10 Creative Rock Painting Ideas

Painted Rock Ideas

Painted Rock Ideas

Looking for new ideas for rock painting?  In case  you have not heard of this new craze, people are painting rocks and leaving them in places for others to find and put a smile on their faces. I love this simple and positive way to spread cheer.  This is a great creative activity for both kids and adults.

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1. Emoji Painted Rocks


It makes absolute sense that a popular form of communication would be a hit for rock painting!

 2. Hedgehog Painted Rocks


These are so easy to make and adorable!

3. Owl Painted Rocks


I love how simple the snowy owl is to make.

4. Fruit Painted Rocks


I love the explosion of color on these.

5. Pokemon Painted Rocks


I love this idea, and I know my kids would too.

6.Animal Print Painted Rocks


These would make for a great room accent in a little bowl.

7. Fish Painted Rocks


Play around with colors and you could make a nice sea creature collection.

8. Painted Cactus Rock Garden


Painted rocks and turn them into a rock garden for a sweet windowsill addition.

9. Ladybug Painted Rocks


Not sure about your rock painting skills? start with the easy to do ladybugs!

10. Food Painted Rock


I love that this could serve double duty outside as outdoor pretend play toys!

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