My Aldi Shopping Tip

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This is my first post about Aldi. I found out about Aldis about 6 months ago and I am amazed at the prices. Some things you need to know before you shop there.

  • You need to bring your own bags. They do not supply them. If you forget them they do have bags there that they sell.
  • Make sure you bring a quarter for the shopping cart. You get your quarter back after you return the cart
  • They do not accept coupons and quite honestly you don’t need them. Their prices are so cheap.
  • They only accept cash and debit card.

So here is what I bought for $44.38

100% Whole Wheat Bread
2 pkgs Chili Seasoning Mix
4 lbs. Wild Caught Salmon
Grape Tomatoes
2 Green Peppers
2 lbs. Vidalia Onion
2 lbs. Red Onion
Shredded Romano Cheese
Spring/Butter lettuce Salad Bag
2 Cucumbers
Chicken Fries
Bag of Unsalted Almonds
1 Block of Cheddar Cheese
Baby Carrots
4 Large Fuji Apples
Gallon 2% Milk

You see what I mean. This store is amazing. The store I shop at is about 20 minutes away so I don’t get there as often as I would like but it is sure worth it when I do. To see if there is one by you click here. Look for my post tomorrow where I list all the prices for dairy, produce and bakery items so you can compare with your regular stores.