How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Last year my middle child, Nikki, graduated from high school and we had a lovely party in our backyard. Of course, besides the preparation of the party (food, drinks, seating, etc) I had to be sure that my gardens looked beautiful. I love my gardens and enjoy getting my hands dirty. Although I do need a new pair of garden gloves (ah another hint for a mother’s day gift…kids are you listening?). I was looking through Nikki’s graduation pictures and I noticed how beautiful my white Hydrangea plant looked in the pictures (of course so does Nikki!) and how large it had gotten. So I got to thinking about doing a gardening post.

I remember when I first moved into the my current house 15 years ago. The gardens were overgrown and there was really nothing worth salvaging. My husband and I ripped everything out. It probably took the whole year to deal with the front yard and the back yard. We put in that patio, you see above, at the same time. It was exhausting and we had no idea what we were doing. But of course we were 15 years younger and could handle it and we figured it out ourselves.


I have a good selection of perennials (these are plants that come back every year) and then each year I mix in annuals. Perennials are plants that bloom once during the spring, summer or fall. The blooms usually last any where from 1 week – 4 weeks. When picking perennials you should look for the color and texture of the leaves as they will become an important part of the garden after or before they bloom. I have burgundy shutters on my house so I have some perennials that have deeper tones in the leaves and it compliments the house nicely. Planting perennials also saves on having to buy so many annuals each year which can really add up. I have gotten a good portion of my perennials from Spring Hill Nursery. They were much cheaper than our local nursery and the plants came in healthy and transplanted nicely. As a matter of fact that white Hydrangea was purchased from them 15 years ago. Click Here To Visit Spring Hill Nursery

Perennials I have in my garden include:
Stella D’oro Daylillys
Miniature Hollyhock – this does not need stacking
Purple Coneflower
Black Eyed Susan
Shasta Daisy

Almost all of these can be split after a year and used in other areas of your garden saving you money. Spring Hill has some great penny sales going on right now. Buy 1 get 1 for a penny so you might want to take advantage of that savings as well.

My favorite plant is the Hydrangea. The blooms last a very long time and they become such a focal point in the garden as you can see from the picture above. What is your favorite perennial? I’d love to know.

As the season progresses I will include pictures from my garden.

Happy planting
and kids….don’t forget….I NEED NEW GARDEN GLOVES…hint, hint!

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