ShopRite Trip Tonight

Ok so I was way too tired to take a picture and I’m way too tired to list everything with it’s coupon so I will give you a run down of my trip.

Paid $67.93 OOP
Saved $56.88 with coupons, price plus, rain checks
I now have $12.47 toward my ShopRite Family points.

Summary of what I bought:
1 SR frozen turkey (raincheck from the holiday promo)
1 pkg cinnamon buns from the bakery 1/2 price
1 pkg corn muffins from the bakery 1/2 price
5 sweet potatos
2 case Vintage Seltzer
2 cases Nestle water **
4 Bags Lettuce
1 bag lemons
4 pkg SR ground turkey
2 mission burritos **
1-1lb bag baby carrots
1 1/2 lbs deli sliced turkey
1/2 lb deli sliced cheese
2 Spray N Wash Detergent **
QTips **
4 Lysol Toilet cleaner **
1 Lysol Kitchen spray **
1 Lysol Pourable **
2 B&G Sandwich pickles **
4 1 lb box Carolina Rice **
4 Lady SpeedStick deodorant **

**Had a coupon for it.

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