15 Creative and Delicious Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving RecipesThanksgiving Recipes

Tired of the predictable leftover turkey sandwich? No worries! Put that idea aside and check out these easy recipes that put your leftovers to great use and past just putting them in between two bread slices.

1. Cranberry Barbecue Turkey Pizza


Everyone’s favorite topped with BBQ flavor turkey, yum!

 2. Thanksgving Shepherd’s Pie with Stuffing Crust


I think the stuffing crust is a stroke of genius in this recipe. Imagine all that savory goodness in every bite!

3. Turkey Chili


Feed your family roasted turkey on Thanksgiving Thursday and turkey chili on Football Sunday. What a great idea!

4. Turkey Cranberry Quesadilla


This recipe calls for munster cheese but I think I personally would prefer a sharp cheddar.

5.Turkey Stuffed Egg Rolls & Cranberry Dipping Sauce


Replace sweet & sour dipping sauce sauce with this tangy tart cranberry one, yum!

6. Thanksgiving Empanadas


As a variation, you could just buy Goya empanada disks and fry them instead of baking them.

7. Turkey Fritatta


Fritatta is my absolute go-to quick dinner meal, and I must really love cheddar because I would use cheddar instead of mozzarella in this recipe.

8. Turkey Thai Curry


Turkey has a stronger flavor than chicken, but I think red curry paste has what it takes to pull this recipe off.

9. Cran-Turkey Enchiladas


This sounds weird right? Well, take a leap of faith and try it because there are plenty comments raving about this recipe.

10. Turkey and Stuffing Croquettes


When in doubt, fry it! I know my kids wouldn’t turn down any type of crunchy food bites.

11. Thanksgiving Leftovers Lasagna


This lasagna recipe can fit all of your thanksgiving leftovers.

12.Creamy Turkey and Noodles


With the added pasta, you could feed your whole extended family again with this casserole.

13. Smoky Turkey Corn Chowder with Bacon


Since you are going to want to make this again, let me tell you that it works well with rotisserie chicken too.

14. Turkey Orzo Soup


Warm up on a cool late November day with this yummy orzo soup.

15. Creamy Wild Rice Turkey Soup


A variation of one of my favorite soups from Panera, great idea!

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