10 of the Best St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Ideas You’ve Ever Seen

St. Patrick's Day BreakfastSt. Patrick’s Day Breakfast –

Nothing like starting your day with a delicious breakfast.  Make your St. Patricks breakfast extra special and send your family off on their day with any of these scrumptious ideas.

1. Rainbow Waffles


No one will be able to resist this colorful breakfast! Details!

 2. Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls


You start with canned cinnamon rolls, so you know these are easy to whip up! Details.

3. Shamrock Biscuits


Adorable! and also from refrigerated canned biscuits, so easy to put together in the morning. Check it out!

4. Bell pepper and Potato Frittata


For those that require a breakfast a more substantial breakfast consider this frittata.  Details.

5.  Leprechaun Pancakes


I would feel bad eating these, they are so cute! Check it out!

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes


This would make the perfect breakfast for dinner for me! Details!

7. Rainbow Donuts


Sorting through the fruity pebbles could be something to keep kids busy for a while. Check it out!

8. Green Smoothie in a bowl


The shredded coconut is the perfect topping.Learn how to make it!

9. Shamrock Fried Eggs


 Add a couple of bacon strips as make believe rainbows and this would be the perfect breakfast for me. Check it out!

10. Shamrock Quiche


Amazing addition to a brunch table! See details!


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