10 Outside the Box Uses for Dryer Sheets

Have you gathered a nice stockpile of dryer sheets?  We have gathered lots of different ways you can put them to good use in addition to using them to freshen up your clothes.  Who knew dryer sheets could be so versatile?Uses for

Dryer Sheets

We’d love to hear what other uses you have found for dryer sheets.

1. Clean a Dirty Pan


WOW! easy way to revive old baking sheets.

 2. Make a Fire Starter


Love this useful idea!

3. Clean Stainless Steel


Great way to keep them looking shiny all the time.

4. Clean Soap Scum off Shower Doors


Who knew these could be useful in bathrooms too!

5.  Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh


Bring back those shoes you had cast off because they were smelly!

6.Remove Deodorant Marks


Easy way to get rid of those embarrassing marks.

7. Remove Dead Bugs from Car


Get your car clean without a lot of elbow grease.

8. Clean Window Blinds


Dust clings to dryer sheets easily, making dusting a snap!

9. Remove Iron Gunk


Get the bottom of your iron to look shiny and clean again!

10. Use as Room Freshener


Like the smell of your clothes?  Your whole house can smell like it too!



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