10 of My Favorite Cozy, Cuddly Items That I Need All the Time

National Cuddle DayNational Cuddle Day –

Who doesn’t love being cozy and comfy and cuddling up on the daily. I know I love for everything Hygge. If you don’t know what that is you’re missing out on the coziest, cuddliest stuff out there.

Hygge is: pronounced “hoo-ga” and is a danish concept that encompasses a feeling of cozy, content and enjoying the simple things in life.

Pretty awesome right! Now that you have a new term to use with all your friends and family, lets shop the best Cuddly things we can find!

We also have a Hygge Gift Guide you have to check out!

Here are my top 10 Hygge Items:

1. Cozy Blanket

This blanket has amazing reviews and is so unbelievably cozy! I can see myself cuddling up with this on the couch!

2. Cozy Fleece

Um – I need this. This fleece is so warm and looks so soft! It also comes in a bunch of colors! LOVE IT!

3. Socks

We all need that one pair of socks we cuddle up with and have to wear all the time around the house! This is for sure them!

4. Robe

A robe with a hood is the epitome of cozy! Plus you can pick from 20 colors. My heart is bursting for hygge items!

5. New Candle

A candle just makes me feel warm and hygge no matter what. Grab a new one!

6. Scarf

This scarf honestly looks like a blanket- and I’m not even mad about it. Perfect if you love being cuddly 24/7.

7.  Theraputic Neck Wrap

Warm this little guy up in the microwave and wrap him on your neck and you’ve got yourself some relaxation time!

8. Slippers

Warm your toes up with these slippers. Love how fluffy they are!

9. Cozy Mug Sweaters

Your tea or coffee has to be comfy too! These are adorable!

10. Weighted Blanket

This is a more pricey item – but many people say it’s worth it! Grab a weighted blanket!