My A&P Trip Today – Saved $137.13

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$153.80 Worth of Groceries for $16.67
So if I had a web cam and you could see me right now you would see this huge grin on my face. I can not believe what an awesome trip I had at A&P. Now, mind you, I never shop at A&P. As a matter of fact I didn’t even have an A&P card. I applied for one when I got there. It all started when I heard, and posted, about the london broil & Fresh Express salad on a 3 day sale. I decided to see what else I could pick up for a great price while I was going there. Well I struck gold!! A&P is running these deals with various companies. They are as follows:

Kraft: Spend $40 Get back $10 – possibly not working correctly (see below)
Unilever: Spend $15 Get back $5
Reckitt: Spend $15 Get back $5
Pinnacle: Spend $20 Get back $5
Edy’s: Spend $12 Get back $3
Georgia Pacific: Spend $20 Get back $5
Mars: Spend $25 Get back $5

The great part is that the amount you need to spend is on the shelf price (the original price) of the item. You will see how it works out in the transaction list.

I quickly…okay not so quickly…my husband walked past me 3 hours later and I was still in PJ’s figuring out my deal. I clipped my coupons, wrote my list up and off I went. Don’t worry, I showered and put on regular clothes first.

I went to this A&P in Maplewood that I never even knew was there. Cute little store with a very nice co-manager, Bob that was very helpful (more on that later). Hey Bob! And this is how it went.

Item (shelf price x qty) sale price x qty

Transaction #1:
6 Kraft BBQ Sauce ($1.69 x 6) $.79 x 6
4 A1 Steak Sauce ($4.49 x 4) $2.99 x 4
4 Capri Sun Sunrise ($3.19 x 4) $2.00 x 4
used 3 – $1/2 from the 5/3 Smart Source
4 – $2/1 from the 5/10 Smart Source
4- $1/1 from the 4/19 Smart Source

Total Shelf Price: $40.86
Total Sale – Coupons + Tax: $10.26 oop (out of pocket)

Should have received $10 Catalina (print out at end of order) however only $3 printed. This is where co-manager Bob comes in. He is checking on this for me and I appreciate his assistance. As a matter of fact, I will be shooting off an email to the corporate office to let them know how helpful he was. So at this point my list was not going to go as planned because I did not have the $10 to roll. So I had to make some adjustments. I put my groceries in the car and did some quick adjustments, headed back in to try again. Thank goodness the rest worked.

Transaction #2:
2 Electrasol ($8.19 x 2) $3.99 x 2
used 2 – $2.50/1 from the 4/19 Smart Source

Total Shelf Price: $16.38
Total Sale – Coupon + Tax: $3.54
Used the catalina from trans 1: – $3.00
Total oop: $.54
Received $5.00 catalina

Transaction #3
2 Wishbone Salad Dressing ($3.49 x 2) $2.00 x 2
4 Country Crock Spread ($2.69 x 4) $1.25 x 4
2 Airwick Spray ($10.49 x 2) $4.99 x 2
used 4 – $.45/1 from the 4/5 Unilever (doubled)
2 – $4/1 from the 4/22 Smart Source

Total Shelf Price: $17.74 (1 deal) $20.98 (another deal)
Total Sale – Coupons + Tax: $8.08
Used catalina from trans 2: -$5.00
Total oop: $3.08
Received 2 $5.00 Catalinas

Transaction #4
8 Aunt Jemima Waffles ($2.79 x 8) $1.25 x 8
1 Vlasic Pickles ($3.49) $2.00
2 Electrasol ($8.19 x 2) $3.99 x 2
used 4-$.1/2 from the 5/3 Smart Source
2- $2.50/1 from the 4/19 Smart Source

Total Shelf Price: $25.81 (1 deal) $16.38 (another deal)
Total Sale – Coupons + tax: $11.54
Used 2 catalinas from trans 3: -$10.00
Total oop: $1.54
Received 2 $5.00 catalinas

Transaction #5
2 Fresh Express Salad ($1.99 x 2) $.98 x 2
1 Peter Lugers Steak Sauce ($3.99) $3.99
1 London Broil Twin Pack ($7.68) $5.30

Total Shelf Price $15.65
Total Sale: $11.25
Used 2 catalinas from trans 4: $10.00
Total oop: $1.25

Summary: Purchased $153.80
Paid out of pocket $16.67
Saved $137.13
89.2% savings
And I should have $7.00 coming to me from the original Kraft deal. That would be only spending $9.67. We will see if A&P comes through for me.

Notes on A&P:
They do not take internet coupons
You can only use 4 of the same coupons in one transaction
You can not split orders (I went back and forth to my car – luckily it’s a small parking lot)

Some of you are probably thinking…wow, that’s a lot of work. Yes it was but it was so rewarding. And you guys, my lovely readers, don’t have to spend 3 hours in your PJ’s figuring it all out. I did it for you.

Don’t forget…if you don’t have the coupons you want try: