10 Ways to Upcycle Coffee Cans


Upcycle Coffee Cans

Don’t throw those empty coffee cans away! We put together some pretty awesome ways you can upcycle coffee cans and put them to good use once again. I think my favorite way is to use them as planters. Personally, I think the metal cans would even look better as planters, don’t you think? Maybe even spray paint them with chalkboard paint.

We’d love to hear your creative ways you reuse your empty coffee cans.


1. Build a Birdhouse

Upcycle Coffee Cans


This is an awesome project the kids will love to get involved with.

 2. Flower Pots


You can never have too many flower pots! Am I right?!

3. Plastic Bag Container


Genius! That is all!

4. Coffee Can Tool Caddy


Love this idea. You could also use it for a silverware caddy!

5.  Gorgeous Outdoor Lantern


So pretty for summer nights!

6. Hanging Planter


More flower pots are okay by me 😉

7. Towel Holders


No one will know these once held coffee!

8. Coffee Can Worm Composter


Brilliant idea for the gardener. Worms rock!

9. Coffee Can Windsocks


Another awesome idea for the kids!

10. Kitchen Compost Bucket


Don’t let those tools scare you, it’s pretty easy to do.


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