Coupon Lingo – What In The World Are They Talking About?

coupon lingo


Coupon Lingo

Are you confused by the Coupon Lingo you hear and see when checking social media and websites? Well look no further.  We’ve got the full list of coupon acronyms and definitions.  And, it’s printable so you can print it and put it somewhere while you learn how to speak coupons.

The following is a list of the most common acronyms & definitions that you will find while researching coupons on the internet or in the stores:


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Coupon Lingo - What in the World are They Talking About?

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  • Sakine Gurbuz

    Hi Cindy. What does Psa mean?

    • Cindy

      @Sakine Gurbuz, Prices Start At

      • Dawn

        keep coming across this, it’s not in your lingo list at top of page…what does ‘NLA’ mean…? thanks!

        • Rita

          No longer Available

          • Dawn

            it would be helpful to avoid repetitive questions on this same acronym if you could put it on your list…then I won’t get umpteen notices in my email for the samething.. thanks so much!

            • Coupon

              Or you can post it on your website and stop using this one as a complaint forum.

              • Veronica

                If you are looking for extra paycheck on the side in the range of 50-300 bucks a day for freelancing on your computer from home for 3-4 hrs each day then this may interest you…

      • MQ?

    • Anonymous

      prices start at

  • Nicole

    I was reading a post on another site that someone stated a catalina was rolling not stacking. Can you explain the difference?

    • Niecole

      Hi Nicole,

      Most catalinas roll at grocery stores, meaning you can use the same catalina to pay for items to trigger the exact same catalina again.

      • Dawn

        don’t do that at Walgreens, tho, if you use a ‘catalina’ that came out from purchase of M&Ms, on more M&M’s, you will NOT get another catalina. If you use the M&M’s catalina on another prod that is also giving catalinas, THEN you will get the other product cat, and you can in turn use that on more m&M”s to get another M&M, use the M&M on another prod and, etc

  • jessa

    can i use the catalina from target (eventhough in catalina it said manufacturer coupon) plus the manufacturer coupon (that i’ve got from smart source or red plum) at the same time on the product that i’m buying at target?

    • Cindy

      No because it is a manufacturers coupon. You can only stack coupons if one is a store coupon and one is a manufacturer coupon.

      • Jessa, you could use your target catalina & mfg coupon on same product at Walmart, just give the catalina to the cashier the catalina w/the product before she scans.

      • Arielle Lant

        Catalina’s say “manufacture coupon” on them, but because they’re coming from the store, they’re considered a store coupon. My local Hannaford took a cat and a mfg for the same item, when I asked.

  • Kathy

    So, if I understand correctly, a catalina can be used on a FUTURE purchase. right?

    • Warren

      I’ve seen some kind cashiers who scan the catalina right during my checkout as soon as they print! Don’t know if they’re allowed to, or if you can ask them to.

      • Anonymous

        It has worked for me!

      • CombatBarbie

        Some cashiers will do it, but technically speaking as someone who has worked as a cashier in a grocery store, store policy says they are not supposed to…

        • Marla

          I work at Target and the register/computer will not let you use a catalina on the sale that it was generated from.

    • Nancy

      If the catalina prints before the order is complete you can use it then and there . Some print out as soon as you swipe your store card. Others you have to wait until payment is made for the coupon to print. These you have to use on a future order.

  • JP

    What is UPR at Rite Aid?

    • JP

      Nevermind, figured that out, but what is SCR at Rite Aid?

    • Lisa

      What does UPR at Rite Aid mean? I still don’t know.

      • Lisa

        O.K. I know what it is too, just had to scroll down a few:)

  • AF

    I’m totally new to this. I keep reading about “money makers”. What does this mean?

    • Cindy

      A money maker is usually a situation where you pay a certain amount for something and then you get more that what you paid for back in either Extra Care Bucks (from CVS), Register Rewards (from Walgreens), UP Rewards (from Rite Aid) or Catalinas (from the grocery store).

  • Mike

    I was just curious…at rite aid they have a single check rebate (scr) does that mean you get instant rebate or mail in rebate. Thanks for all you do…im a beginner to this and have been saving a lot of money!

    • Cindy

      Its a mail in. You fill it out online at and they mail you a check.

  • Mike

    Thanks! I actually look forward to going shopping now ever since I found out about your site! Thank you so much…

  • Marcia

    I have just really gotten into using the catalina but i was at acme Sunday night and they would not give me a catalina with my order. They said that corporate had put a limit on it. That it was 2 per customer. Is that true?

    • Dawn

      I can say my ACME has gotten very ‘skeptical’ about all coupons w/ their customers. They will stop all activity, read every coupon before they scan any item, then read the coupon and the items again and again to make sure they match, call over a mngr, go to shelf to see if there is another matching prod, (like you purposefully picked up the wrong one) the line can be 20 deep, and only register open, and they take their time. I believe they are trying to make it as difficult and time consuming as possible to deter folks from using coupons in the store. Personally, they are only hurting themselves, making it difficult for the 20 people behind the couponer to shop there. If they are now cutting the catalina per shopper, then they are telling their customer ‘don’t shop here’. Shame for them….

      • Dawn

        ps: did you put the order back nd get your refund??

  • Becky T.

    What does it mean to “look for the peelie” (I think that’s how it is spelled??) for a certain product??

    • Christine F.

      Becky, a peelie, is a coupon found on the product package.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so much!!!

    • Joe

      a peelie is a manufturers coupon stuck right to the product itself

  • Adriane Cieplinski

    Hi Cindy,
    I notice that some of the coupons says supercenter on it( it’s a manufacturers coupon) ….Can I use this coupon at Shop Rite even though it is not a supercenter….

  • anne

    I have never done this but does this seem correct??When I shop at shoprite,
    I can use 2 same coupons for 2 same items. For ex: I have (2) $0.50 dove deodorant coupons so I can purchase 2 dove deodorants at the same time???
    I have always had only one coupon per item-but I happen to have doubles now so I’m not sure how this works??? Thank You!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      yes you can buy 2 at the same time and use 2 coupons BUT you have to read the coupon it should say something on it like limit 4 like items per transaction or something similar, then you’d just break up the orders if needed.

      • Mollie

        Can you use two same coupons on two same items if the coupon says save $0.50 when you buy two cereals. Would you have to buy four to use both coupons or could i just buy two and use both coupons?

        • Arianna

          You’d have to buy 4 for that to work.

    • Kathy

      At Shop Rite you can use a max of 4 IDENTICAL coupons (buy 4 of the same product & use 4 of the same coupons)….as long as the coupon doesn’t restrict you from doing that, as noted by anonymous, below. For example, a recent $0.50/1 Hellmann’s Mayo coupon stated on it “maximum of 2 identical coupons in the same shopping trip” so I wasn’t able to use the 4 I had at the same time…..of course, if you split up your orders, then that’s a different story :-)…if the coupons are for the same product but for different values (e.g. 4 are $0.50/1 & 4 are $1.00/1), then you could buy 8 products and use all 8 coupons and because of doubling (most coupons under $0.99 cents) each coupon would end up deducting $1.00 off per item

  • Kim

    Hi Cindy-
    You once posted something about how to contact Catalina, if you did not receive a catalina you were supposed to get.
    I cant find it and I was going to contact them regarding the McCormick catalina, I never got today.

    • Cindy

      Kim, the McCormick Catalina doesn’t start until Friday, 3/18

      • Kathy

        Hi Cindy, is there an “official” place to get a listing of current Catalinas? We used to be able to use their affiliate website “Coupon Network” but that website is no longer operational. Just wondering because sometimes it’s handy to have an official print-out when you’re trying to request a missing Catalina from customer service – especially when dealing with ShopRite (at least for me).

        Thanks so much to you and your team for all the hard work you put into this site….it is SO helpful and very much appreciated!

        • Kathy

          Sorry, just saw you answered a similar post below 🙂

  • Lori

    Hi Cindy, what does UPR mean and how does it work. I am very interested in getting the deal below but I don’t fully understand it.

    Buy 9 Hershey and or Reeses Bagged Candy $2.44 each
    – (3)$1/3 Select Hershey’s, Reese’s, Cadbury or Whoppers (SS 4/3/11)
    -$3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon
    Pay: 15.96
    Get 4 0 $1.00 UPR for buying the bag Candy
    Get $10 UPR for buying $20 Hershey/Reeses Candy
    $0.22 each after coupons & UP Rewards

    If you don’t have the survey coupon then they are $0.55 each.

    • Cindy

      An UP Reward is a coupon that prints out at the end of the register receipt. In the transaction you are asking about, you would pay $15.96 out of pocket. Then you would get (4) $1 UP rewards and a $10 UP rewards print out. You can use those UP Rewards to pay for your next transaction.

      So, let’s just say you had $12 in UP Rewards already from a transaction that you already did. You could do the transaction with the candy and instead of having to pay the $15.96, you would use the $12 in UP Rewards to help print down your cost. So, $15.96 – $12 = $3.96 would be the amount out of pocket in my example. And, you would get the (4) $1 UP Rewards and the $10 UP Rewards.

      If you continue to “roll” your UP rewards, you will always be trying to pay the least amount out of pocket and still get more UP rewards.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for that explanation. My husband and I were extremely confused as to how the up rewards really worked. It seemed every time we went to Rite Aid we could not save. I had just about given up on going to the store all together. I will try this a few more times…or until I get it right.

        • Arianna

          ohhhh! that makes sense now! i’ve been trying to figure this out too! so initially, you have to pay OOP, and get some UP rewards. Then, you can keep rolling them….

          it finally clicked! this is why i read the comments!

      • Kathy

        Might not be that way for newbies to Rite Aid as UP Rewards are automatically loaded to your Wellness card….unless you’ve specifically requested (by asking cashier or calling Rite Aid) for them to print out and then they cannot technically be rolled (immediately, like at Walgreens) because the printed coupon is only good as of the following day.

        For those posting below: It is highly recommended to request to have the UP Rewards print out because otherwise the value of your accumulated UP rewards come off your order automatically as soon as your card is scanned which can really mess up deals when you’re trying to use coupons (if you had a large amount accumulated then your order could be brought down to next to nothing from the UP Rewards coming off and then you’d have no balance to apply coupons to)…..happened to me many times before I requested to have them print out. Now I choose when and how to use them….not Rite Aid.

        • Kathy

          I meant like rolling at CVS….I don’t shop at Walgreens anymore

          • Dee Roy

            walgreens might have their problems, but if you have any christmas shopping for small children, they have awsome sales. last christmas i bought for 48 kids, (most of them would not have had a christmas) each child got 14 gifts, and i spent around $2000. but with their deals, cupons, and my points i saved around $6000.

  • SamE Bright

    Where do I find information about what Catalina deals are out there so that I can participate?

  • SamE Bright

    Ok, I found the source on your site – which I am quickly falling in love with – but where else can I find this information? For example, I shop at Kroger and I recently got the McCormick catalina that was discussed but I happened upon it and had no idea that I was getting the coupon until it printed.

    • Cindy

      There is no one place to get the information. The company does not put out a list of all the catalinas. However, I am trying to get a better list going and will post it up on the Catalina Deals page. It’s a work in process.

  • Colleen

    I am really new to this and I a little confused. I have seen the extreme couponing television show and seeing people getting hundreds of dollars of groceries for dirt cheap. I noticed that on your website you make it very easy for us and break it down by each store and deal/sale. So for example you had this posted.
    New York Texas Toast – $1.74
    use $0.50/1 from the 3/6 SS
    $0.74 each after coupon
    Can you explain this to me, and when would I have had to get the coupon and where would I have located. The paper or website etc.. I am eager to start saving but I am completely uneducated. I am assuming that I would get a manufacturers coupon and then match it up to the in store sale, as well as go to a store that doubles or triples the coupons value. Is there anything I a missing and how often am I searching for the manufacture coupons and in store deals? Is one store known to be cheaper than another, for example Price Chopper vs. Shop Rite vs. Stop n Shop? Thank you so much

    • JP


      New York Texas Toast – $1.74
      (this is the price with no coupon)

      use $0.50/1 from the 3/6 SS
      (this is the coupon you need, from the Smart Source insert in your local newspaper on March 6. If you don’t have it, check out to see if the coupon is on their website, or check the coupon database on this site. Search “Texas Toast”, the more general the search the better.)

      $0.74 each after coupon
      (this is the price after coupon, assuming your store doubles coupons. Notice that the final price is $1 less than the original price.)

      Hope this helps!!

  • Colleen

    I really want to get the Duncan Hines Brownie Mix and the texas taost that is on sale at Shoprite and posted on your site under the weekly deals but I do not know what SS: SmartSource Insert is and the toast for example reads use $0.50/1 from the 3/6 SS and the Duncan Hines reads exp. 5-30-11 (SS 04/10/11). Help!!! Really want these deals. Also when it says the coupon is gone, is that just on your site or the manufacturer puts a cap on the coupon? Because I cant get the Gorton’s coupon, the Breyers, or the Duncan Hines. Thank You

    • JP

      Oh, yeah, when it says the coupon is gone, the number is limited by the manufacturer and they have all been taken.

  • Regarding the earlier post about the Hershey candy, is there an expiration on the +UP? I bought over $20 worth of candy and then about $8 more the next day and never got any +UP rewards.

    • Michelle

      You have to have awellness card at rite aid, to get theup rewards. and they do expire.

  • Colleen Sabo

    I have saved so much money since I have discovered your site. I was sticking mostly to Shoprite and have cut my grocery bills in half and then some. I want to try Rite Aide now and want to know what a UPR and SCR. Thanks

  • Veronica


    i am new on this and i really want to make couponing part of my life startin know. i would like to know if for example when you buy a product and you get a catalia coupon, can you use it on that transaction or until you buy that product again? does the catalia coupon print once you pay or before?

    Thank you for your time

    • Torna

      The catalia prints after you pay so it is good on a future shopping order.

  • Julie

    What is a “brick” coupon?

    • Warren

      Yeah, what ARE bricks coupons? Are they the ones attached to the store shelves shaped like a brick, and you get to tear a few off? :0)

      • Cindy

        Bricks coupons are just a printing software that companies use. coupons are printed using that.

  • Claude

    I see you referenced “free + $14 Money Maker after coupons & Catalina” in your ShopRite deals for the week. What does that mean exactly? Will I get the products free as well as $14 in Shoprite $ coupons to shop later? New to this, please help. Thanks a bunch- Claude.

  • Rachael Jobes

    Hi I am not getting any RR at Walgreens? Can anyone help me with this? Does it print like the Catalina coupons do, or is it something different. I have bought for three weeks now and still haven’t gotten any RR’s from the products your site says should have them.

  • I am new to couponing and I don’t understand catalinas or how to find out about them. Can anyone help me?

    • Miriam

      A Catalina coupon is a coupon that prints out with your receipt. Usually, there is a printer next to the receipt printer where you get these coupons and sometimes random ads.

  • Leila

    What DND9 or DND5 stand for? I know that DND is do not double, but what is the number referencing?

    • Hana

      That’s the number starting of DND coupons. Most likely they have problem getting double. That how I understood.

  • Jenny

    Question about bogo sales. If the store is running a buy one get one can u apply a mf q to each of the two items??

    • Miriam

      That is actually dependent on the policy of the store. Look on their website for the policy. Sometimes typing in Store Name coupon policy into is the easiest way to find it.

  • Rita Serra

    Have you thought about being on the extreme couponing show..

  • danielle

    I have a question, If I have a coupon that says, say $1.00 on 2 cokes. Can I buy two cokes and use two coupons or do I have to buy four cokes in order to use two coupons?

    • Cindy

      You have to buy 4 cokes and use 2 coupons

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! Cindy

  • Abra

    I have a coupon for $2 off 1 PediaSure from SS…can I use that with a coupon that a received from A&P at the register (a catalina?) $3.50 off 1. ??

  • Joanne

    what is a catalina?

    • Miriam

      A Catalina coupon is a coupon that prints out with your receipt. Usually, there is a printer next to the receipt printer where you get these coupons.

  • liza

    I love this site, thank you, where can I find the P&G brand sampler and the everyday savings book, I am just starting out and I am trying to find out where to get all of these coupons, please help me, THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US, IT REALLY HELPS MY FAMILY SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!Where do you get all of your coupons? Liza

  • Wendy

    Can printable coupons that say things like ‘redeemable at ShopRite’ be redeemed at WalMart?

    • Miriam

      There are some coupons that state a location that the item is sold, but unless it states that the coupon itself is only redeemable at ShopRite, you should be fine using it at another location. I did that with a one that said ‘redeemable at Kroger’ by using it at Walgreens.

  • Camille

    Got your May 28th e-mail with new offers. What do you mean when you say Big Y Deals ?

    • Cindy

      Big y is a store

  • Diana

    Since a catalina is a manufacturer coupon can it be used at any grocery/drug store that accepts manufacturer coupons? I have on that printed at stop & shop and I want to use it at shoprite. It dosen’t say use only at

  • Sandie

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any kind of list of products where RR’s at walgreens can be used against each other. My walgreens says I cananot use a PG RR on PG products or I wont get another RR for the current purchase. How do I know what products are PG or Gillette ect…? Any help would be wonderful! The girl at walgreens was very helpful and said I would learn brand names as I go.

    • Pat Monroe

      I think Walgreens is one of the stores where most of the RR’s do not roll. Meaning you can’t use an RR for say, Sobe water to buy and trigger another Sobe water. (This was a recent deal) However, if you have several RR’s just mix them up and use a different RR for the Sobe water and then use the Sobe water one on another product. This is the art of doing multiple transactions. My daughter and I shop together so we often split orders into two transactions and pass the RR’s to each other.n The big thing to remember at Wags is you must have at least the same number of products as coupons. So if you are stacking a Wags coupon with a MFG (or MQ) then you must use a filler. For example you have 10 coupons, both Wags and MQ and you only have 7 items in your cart, you must buy 3 filler items to have 10 items in your cart. Many times if you have a coupon that is a $/2 (or more) then you already have one more item than coupons but you have to take into account that some of the sale prices require a coupon from the sales ad so you must count those too. This is why many sites like Cindys have an area at the end that have “filler” items, which are usually very inexpensive to purchase.
      I hope this makes sense to everyone.

  • julie

    What is a brick coupon?

  • Michele

    The cashier at my shoprite only let me use one of my three store cats that I received from a previous order for the living- kitchen-bonus promotion this week. Shouldn’t I have been able to use all three?

    • Dawn

      It sounds like you would have to make sure that you had 3 items that the Cats would go towards. If it said ‘on your next total purchase’, you would need 3 ‘items’ that were at least as much as the catalinas. (one Manufacturer coupon per item) If it was specific to AN ITEM, then you would need that item…does that help?

  • Yassmen

    Hi, I’m completly new to this so i have a quick question, when i go on the coupon database and i search for a coupon and it says for example colgate toothpaste SS 06/05/11, when i go to the smart source coupon list, is that coupon only available on that date or can i find it until it gets expired? I’ll be really greatfull for a response, THANKYOU!

    • Lovingmynewhobby

      It actually means that that coupon came out in the Smartsource insert ON that date. So you would look for it in the June 5 newspaper insert for Smartsource..usually the expiration date could be anywhere between a month or two from the actually date it came out in the newspaper…HTH (hope that helps)

  • daniella

    hi cindy,

    i am confused when you see $1/2 that means $1 of 2 items, but will it only take $1.00 or $2.00????

    • Cindy

      It means that it is $1 off the purchase of 2 items

  • teresa

    It really sucks that my pathmark here in NJ does not have blinkies anymore. And alot of stores in NJ are going to limit the amount of coupons usable per household during a trip to their store. Only reason I found this out is because I know 3 store owners from seperate places that all say that this is what is going on. And that “we” the couponers, are taking money from them by using the coupons. Makes no sense.

    • Anonymous

      That truly makes no sense cause the coupons generally state the company providing the coupon reimburses the store for the face value plus a little more, usually about 8 cents per coupon submitted. So it is actually a money maker for the store. Now stores that double or triple lose some money, but the amount they gain by the purchasing of the items should make up for the cost of the coupon.

  • L.

    What does “catalina” mean??

  • Tori

    What does NLA mean? (In regards to this weeks Tutturoso tomatoes.)

    • Cindy

      No Longer Available

      • Tori


  • Jennifer

    Okay this is driving me batty….what does R mean? See example:

    $0.50/2 Pop Secret Product, exp. 7/31/11 (RP 06/19/11 R)

    I know that this comes from the 06/19/11 Redplum but where does the R at the end fit in? I’m so lost! LOL

    Thanks again Cindy. Your site is the best, I refer everyone I know to it & even some that I meet in Shoprite. =)

    • Cindy


      • Tiffani

        And Where do you find them because i have a lot of trouble finding them??

  • Anonymous


    is there anyway to get a catalina coupon besides at the store ( if i am understanding what “catalina” actually means)

  • Angela

    I did not get catalina coupon at Shop Rite today for the 4 L’Oreal shampoos. Can I contact them or should I contact Shop Rite.

  • Sherry

    What do you mean by “like” coupons?? Sorry new at this but finding some great deals. Thank you soo much

    • TM

      “like” coupons are just duplicates.. all the same exact coupons

  • Jewel

    What does “UPR” stand for? I’m seeing it for Rite Aid entries. Thanks.

    • Valerie

      I have the same question!

  • what is conagra?

    • Vanessa

      Conagra is a food manufacturer.

  • GINA


    • Carol Pelosi

      Catalina is money back from the manufacturer that prints at the register after you bot the correct amount.

  • Becky

    Hi Cindy – what does Double Dip mean?

  • Carol Pelosi

    What does the R mean in ( RP 07/31/11R)

    Marcal Small Steps Bath Tissue 12 pack – $4.99
    4 Day Sale
    $1/1 Marcal Small Steps Towel, Bath, or Napkins printable
    $1 off Marcal Small Steps, exp. 9/4/11 (RP 07/31/11 R)
    $3.99 each after coupon

    • Anita


  • sthithi

    Hi Cindy,

    What do you mean by NLA? I see it where to find the coupon you write in brackets as ” NLA”?? I dont get it . Appreciate the help


    • Cindy

      That means No Longer Available. I will put this if the coupon was recently available but can not be printed now.

      • Dawn

        Hi cindy, just a thought…this question gets asked alot. I asked month or so ago becuz it wasn’t in the Acronymns list above. I’ve seen others continue to ask. If you could add it, it might alleviate alot of repeat questions?

  • Genevieve

    I printed up the target web coupons and it says one coupon or offer per transaction. So that means I can only use one target printable coupon each time I go to target? or that I have to do multiple transactions? that (to put it lightly lol) is a bummer… unless I’m misunderstanding? is it the same with the coupons someone told me you can get from the kiosk in the store? I don’t get over to target that often so I’m a little uneducated as to how there coupons work… any help would be appreciated
    thank you

  • Elizabeth

    What are Dollar Doublers at Stop N Shop? I don’s shop there all that often but there seem to be some good deals when you use the doublers. Appreciate the help!!!!

  • Jennifer Tampa

    What does NLA mean?

  • A

    OK…I know most of the Acronyms…but I noticed lately you have (NLA) after some coupons listed in the match up…and I just also noticed (GM 9/2/11)etc. what does NLA mean…and what does GM mean. I know SS is smartsource, RP is Red Plum and PG is Proctor Gamble…dont know GM.

    • Angiey

      GM=General Mills

  • Laurie

    Hi there. This may be a silly questions, but are catatlina coupons from one store accepted at another if they are considered manufature’s coupons?

  • sandra

    What does ISO mean?

  • joni

    catalina’s are great IF you get them. I had to ask for mine from PC.the gal ripped it and threw it in her drawer. cheaters or what? i called them and they were like oh we will talk to our cashiers. I am not happy, so now i stand there and wait and if i dont get them i ask then i head to the customer service desk. that’s my hard earned cash going into either the trash or into someone else’s pocket.

  • michele

    If I have a coupon for .50 cents off 2 and then i have another coupon for 1 dollar off one and its the same product can i use both coupons buying the 2 items..

  • Daisy

    im totally new to this, can someone tell me what does it mean when a store say match ups? thanx

  • Jayne

    Hi, could someone please tell me what GM stands for? 🙂 thank you!

    • Vanessa

      General Mills

  • Nancy

    what does the R mean when you see it like this? SS 10/16/11 R

  • ruchi

    thanks for this website. its the best!!!

  • arianna

    what does GM stand for?

  • shannon

    In response to Catalinas…my Walgreens catalinas dont print until my transction is complete I have noticed but thats ok because I plan accordingly. Love those Catalinas and Black Friday is gonna be great! Lol

  • I was wondering what GM meant.

  • Hi, quick question, what is dollar doubler at Stoop&Shop? Thank you.

  • Gena

    Hi Cindy,
    I read over the list of new catalinas starting today, 1/6/12 and went to Shoprite today and picked up six 24 count cases of Poland Springs water. I didn’t get my $4.00 catalina upon checkout. Do I ask at the courtesy desk at Shoprite or do I contact Catalina? I looked up Catalina online but couldn’t find a contact. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  • roni

    I didn’t receive mine either, bought 4 of the 24 packs of poland spring water

  • kristy

    Is there another way of getting the P&G: Procter & Gamble insert coupon booklet other than buying the sundays paper? Thanks

  • Tmoney

    What does the R mean in SS 1/29/12 R?

  • Crystal

    Yeah, I have the same question as Tmoney. It seems whenever you have the R in with what insert and the date I never have those coupons in my insert.

    • Laura D.

      The “R” means the coupon is regional. Some people will have it, a lot will not. Sometimes the majority of us have the coupon in question. Hope that Helps!

      • Crystal

        Thank you. It def does help.

  • Ruby

    Hi Cindy. What does stl mean?

  • Yvonne

    What is a dip? i.e. double dip or triple dip.

  • Micki

    This really helps as a beginner! Thanks. I will pass this along.

  • Susie

    What does TIA mean? I’ve tried to figure it out, but can’t. Thanks!

    • Diane

      TIA = Thanks in advance

  • nancy

    what does e coupon mean and how does it go to your card

  • Debra C

    What does the MQ stand for in the below information?
    I did not see it on the list.

    Get $2 +UP Reward wyb Zantac 24-30 ct @ – $8.99
    $5/1 MQ coming in MOST Sunday papers.
    $5/1 Zantac Product printable
    $3/1 Zantac Product printable
    $3/1 Zantac Product printable
    Final price: $1.99

    Thank you so much for all your help with coupons.

    • Cindy

      Manufacturers Coupon!

  • Karen

    What’s uft mean?

  • Susan

    Pls tell me what UPR wy2 stands for.

    • Anita

      UPR = UP Reward (Register reward from Rite Aid) and wyb2 = when you buy two.
      Hope that helped.

  • laurie

    Hi…ok my shoprite fd coupons up to .99 cents. But a lot of coupons are for $1 off. So…will it double the .99 or will it stay only $1 off since it went over the .99 ? Totally new n trying to get the best bang for buck. Thanks!!

    • Laura D.

      Hi Laurie, welcome to couponing! If your Shoprite fully doubles up to $0.99 then all coupons $0.99 and lower will double (there is always a limit of 4 “like” coupons doubling per transaction). The $1 off coupon will only take off $1 because as you noted above it is over the $0.99 value. HTH! (Hope That Helps)!

  • nell

    Hi Cindy,
    in your list there are sometimes deals that are based on ecoupons for Shoprite and a manufacturer coupon used per 1 product(enfamil enfagrow in SR last week)..But however in my experience i can’t get ecoupon working if i have a paper coupon and when i called the customer service why my ecoupon didn’t come off,they told me i can’t stack them both because they are manufacturers coupons and that is not permitted..Am i doing something wrong or how does this work?Thank you.

  • Cin

    what does SS R mean
    example below:
    $0.50/1 Cheerios Cereal, exp. 3/9/13 (SS 01/27/13 R)

  • Rocky

    ‘SS’ means the ‘Source Source’ coupon insert (as opposed to the ‘RP’ – RedPlum, or, P&G – Proctor & Gamble inserts)in the Jan 27, 2013 newspapers. The ‘R’ means it was ‘regional’ – not every newspaper coupon insert had the same coupon or version of that coupon. In the example you gave, %0.50/1 was only in some papers/areas. Other Smart Source inserts may not have had the Cheerios coupon at all, or, may have had that coupon with another value, like $1/2 ($1 off 2).

    • Cin

      Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I knew the smart source but not regional. yea I’m disappointed I guess my coupon insert didn’t have that deal.

  • Cindy C

    What does lbotta on the CVS deals stand for? Thanks for all you do!

    • kabby

      It is a savings app from smartphones…certain products are listed…once you purchase item…you have to take a photo of your receipt and the money goes into an account…once you reach a amount (uncertain..may be $5) then you redeem it for a giftcard to use. Have never done it…everytime i get around to purchasing the item…seems it is gone from the list…Good luck!

  • Hana

    What does UFT means?????

    • Tracy

      UFT = up for trade.

  • Cindy C.

    What is an lbotta deposit?

  • ShaRon Conway

    what does “ETS” mean in your coupon listing

    • Living Rich With Coupons

      ETS means “Excluding Trial Size”! Hope that helps!

  • Michelle W

    How can I tell on multiple inserts SS#1,2,3, which one is 1,2,or 3? I understand the acronyms, but cannot find where 1,2, or 3 is listed. I’m still new to this & sincerely appreciate all the help from LRWC.

  • Shaneka

    Can I use a MFG Coupon from Costco anywhere?

  • Arielle L.

    Can anyone tell me what HBA is? I keep thinking beauty products, but I’m not sure…

    • Michelle T.

      HBA is health and beauty aids department: vitamins, shampoo, makeup etc.

  • nicole

    Can someone tell me what the R is? I see it after an SS coupon and date.

    • Stephanie

      It means it is a regional coupon. Not all the inserts have the same coupons — where some have $0.75/1 item, some papers will have $1/2 items, or even none of the coupons. We all cross our fingers and hope for the best when the coupon is “Regional” 🙂

  • Kelso1403

    Thank you so much for this!!!! It was really so helpful!!!!

  • Victoria

    What does HTH mean?

    • Cheri

      hope this helps – I think 🙂

    • Melinda Dilione

      It means “Hope That Helps”

  • Jimmy

    What does double dip mean

    • Laura D.

      A double dip is when you get “two” catalinas for one purchase. Hope That Helps (HTH)!!

  • Ashley

    What does UFT mean?

    • gq

      up for trade

  • Misty Dixon

    help!! Where do I find the SS archives and the PG archives?

    • Christina D.

      If you are trying to see what coupons have been in those inserts, look on sundaycouponpreview dot com and click “more sunday coupons” at the bottom until you see the date you want.

      • Misty Dixon

        Will it let me print the coupon?

        • Christina D.

          SS and P&G are inserts that come in the newspaper. You can look for printable coupons on the coupon database. Just select printable under type in advanced search. HTH

  • Carrie Moak

    what does just one R mean?

    • Stu

      I believe it’s an abbreviation for the Red Plum inserts. Sometimes there will be 2 inserts in the paper. The R means the coupon is in that weeks Red Plum. The #2R means that it will be in the 2nd Red Plum insert (if applicable)

    • Laura D.

      R means Regional. All inserts are not the same.

  • Carrie Moak

    And what does #2R mean?

    • Laura D.

      #2R would be after an insert date and type. Example: SS 1/5/14 #2R means Smart Source insert #2 from date 1/5/14 which will be “Regional”. Some people may have that insert with the coupons listed, while others may have not gotten that insert, or may have gotten different coupons within their inserts. HTH! (Hope That Helps!) 🙂

  • Cristina

    What is MQ?

    • Melinda Dilione

      manufacturer’s coupon

  • Meg

    “SS 01/26/14 R” What does the R mean?

    • Michelle T.

      The R means that insert was regional, meaning that it was not available everywhere.

  • Meg Keegan

    “SS 01/26/14 R” What does the R stand for?

    • Denise Davison

      Hi Meg, the R stands for Regional meaning that the coupon was not available everywhere

      • Meg Keegan

        Is there another paper I should get? Like the city paper vs the local paper? Is there somewhere that it tell you what regions those coupons are in?

        • Denise Davison

          All the coupons in your area are going to be pretty much the same, sometimes there can be some variation from paper to paper but usually the Regional coupons are a variation between (for example) $0.75/2 and $1/2

  • carissa

    How do i know if my coupons double? The only place we have to shop at is right aid, walmart and safeway. I have coupons from p&g, safeway said they dont double and right aid also said my coupons dont double. Im so confused on how this all works.

    • barbara

      Where do you live??. there are many area’s of the country that do not double coupons at all.. Rite Aid does not double coupons anywhere.. If your store doubles coupons..then the coupon will automatically double.. Very rarely does a PG coupon not double..

  • eeka

    What does “if included” mean?

    • Rocky

      Sometimes, sales of a product only include certain versions (scents, flavors, etc.). Then, a coupon may be restricted to only a specific flavor, etc. “If included” means that, although a coupon for a specific version is listed, they/we don’t yet know if that version is actually included in that sale price. So, until someone tries it out, or checks the product/price in person, it’s not sure if that coupon is appropriate for that sale.

  • Miche

    What does “in ad super q”

    • DianeG

      When a store puts out a sale notice in a newspaper, or creates a flyer, we can call that the ad. The “super q” refers to a special coupon included in that ad. Like an insert coupon, we actually have to cut out the coupon and hand it in.
      For example, ShopRite has a “in ad super coupon” in their sale flyer for Quaker Products. It’s a store (ShopRite) coupon, that says get three dollars off when you buy five Quaker products. When it is a store coupon, it can be stacked with MQ’s (manufacturers coupons), and ecpns from that store (if allowed). Sometimes super coupons are in every flyer a store prints and other times they can only be found in the flyers that get delivered to your home. Sometimes they are produced for very specific regions as well. hth

  • Alyssa

    I get confused seeing all the sales and it’s kind of overwhelming. I will see people’s hauls and when I read the breakdowns, I have a hard time following along.. Like when I see multiple things saying “2/$1, $2/1, $.50/1, 1/$.75” Does that mean 2 for one dollar, $2 off of one? $.50 off one? 1 for $.75?

    • misterbill

      Depends on the usage. The “/1” notation would normally only be for coupons, since there’s no reason for saying the price of something as “$2/1” since it should be assumed as being for one and mean $2 off the purchase of one item. “2/$1” (or more often $1/2) would either mean 2 for $1 (50c each) if it was the purchase price, or $1 off 2 items if it was talking about a coupon.

  • Stephanie Smith

    I saw a new abbreviation that said ctc, was that a typo?

    • Laura D.

      If that came from the comments, it may mean “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” Cereal. Sometimes, we make up our own stuff! 😉 That item is a hot item this week!

  • Lisa Gonzalez

    Can someone tell me what SYWR means?

    • Laura D.

      SYWR = Shop Your Way Rewards It is a rewards program that Sears and Kmart participate in. 🙂

  • Tim Goin Home Symonette

    I have a question about this site. When printing off coupons I noticed that some of the coupons listed are printable and some aren’t. Where are the non printable ones able to be located? In a newspaper somewhere?

    • Lesley

      Yes, there are coupons you can print from the internet and some that come in newspapers, normally on Sundays where I live in NJ. I rode the weekend paper and I get the coupons in my Saturday paper.

  • alice

    Hello I live in Texas and I find it so hard for couponing to work.

  • tim

    $1 for two does this mean I will get 1 dollar of each or just the first item.

    • Lesley

      A coupon that says you’ll receive a $1 off when you buy 2 items means you buy the two items and you’ll receive a $1 off.

  • Lynne Hackett

    I swore I saw an acronym that said HTH am I nuts?

    • Lynne Hackett

      It had to do with finding more coupons or older coupons

    • Lesley

      HTH= Hope that/this helps.

      • Lynne Hackett

        thanks to Lesley who saved my brain

  • Almeter

    Hi Cindy I am new to couponing and I’m kind of confused with the doubling of the coupons.

    • Sandy

      Some stores double manufacturer coupons up to and including $1. Call your store and ask them if they double coupons, up to what amount, if they impose a limit on the # of coupons they double and if they have any restrictions on printed coupons from the computer.
      If your store fully doubles then a .55 coupon will double to $1.10 meaning that $1.10 will be taken off of the item you are buying. Stores usually do not give overages so if the item costs only $1 – then only $1 will be subtracted and you will get it for free. i.e.: .55 coupon – .55 (doubled) = $1.10
      If you are lucky enough to shop at a store who doubles coupons up to and including $1 then the $1 coupon will double to $2 off that item etc…
      If your store does not double coupons (Walmart & Target do not) then only the value of that coupon will be deducted period. HTH! Read “ask BOGO, Couponing for Beginners” in yellow on home page.

  • Lorraine

    I’m new to couponing and would like to know if the coupons Shoprite lets you load to your card would be a manufacturer’s coupon and therefore I would not be able to use the printed one along with the one on my card.

  • misterbill

    OOS = Out of Stock

  • misterbill

    I think the first M in YMMV is mileage. As in the car manufacturers saying when quoting mileage estimates, “your mileage may vary”. Basically, the deal may not work for you depending on any number of things, not the least of which is how the cashiers decide to interpret something.

  • betty

    What is mq?

    • Melinda Dilione

      manufacturer’s coupon

  • christine w

    What does ETS mean?

    • Denise Uzunis

      Excluding Trial/Travel Size

  • Kim B

    What does ETS mean?

    • Denise Uzunis

      Excluding trial/travel size

  • Ladyb130

    What does MB12 mean?

    • ladyb130

      Just figured it out looking at circular…MUST BUY 12

    • Denise Uzunis

      Must Buy 12

  • Kelly

    What does MQ at Walmart mean?

    • Laura D.

      MQ at Walmart = Manufacturer Coupon at Walmart.

  • kanne

    what is WYB?

    • Laura D.

      When You Buy

  • What does it mean to fully double?

    • Sandy

      If you have a store that fully doubles up to say .99 for example. You give them a coupon for .99 and it doubles to take off .99 & .99 OR .75 coupon fully doubles to take off the entire addtl .75 There are some stores out there that may only double up to .50.

      • Gotcha! I’m new & still learning! I did good on my last food shopping trip… saved $136.00!

  • Liz C

    I have a question!? I’m new to couponing and I want to know if I have two different MQ on items ie. (1) $1/2 and (2) $.50/1 can I use them together on the same transaction?

    • Sandy

      In that scenario – only if you purchased 4 items. You can only apply 1 mfg. to the said stated amount. $1/2 would attach to 2 items. If you use a .50 coupon it would attach to a third item and so forth.

  • Jessica

    Can you tell me what “R” means as in: SS 10/19/2014 R

    • Jessica

      Nevermind! I didn’t scroll down far enough. 🙂

  • Jennifer Miranda

    hi! what does hba mean?

    • Michelle T.

      Health & Beauty Aids. That’s the department in a grocery store with shampoo, lotions, medicines etc, part of non-foods.

  • Maria

    What does ETS stand for?

    • Melinda Dilione

      excluding trial size

  • Verito


    first of all like this page so very much, I check it out everyday 🙂

    I was wondering if CVS can matchup prices over Walmart and use manufacture coupon and pay with ECBs? LOL, I might sound crazy but savings its a savings 🙂

  • Michele Luce

    I work at a Shoprite, PC should mean price plus. When you are scanning items at the register, the way you know it is on price plus is that there is a PC after the item.

  • Natalya

    trying to decode the coupon… I have two Super coupons “Item is FREE with additional purchase of $25” does it mean I need to have $25 in my shopping BEFORE all (including supper) coupons … right? then all coupons can come off the $25, so at the end I might pay anything under $25… Learning 🙂 Cant find a link to good explanation of this.

    • Rocky

      At most stores, yes, will be before coupons. But, there’s another acronym we use in the couponing world, YMMV (your mileage may vary), which means, for whatever reason, it might not work at your store. So, you will have to give it a try, to make sure. Along with that, I would say to hand them that coupon, first. Once that one is put through, hand them your other coupons. Also, about your super coupons, if they are for different items, you can use both in one order/transaction, as long as you have that $25 minimum purchase of other items. If they are the same, you can only use one at a time. HTH (hope this helps)!!! Good luck!

  • Angela Lande-Pachal

    Hope someone can help. The P&G coupons that came out this past weekend says “limit one coupon per purchase” but also says “limit of 4 identical coupons per household per day”. Does this mean you can use more than one coupon, just on separate transactions? Can you use this coupon with another coupon? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Sandy

      Most coupons say limit 1 coupon per purchase that just means you can’t use 2 manufacturer coupons for same item. You have to follow their limit of 4 like coupons per day/per household.
      So, you can but say 4 bottles of shampoo in one transaction using 4 of the same coupons and thats it. You can stack with a store coupon but not with another manufacturer coupon. Many times I will purchase 4 items and follow restrictions as you noted above. Go to my car, empty bags and go back in to do another transaction – different cashier. You don’t want to raise any flags and to not clear shelves for other shoppers

      • Angela Lande-Pachal

        Hi Sandy, thanks for the response! I’m still a little confused. when it states 1 coupon per transaction – that is it, no other coupons. when you use multiple coupons, is that for other coupons that do not have that restriction? Thanks again – I am so new and getting so confused!

        • Sandy

          1 coupon per transaction and 1 coupon per purchase are totally different. Consider “a purchase” as 1 item, lets say a bottle of shampoo. If your coupon states limit of 4 identical coupons then you can but 4 bottles of that same shampoo in 1 transaction. You don’t need to separate it into 4 transactions to use those 4 coupons. YOUR coupon did not state 1 coupon per transaction, it said per purchase. A single bottle of shampoo is “a” purchase. As far as stacking coupons, you can always stack or use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together. Most coupons will say “1 coupon per purchase” but remember you are purchasing 1 item and using just 1 coupon for that item. The wording is confusing but if it states as do Unilever coupons – limit 2 coupons PER transaction – that’s it – thats your limit, 2 items. Read Couponing 101 for Beginners above and keep asking questions!

  • Amanda Andrews

    Hi, just found this web site and LOVE it. I was wondering if i had a coupon for $1.50 off of two boxes of kellogs cereal can i use two coupons or just one? Is there anyone that explain doubling a bit more?

    • geoff84

      If you’re buying two boxes, you can use only one “$1.50 off two” coupons. If you’re buying four boxes, you could use two coupons. Some stores double coupons but each chain has its own policy and even stores within a chain may have different policies (e.g. ShopRite and Giant). A more common policy is to double coupons up to $0.99: a $0.99 coupon would be doubled to $1.98, while a $1.00 coupon would be credited at face value.

      • Amanda Andrews

        And if i cant double on the manufacturers coupons than i can use a store and manufacturers coupon together?

        • geoff84

          You can almost always stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, regardless whether the manufacturer coupon doubled. Just make sure it really is a store coupon. Many store circulars and websites offer both store and manufacturer coupons. Read the fine print to be certain of what you’re dealing with.

  • Joy White

    What does “piggybacking coupons” mean? This was mentioned in my store’s couponing rules.

  • Nadia Bennett

    Wat does it mean if i have 3$off 3 n i have 3 more same coupon how many do i buy 12 to use all of dem