What’s For Dinner

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So this week is a crazy week for me. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are baseball games for my son. Tuesday is his SAT tutor after his practice. Saturday picking up 1 of my daughters from college. Wow, I’m exhausted just writing it. Anyway, I spent today (Sunday) cooking so I would have dinners for the week. Here is the plan:

Monday: Macaroni (I’m Italian and it’s all called macaroni), Homemade Gravy (again that Italian thing), Meatballs, Italian bread(hubby brought it home from a business trip and I froze half of it) – I made the gravy (sauce) & meatballs today. Froze 1 container for future use and saved a small amount of sauce for the Chicken Parm on Saturday.

Tuesday: Ground Turkey dish we make with diced tomatoes/peas/parm cheese over rice. One day I will post the recipe. My kids love it. – I made this today.

Wednesday: Chicken Adobo, Rice, Veggies

Thursday: London Broil on the grill, Pasta Salad

Friday: Pizza – take out.

Saturday: Chicken Parm, Spaghetti, Salad

Sunday: Putting my feet up for Mother’s Day!!

One thing I found out today. My son loves oatmeal raisin cookies. About a month ago I made a double batch of dough. I froze half of it before I put the oatmeal and raisins in. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I defrosted it today, mixed in the oatmeal & raisin and, presto, instant oatmeal raisin cookies and they were very yummy! Will definitely do that again.

If there are any recipes you would like, post a comment and I will try to put up the recipe.