allows convenience for easily tracking expenses. This is great for someone who tends to forget to make note of expenditures.

Mint by Intuit

If you have heard of QuickBooks for accounting, then you may have already heard of Mint by Intuit. This sister product is another great free option that many individuals find useful. Mint allows you to import transactions from your bank and tag to different categories for easy tracking. It’s very simple to integrate, and being a powerful well-known brand, has a high standard of safety.



The Prism app is a great way to schedule bills. If you are someone who struggles to pay your bills on time, this is a great option for organising bills and making sure they are scheduled and paid on time. It’s a nice additional option to include in the list of budgeting tools.

Quicken Free Budget Calculator

For those working on their first budget, the free budget calculator from Quicken is a useful tool for seeing the big picture numbers. Many individuals not only don’t know what they should be spending on each part of their budget, but they don’t know what their current expenses look like. This helps you figure the current percentages, as well as get an idea of what should be a priority.

Personal Capital

The Personal Capital free program gives you a lot of easy to use information to calculate your net worth. This is handy for someone who is considering taking out a loan or looking at where they need to make investments. Free options within the program vary, but signing up for an account is simple and the tools do come in handy.


This free budget planning software is one I am not terribly familiar with but have been reading rave reviews of from my friends. BudgetPulse is all about helping you know what you can actually afford to buy or do with your money. It seems to give you a good big picture view to help with planning.


I am loving this program for helping see where all of my money is going. MoneyTrackin is great for those who are struggling to find a way to make room in their budget. If you are like most and trying to get out of debt or save for the future, this shows you where your money is disappearing at a glance.


This is another great app that allows you to connect accounts and manage everything for free in one place. It’s ideal for someone who wants simple, available on their phone, and easy to use. You can definitely learn more about spending habits using MoneyStrands and easily plan for the future.


This is one of those budgeting tools that aren’t for keeping you in a budget, but ideal for helping you save money. Consider it a small investment fund that turns your pennies and dollars into an interest-earning savings account. You connect your bank account to the app/website and allow Acorns to withdraw a set amount each month to invest on your behalf. Start with as low as $5 to easily and mindlessly grow simple savings or retirement fund.

My favorite addition to the Acorns program is that you can log in regularly and look at recent expenses and “round up” to the next dollar. Then, Acorns will take that amount and add to your Acorns account to use as an investment. So, if you spent $1.67 at the Dollar Store, it would recommend you round up that $.33. While it is free to use, you will be placing money into the account – so it is at the end of our list.

Using Budgeting Tools

No matter which of these great free budgeting tools you choose to use, the most important part is keeping up with them. Using a budget tool to keep you on track is a great way to meet your financial goals and to learn more about your budget and spending habits.

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