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Did I mention how much I like FREE stuff?
Well today was a nice surprise when I got home from work and found the items in the above picture in my mailbox. They are:

FREE subscription to Woman’s Day (which by the way has some coupons inside)
Coupon for a FREE Crest toothpaste from a rebate
Coupon book for the ConAgra products which includes a FREE Hunts ketchup
Mailing from Aveeno which includes a FREE sample of shampoo & conditioner as well as coupons.

Then it gets better….I opened up my email and there was a message like this:

“100% Real Freebies! Updated with a complete new list of Free Stuff every 24 hours. All the Free Samples you need!”

So of course I registered to get some things like:
Country Bob’s BBQ Sauce, Cape Cod Potato Chips, a coupon for a FREE Seattles Best Coffee from Borders and more.

Don’t miss out on these great freebies and you can have your mailbox filled with FREE items too.

Tip: Most of these offers require you to register with your email address. I mean, hey, if it’s free you know they at least want an email address. Some people do not like to give out their email address for fear of too much spam. Well you can do like I do. Set up a separate email account. You can do it on Yahoo, Gmail or just add an account to your current internet supplier such as verizon, optonline, comcast, etc. Most internet providors allow up to 5 or 7 accounts. I use my other email account (which happens to be with gmail) when I register for freebies, coupons, etc . If there is spam I don’t even see it.