10 Ways to Make Traveling with Kids Easy

Looking forward to a family vacation?  Need some Family Vacation Tips and tricks? We’ve got ways for you to make travel with children easier and more enjoyable using these life saving hacks that we have gathered up just for you.
 family vacation tips

Family Vacation Tips

Don’t forget to share your own tips for making smooth family travel trips.


1. Make a Road Trip Countdown


This should help control the times you get asked “are we there yet?”

 2. Use a shoe organizer to keep toys and snacks at hand


No more hunting for toys under the seats.

3. Play Road Trip Bingo or Scavenger Hunt


Use passing vehicles and landmarks in ways to keep them entertained.

4. Make eating on the go easier with a shower caddy


Makes it easier to eat on the go.

5.  Use suction cups for holding toys and crayons

Keep their favorites at the reach of their fingertips.

6.Bring window clings


Love this idea! easier to remove than stickers.

7. Encourage good behaviour with these Kid Clips


Easy way for them to know if they are following the rules.

8. Pack personalized travel snack boxes


Let them pack and keep their favorite snacks handy.

9. Bring a Travel Tray


Their own on-the-go playing surface!

10. Be ready with a DIY Car Sick Bag


Better safe than sorry!

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