Where Do I Get Coupons

Part 1 in the beginner series. Where Do I Get Coupons

Well, this would be the best place to start because without coupons you simply can not save money on groceries. For those of you that are new to coupon shopping, this would be the time for you to purchase more than 1 newspaper. I get 4 newspapers every weekend plus I print coupons off the internet (I try to print 4 of each if I can). There are also a few other ways you can get your coupons besides just buying newspapers.

There are many sites that offer printable coupons. Some of them are as follows:

Smart Source
Red Plum
Coupon Network
Target Coupons

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  • Jim

    For people living in or visiting Central Florida, http://www.DineNearby.com has free printable restaurant coupons.

  • Evie

    Where do you get the All You magazine I see referenced often as a coupon source?

    • Enalyn

      you can only buy this magazine at walmart store or you can go to allyou.com to subscribe their magazine or you can also print coupons on their website for easy access on coupons.

    • Lisa

      From WalMart. Good articles and lots of coupons.

    • Gina

      Walmart carries the All You magazine.

    • hi i am new am am also 11 years old saveing money for my family is my job pleses help me

    • Ciara

      It is magazine exclusively at Wal Mart, they have a monthly subscription on there website 🙂

    • nicole

      i dont know if you are familiar with publishers clearing house but i recently signed up for the All You 12 month subscription for $19.96 through them just for the coupons.so that’s another way hope this helps

  • mihir

    how to get redplum and smart source coupons in bulk

    • Ashley Rhoden

      if you know any gas station managers ask them if they can pull the inserts for you from the sunday papers right before they are picked up (like 5 min before…) the inserts are not counted or even matter to the papers they just toss them before recycling them. My husband runs a 7-11 so on mondays about 3 am i go up to his store to visit my friend and i grab what inserts are left!

      • Julie

        I do the same thing! The guy we get our papers from usually gives us more than we need! Although you have to be careful, not all owners look kindly on somebody just walking in and asking for leftover papers.

        • Julie

          I learned the hard way, I went to my local 7-11 and asked if I could have the left over coupons for the papers. Let me just say they look he gave me was as if I asked for half his pay check

      • Lisaanne

        I went to my local gas station and I asked them what they do with the leftover papers and they said they send them back for credit. Is it just the paper they get credit for or all of it? I would go back and ask again about just the coupons. But I don’t want to be annoying.. I haven’t figured out if I would save enough with coupons on things we use to offset the cost of multiple sunday papers a good amount.

        • Lisa

          From what I understand they only need the first page of the paper to receive the credit. They just trash the rest of the paper.

      • Kelli

        I’m mother of 9 living on one income I really need to make this work on a big scale I life in Oklahoma can anyone help me

        • doreen

          I have 8 kids and 13 grandbabies. I get 4 newspapers every week. try a web site called A full cup. or I love to gossip. great sites. plus I raise our beef and pork so much cheaper.

  • Marnie

    I am confused as to why you print so many off of the same one? You can only use that one once, right, not four times? I’m new and confused.


    • Miriam

      You can usually print off 2 of a single coupon before the option to print it will disappear for that computer. If there are no limits on the coupon itself or the site on how many you can print, you can decide how many. Usually, stores will only take up to 4 ‘like’ coupons, so only 4 are really needed. Basically, just check the policy on the coupon itself and the coupon site. Then look at your store’s policy.

      • Kris

        Also a newbie, but can’t you just photocopy them if you can only print 2?

        • Lee Anne

          Many of the coupons you print have what is called a “watermark” which is a very faint image in the background. If you photocopy the coupon the watermark will not show up so it is not a valid coupon. Think of coupons like money, you cannot photocopy money, it would be stealing.

        • No! That is being fraudulent. It’s like coping money.

        • Anonymous

          sorry Kris they don’t take photocopies

      • Teressa

        But can’t you only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item? Do you mean for buying more than one at a time? Sorry I’m new too! New BUT determined! Thanks for all of your help!

        • Charlene

          You can only use one manufacturers coupon per item. One coupon for one item, two coupons if you buy two etc… BUT, if an item also has a store coupon, you can use the store coupon and a manufacturers coupon on the same one item. Target usually has quite a few store coupons. This is called stacking.

          Good luck, and don’t feel funny about asking questions.

          • M

            I had no idea of this, so this is one of the main ways 1 item can wind up costing nothing. That is SO GREAT!! Thank you very much for that.

  • Denise S

    Marnie –

    You can use the same coupon more than once, as long as you bought that many items. And check that if the item is on sale, there isn’t a limit to the number of items you can get at the sale price. Some sites will limit how many times you can print it.

  • Bridget

    Thanks for all the input and advice This is a great website

  • Charity

    Does anyone know if the Redplum and Smartsource online sites have the same coupons as the ones in the paper? As in, say this Sunday I don’t want to buy a paper but I know there are coupons I want, can I go online and just print the ones from that Sundays paper? I’ve always wanted to know this.

  • Veronica

    hi Cindy,

    I would like to know where can i get all the printable coupons that you used on you shopping of 04/25/2011. i saw that you used couple for the same product. it s great how you paid in one store less htan ten dollars and in one less then two dollars. From where did you get this coupons and not just one but couple of them

    Thank you for your time

  • Tori

    Hello. I am new to bulk couponing. I would like to stock up on toilet paper, other paper goods, and meat. Any suggestions? Thx, Tori

    • liz

      I would like to know how you can get diapers, toilet, paper towwels free, anf is there something secret to the you must buy two ?

    • Charlene

      Tori –

      Just a head’s up…. Since the EXTREME COUPONING show has been on TV, many stores have amended their coupon policy and won’t allow you to use more than 4 coupons for like items. I live in NJ and Shoprite has now adopted that policy, as well as not allowing more than two transactions. I loved the show, but don’t love the new restrictions for coupons.

      Good luck!

      • melissa

        here is a hint once you go out the door and then come back in it is a new shopping trip. keep a cooler in your car.

  • stacey

    I’m just getting started, and I’m embarassed to admit, I’m a bit confused. I am trying to figure out how to start using your “match up” information, using the coupons you list with the current store sales to get great deals. When the coupon is listed as 5/1 SS, does that mean it was an insert on 5/1? So, should I save all of the inserts even if I may not find the right deal to use them on right away? Is there a way to get those old inserts that I’ve missed out on? What about the internet printable coupons – should I go ahead and print ALL of them for future use? And how often do those databases get new coupons? Wooh! That was long. Thanks in advance for helping me save $!!!

    • Anonymous

      save the newspaper coupons they will always come in handy. and no don’t print all the internet coupons that will be a night mare. if you want internet coupons do an individual search for for the product coupon you want.

      • Christine

        How can I access past inserts online?

        • christine

          You can purchase WHOLE past inserts on ebay. They usually only go back a few weeks.

  • Tracy

    I’ve been couponing for about 2 1/2 months now, and here’s what I know: It helps to both look through other’s websites for the match-ups (match-ups meaning matching up coupons to an item on sale, and figuring the savings) and brousing the sale papers yourself. Subscribe to some of the websites that look easiest to follow and there are some great ones out there like this one! Buy a huge binder and about 5 packs of clear baseball sleeves. I buy four to five papers every Saturday at a local grocery store (they sell the Sunday papers then). I thought that was a great suggestion earlier someone commented about scouting out someone to snag the inserts before pitching them on Sunday. Pull the inserts out and spend time on Sunday cutting them and organizing them in your binder. Also Sundays are a great time to check out the coupon websites, you can usually print two coupons per computer. (I wouldn’t print all of them like I did the first time, maybe only ones you think you’ll use, it’s up to you, but ink is crazy expensive so watch out). Create a master list the front of it to use as a map to get around it in the beginning. You’ll find your spouse will eventually want to get into the action too and start using it. It’s a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as me. If I can help answer questions feel free to email me, I live in NW Indiana. ~Tracy

    • Pat Monroe

      One thing I do to save ink is to change my printer setting to draft. That is usually in the preferences area. By doing this you reduce the amount of ink used for each printing session. I use the Kodak ESP 7 so the ink is a little less expensive. Do a test print on a few coupons and make sure they scan at the store.
      Another thing I found out recently is if you take your empty print cartridges to Office Depot you get a $2 credit on their loyalty card.

      • Sally Peterson

        Does Office Depot take Kodak cartridges? I haven’t been able to find a store to take them.

        • Pat Monroe

          I asked the guy at the desk and he said yes. I haven’t tested the theory yet as I haven’t been back. I just found out a few days ago. I will update this post and let everyone know when I do take them in.

          • Gustavo

            I find out refilling myself my printer cartriges. My cost of refilling is about $3.00 each

      • Staples does the same thing for their loyalty members… on occasion they even have double back credits that you get at the end of the month..They accept ANY brand of ink or toner cartridges.

      • Jen

        Also check for companies that refill cartridges. Around here we have a company called Catridge World. I find I pay half of what I was paying in Staples and get more pages per catridge. I’ve only used them for a little while, so I’m not sure on their recycling policy, I’ll be checking next time I go in.

    • Tracie

      Great suggestions Tracy!!!! Never thought about going to stores to ask them to pull coupon inserts before throwing out. Thx for all your input!

    • Jade

      Hi Tracy,

      I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me step by the actual process I need to do once I have my coupons and master grocery list. I am totally lost from there on how to do match ups and all that. I want to learn I guess the math formula you need to use to start saving.

    • Emily

      Hey Tracy! I live in NW Indiana too!!
      I’ve just started couponing so I was wondering where you have had the best luck with the best deals?

    • Michelle

      I am also in NW Indiana and am trying to figure this couponing thing out..I’ve been trying for about a month and I’ve saved some, but I know I can do better. My husband and I are trying to support 4 children on one income and it’s been pretty tough. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give… Michelle

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Tracy

    • CrisB

      That helps thank you!

  • Tracy

    ~I forgot to leave my email: tflynn2909@yahoo.com

  • shulawn

    I am new to this and trying to find coupons. I’ve been to several sites and It seems like every site i go to has the same coupons as every other site has, or they redirect me continuously to another link for coupons . HELP!

  • Jennifer

    I just moved to a small town in Kansas, and I was wondering where I can get a paper with coupons, or how can I find out if our Sunday paper has coupon inserts in them?

    • Lee Anne

      I too live in a small town in upper central Pennsylvania, I buy Buffalo papers or Pittsburgh. We don’t have a local Sunday paper. We live over an hour from a Walmart and our local stores are not chains. This makes couponing more of a challenge. I hope eventually to get to a point where I drive to a bigger city once a month for groceries where I can use my coupons to better advantage.

    • Courtney

      I live in a small town in KS also. I don’t always get the coupon inserts in the local paper but I live close to KC and St. Joe so I can pick up their papers on Sunday for the coupons.

  • Jane

    What bothers me about beginning to use coupons, and getting them from the internet sources is this—each site forces you to ‘join’. Then when you join—there are other offers- which you must ‘join’.
    How can one simply get the coupon one needs without joining every site and spending hours on the computer?

    • LaTonia

      I was thinking this very same thing. I wish someone would answer.

      • Lee Anne

        I tried a couple of those but they were not worth the hassle they really did not have very many coupons. If it has more than two pages of stuff to fill I don’t use it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree also, I am new at this and already frustrated to the point of just wanting to forget it because it is not worth the time and agrivation. Must be an easier way to get coupons on line than all of these sign up and personal information that is not necessary.

      • amanda

        Dont give up its really sooo worth the time you put into it , the first great score you make will make you want to run back out and it do it again
        Personally to get my coupons I buy two papers each week, I ask all family friends and co workers for their unused inserts and I go to our newpaper recycling center ( this may not be legal in your state will need to check first) and come out like a bandit . I also print from coupons.com , smartsource and redplum only. you do have to sign up once but thats it after that you just go in mark what you want or need and print.

        • Manny

          I am also new to couponing, but I created a separate e-mail address for my coupon websites and everytime I go to a manufacturers website, I input that e-mail address so I don’t clutter my personal e-mail. I hope this helps.

          • Lynda

            My worries are that when you sign up for each of these sites they leave cookies on your computer and watch your activity, is this true? If so, does it compromise the security of my computer and or slow it down?

  • Smith

    Do you purchase four (4) of the same newspaper every weekend?
    I also live in New Jersey and right now I only receive the Star ledge & Suburban news at home.
    Thank you for your site it is helpful, it make couponing real for me.

    • Lee Anne

      I buy ONE paper, go to the car and check what coupons are in the paper. If there are enough good ones (I have to figure in the 1.50 for the paper) then I go back in and buy 3 or 4 more papers. I don’t buy a bunch of papers every week.

  • Jeanne

    I’m new to couponing my self and find all this really daunting to wade through. I do have to say that those who are getting their extra inserts by dumpster diving, having the store employee pull the inserts out or getting the extras at the recycling center are really on the edge of breaking the law. Actually the newspapers that this is happening to could also receive very heavy fines as it is in their contracts that any inserts not SOLD are to be destroyed. What they mean by being SOLD is in individual papers. You buy 1 paper you get 1 coupon insert. While everyone thinks it’s no biggie doing this it really is illegal. I should know as I work in the business and handle the coupon accounts.

    • Lee Anne

      That is good information, thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Technically, if the papers are placed in a community recycling bin then they HAVE been purchased…just not necessarily by the person finding the coupons in the paper. What is the difference if someone doesn’t use the insert and recycles it or a family down the street gives you theirs instead of putting them in the recycling bin?
      True, pulling them out when the paper hasn’t been purchased is a different issue all together.

    • Hello,
      My dad use to deliver papers for the Daily Oklahoman. After collecting the papers that were not sold he had to cut out the header that said Daily Oklahoman. The company did not want the papers back only the headers. Therefore, the papers and the inserts are probably just trashed by the carrier.

  • Arlene Steuber

    Most of the coupon sites I go to want me to download toolbars. If I don’t I cannot access the site. How do you bypass these sites?

    • Lee Anne

      If its a worthwhile site I go ahead and download the toolbar then I go into my tools on my Internet program and disable it. (You can also go to add/remove programs and delete it) I use a netbook so I have a tiny screen without room for the toolbar. If I want to use the toolbar I can enable it on my tools.

  • Arlene

    I will certainly try that avenue. Thanks

  • Kathryn

    I lost my job, and my husband is working insane amount of hours to keep everything running so our money is limited. I’m new at this couponing thing, and I wanted to know where to find store coupons? or what is even the difference between manufacturer coupons vs store manufacturer coupons? I usually shop at big stores (shaws or stop and shop) but they limit one manufacturer coupon per item. How does this all work, and where do I go!? Someone HELP PLEASE!!! 🙂

    • Miriam

      This site has a beginner’s page here. This will answer a lot of your questions.

      Q1. Where to find coupons?
      A1. There are many online sites (some listed here), but most people buy a subscription or purchase the Sunday paper from their local newspapers to get the inserts.

      Q2. What is the difference between manufacturers and store coupons?
      A2. Manufacturer’s coupons are given by the manufacturer and store coupons by the store. Many times, you can use both a store and a manufacturer’s coupon at the same time. However, check the store’s coupon policy because that has the last word.

      Manufacturer’s coupons are only allowed one per item (also known as a purchase), so if you have a $1 off 2 items and $.50 off of 1, you should be purchasing 3 items total to be using the coupons properly. However, many stores will allow you to use up to 4 ‘like’ coupons in one purchase.

  • shelley

    Hi, I am brand new to this as well. One thing that I have found is that some of the supermarkets I shop in refuse to take internet coupons. So how do I know who does. Thanks

    • christine

      Call the store and ask for their coupon policy before you go.
      Some accept only 2 internet per check-out.
      One I know of doesn’t take internet coupons over $1 value.
      Write down their policy to save you time in the future.

    • Anonymous

      When I was just doing the price matching for ads, I found that only walmart did the true price matching, it take some prep beforehand but not a massive amount thatbwould require any real strategy. I just bought the Sunday newspaper or whatever day the ads would be in it. Then take them all and circle in a bright blue pen the stuff I wanted to buy at the price listed. So for fresh produce like limes or bannanas which was advertised on sale at Super Mercado for 20 limes for $1 then I would take the adds with all of my price matches outlined and go get what I wanted from the list I had in my head of what I was buying and what price it was suposed to be. Showed the cashier when ringing up the add so she would discount without any coupons. The only downside is that it takes awhile to get through the checkout line because the ycashier has to manually override every single purchase that they are doing the price match for. So if you have 20 items in your cart and they all need a price check, it takes time. I usually would keep the original adds. In hand so I had proof that they had to give me the limes for $1 or whatever it was that I had that week in the adds. Walmart in las Vegas usually had the other adds posted up front . I’ll post more details once I get clarification that the walmart here in KY will do the price match. Downside is also that not only do you wait in line when you’re checking out, but also looking to see if it’s the right brand you’re trying to price match. I found easiest thing to price match is produce because of no label ans not being sold by weight or size. Only being sold for price of item as a whole. Ie 1 banana is the same price if you price match it. Plus walmart usually has better produce than some places.

  • Inspector Fox

    Question – How do I get the P&G coupons? These are not included in the Sunday Newspapers I purchase in Central Jersey. Thanks much.

    • Marla

      P&G coupons come in an insert in the Sunday Star-Ledger every few months. I also went to the P&G website and signed up and received a coupon booklet in the mail.

  • Sheila

    Where can i get coupons mailed to my house because at this point in time i cannot afford a printer. I already buy multiple newspapers. Thanks

    • christine

      e-mail manufactures.
      I don’t even ask for coupons. I just tell them a product that I like and what I like about it. Most just e-mail a thank you and send me coupons. Turkey hill was the fastest!

  • Cindy

    Hi I’m new to couponing and I’m trying really hard to print coupons off the internet, but I’m not having any luck. I’m getting the run around, the sight keeps asking me to keep installing the coupon printer or java script which I did. I have not been able to print any coupons and its waisting my time and really frustrating. Do you have any suggesstions? Thanks CindyQ

    p.s. I really like your sight it has the information I’ve been looking for.

    • Jackie H

      I found while using the firefox browser, I had to disable my anti virus each time I wanted to print coupons, mostly from coupons.com. Google chrome prints easily, though some sites give me a pop up on that site to allow java to work. I don’t use IE, so I don’t know any hints for it!

      • Deanna

        Jackie, that is so funny because google chrome won’t let me download the coupon printer but IE does!…LOL.

    • Anonymous

      I found I could only print the coupons if I used internet explorer , If I used other web browers I would always have the same problems like you are having.. Good luck

  • theresa


    I used to get SmartSource insert in the mail. Last few weeks – nothing. I know I started getting it after I filled out a form online. I found the one for Redplum, but I can’t find the one for SmartSource. Do you happen to have the link?


  • Jamie

    Hi, I’m new to this, and I am trying to find coupons for the items that I use. When I type in a brand on the site, and it comes up in the coupon database…I can’t print it. Am I doing it wrong?? Thank you so much for your help!!

  • christine

    My local a&P puts the inserts from the unsold Sunday papers out for customers to take. Why not ask your store to do the same?

  • Rachel

    Does anyone buy coupons on ebay? They look like good deals but I’m wondering if it’s really worth it.

    • Tracie

      Hi Rachel! I buy coupons from ebay all the time! I get great deals too! I try to look for the ones w/ free shipping also. I’ve gotten dog food coupons, ketchup, bbq sauce, paper towels and even the hard to find VitaminWater coupons. They were a little more than I like to spend on them but I got them free from Food Lion so it was worth it!! Happy bidding!!

  • Dani

    What newspapers do you recommend in order to get the most coupons? I just moved to my own apartment and have NO subscriptions to anything.

  • alex

    well i was wanting to know if there any sites that do free coupons without putting viruses on my computer?? thanks

  • Deb

    How do you print more than one of the same coupon on the same page?
    I was sent a coupon with 6 coupon on one page. I’ve been trying to figure out
    how they did this. Can anyone help.?

  • Anonymous

    Christine – you can also use http://www.grocerycoupons.net to have coupons mailed to your home. It’s a clipping service, and they have more coupons than a lot of sites I’ve seen!

  • Jayne


    I hope someone can help me out with a question that I have.

    When I hear other couponers saying they used a target coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon I’m very confused because when i print out a coupon from the Target website, it says ‘manufacturer’s coupon’ on the top of it.
    How is this possible?

    • Jayne

      also, I find that many coupon websites cycle the same coupons (i.e.: redplum will have a $1/1 product X and coupon.com with have the same $1/1 for product X)
      Does this mean I can use both coupons in the same transaction if i purchase 2 of product X?

      • Lori

        Jayne, Some Target coupons are store coupons specifically & others are manufacturer coupons. Only the ones that are Target coupons (and say so on the top) can be stacked with manufacturer coupons in the store.

  • franny

    Hi im new to couponing and really need to coupon to help my elderly parents on afixed income. we dont have a computor or printer . i just have a cell phone with internet . my ? is how can i get more then the sunday inserts without haveing a computor to get more savings. I am despert to help my family save money ! We live in a town of about a thousand people were the nearst other town is anywhere from 65-85 to nearst library or name brand grocery store. Please help me find coupons that can be sent by the old fashioned way through the mail. thank you soo much !

  • nicole

    hi I just started looking into couponing, but all the inserts Ive found say 1 per visit or 1 per purchase so am I getting different inserts then people buying like a hundred of 1 item at a time??? and how do i know if the coupons double or not? so confused..

  • i try to use shopathome site and type in a coupon and i never get it. i want some jello temptations coupons

  • Allison

    I live in the northern nj area and I was wondering what other newspapers besides the star ledger I should subscribe to to get coupons. Thanks!

  • Anna banana

    I know it’s convenient for everyone to exchange ideas about extreme couponing on the internet but I’m also getting the neighborhood together to come over and trade. I haven’t actually started yet but the list of people are coordinating a good day for all. Looks like a coupon party coming soon!!! Yahoo!

  • Millie

    I live in CT and noticed for the most part that the coupons in my Region are not usually .75 of 1; instead most of my coupons are 1.00 of 2, which makes it harder to see savings. What is the best way to go about finding the coupons that are been announced on this site, which are usually the good ones ie: .75 of 1. Thanks.

    • Ruth

      I actually started a business from couponing. I use a lot of coupons on a daily basis shopping for my customers. I look for the higher value coupons on eBay. The prices are low, the shipping is usually free and it is the best way to get different value coupons and also you can really build your stock pile if you have for example 20 coupons of one item. I buy between 40-50 papers a week but if there is a great deal on one item, I will buy that specific coupon on eBay.

  • Molly

    I’m new to this too. Will there be an insert in the Sunday paper every week? For example, last Sunday I bought several papers and they had the P&G insert but no Redplum or SmartSource. Should I be looking for different papers, or doesn’t Redplum put out an insert every week? I hope this question makes sense!

  • Maria

    Has anyone tried to go thru the coupon clipping services along with buying newspapers? I live in New York City and would appreciate where are there coupon clipping services here.

    • chris

      I just started using e-bay as a source for coupons, It let’s me get multiples of the one’s I want already clipped.I recieve my store flyers on Thursday,purchase the coupons that night and have them by Monday or Tuesday leaving enough time for multiple trips if needed.

  • Brooke

    Where can I get coupons for ground turkey, pork chops, chicken and other meats?

  • Angela

    I am new to all this but am very interested in it! I am addicted to the show extreme couponing.. But everytime I print off or cut one out of the paper the coupon always says, limit 1 per a transaction per an item! So how are they getting stuff for free? And also, how are they using some many on 1 transaction! I live in jackson, tn. If that helps! Thanks ahead!

    • Laura

      Limit 1 per transaction per item, that means only one coupon can be used for each item purchased. Meaning if you have 4 $.50 cent coupons for Carefree liners, you may purchase 4 Carefree panty liners and use 4 coupons (one coupon per item per transaction). If the panty liners are on sale for $0.99 and your store will double your coupons…then the pantyliners are FREE!
      Know your stores “coupon policy”, all stores vary with policies and prices. Use your stores “weekly ad” to watch for sales, then look for coupons to “matchup” with the sales. Hope that Helps!! Also, study everything on this site. It takes a while to understand everything, but hang in there it is well worth the effort and headaches, and learn how to look back for answers to your questions. Many people here are very friendly and will try to help you out. Good Luck!!

    • Unfortunately, because of the interest from the extreme coupon show, the stores are “cracking down” on coupon use. I really don’t understand why there is a problem with using coupons at the grocery store. Don’t they get paid by the company that a coupon is used from? I was at Shoprite tonight and they told me that you can only use four of a like coupon and that they are now limiting the number of transactions you can have to two. Really? I shop for several seniors as well as my family. Really not fair!

  • Sarah

    The target coupon page never loads for me. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any other way to get target coupons?

  • once I create my shopping list with the items that are on sale and are denoted in red as having a coupon, how do I print just those coupons?

  • Theresa

    I’am aecited to start couponing, I am very new to this, am willing to learn as much as I can

  • heather

    I am also new to couponing and am learning so much every week. I think the most frustrating thing I am finding (like a few other comments Ive read) is that our coupons in CT are rarely cents off of 1 item its a $1 off 2, so the matchups are hard to recalculate and savings are not nearly what I would like. I am wondering if there is a website I can order or pre order whole coupon inserts from another region, I really only need 4 copies since I am not going to the extreme no need for 10 or 20 copies. I have found a few website but the shipping costs on the inserts is ridiculous. Please Help!

    • Kabby

      I have used couponDede.com twice….never a problem..

  • Lisa

    I haven’t seen this question anywhere yet so I’ll ask:

    1) What time do you have to get to the store to get the papers, cut them out, and get to the supermarket before everyone else wipes everything out?

    2) What is your routine for organizing your trip? Do you have certain “questions” you ask yourself when determining a good deal?

  • i always get my news paper from the dollar tree because dollar tree can’t charge more than 1 dollar it’s their policy. so instead of paying 2 dollar for one news paper i only pay one and than i end up buying at least ten of them.

  • Hi – I’m new to couponing and I’m frustrated that when I try to find the coupon referenced as being in a certain issue of Smart Source or Red plum, I look thoroughly and many times i can’t find it – are these sources different by area of the country and if so, how do I set where I live? Also, what is SS R?
    Thanks in advance

    • Michelle T.

      Diane, coupons are generally regional. Different areas will get different values and sometimes more or less coupons. I get 2 papers delivered and they both have Smart Source and Red Plum, but will often have different values, and one paper will not have some of the coupons that are in the other paper. If there is a regional coupon that you want that is not in your area, you can purchase them from a clipping service or Ebay. If it is printable, sometimes you need to change the zip code so you can print different coupons marketed to another area. SS R is Smart Source- regional coupon. HTH. Any other questions, please ask! That’s how we learn 🙂

  • pearl

    hi im new to couponing i live in south jersey

  • mary

    Where can I buy whole coupon inserts like the coupons you guys in N.J. get ? Our coupons are usually alot less value. You might have save .75 on 1 We have save $1.00 on 3. I know Cindy has mentioned a name before was it Dede’s? Thanks for the help.Trying to make ends meet in CT.

    • Gia

      Hi, I usually order from eBay sometimes you can get up to 4 whole inserts for $1.50 + shipping or better deals depend you got keep checking it’s a lot of them.hope this help…happy savings.

  • pam

    Hi…www.coupondede.com. I am waiting for coupons from her for Tresemme this week for $1.99 at Shoprite. The coupons are $3/2 which will make the shampoo just $.49. Also, ordered zantac coupon which is $5/1 and Zantac is on sale at CVS this week for$8.99 minus the $2 Extrabucks and the $5 coupon from Dede, which will make the cost be $1.99. I also want to do the Dove deal at CVS this week. I had to order the shampoo coupons from Dede, because I had used mine previously. I ordered 2 coupons=$3/2 along with a $1 coupon for the men+care. I will pay $10 get a $5 ecb. So I will pay only $1 ea after the coupons and ecb.

    What’s great about Dede is she has a great selection, the cost is minimal…usually $.8 – $.15 for each coupon. And it usually takes two days to get them. She’s in TX and I am in NY. What’s great about Cindy giving us an early post of the Shoprite preview ad on Tuesday, is that you can see what is going to be on sale for next week. If you see something you use that is either half price or a great deal, you can order the coupons from Dede and get them way ahead of the sale. That’s what I did this week. I ordered on Thursday and should have my coupons by tomorrow..Monday…plenty of time to get to the store and use the coupons.

    I have been using Coupon Dede occasionally, for 1 1/2 years, and have had only two small problems, of which she made good on. I usually just use this site for coupons and the newspaper. But, if it’s a slow week on good coupons, I go on Dede’s site and see what coupons are there that I use weekly, look for the $.75 cent coupons, of course, since they double at my Price Chopper and Shoprite. You need to pay attention to the expiration dates before you place your order. So, I hope this will be helpful.

    Many thanks to Cindy for this site and to Coupon Dede. Last year, (my first year couponing) I saved $11,000. This year, so far, I have saved a little over $6,000. I do have a stockpile, but I help my kids and their friends, and my sister and some neighbors…so this is how I give back. My husband was let go from his job of 20 years last month. So I am grateful that I learned to coupon. I also teach anyone who wants to learn how to coupon, for free of course. I am not an extreme couponer.When you all get used to this wonderful site, you will never pay full price for groceries again. Thanks Cindy!!!!

    • mary

      Thanks to everyone for helping me to find out where to buy whole coupon inserts.
      Trying to make ends meet in CT.


  • brittnie

    When you use these online sites can you print off 4 of the same coupons from each site?

  • sue

    Looking at coupons and abd see Peelie what is this?

  • Beverly

    I live in a small Texas town called Bedias! I shop mainly at Krogers. They have a savings card in which you can download coupons from their website onto the card and avoid clipping or forgetting coupons. My problem is this, they will not accept paper coupons on top of the card savings. at one point I had purchased a fabric softener sheet and a liquid of the same brand. I had a downloaded coupon on the card for 1 of the items and a paper coupon for the other. The clerk was refusing to accept my paper coupon, even though I had clearly purchased 2 items, because of the downloaded coupon. Things were settled quickly as the manager came to over ride the coupon. Then I got to thinking, even though the download was convinient, it didn’t double as the paper coupon did. So, shoppers beware of the easy route! Clipping is much better than the downloaded coupons. Texas stores also don’t seem to like the extreme coupon way of life. Most of the stores I have tried it at have shut me down right off the bat. I didn’t start in with cart loads, just a few items to see if I knew what I was doing. Obviously I still don’t as I haven’t had any luck with it yet but am getting serious about it now. At 41 and on disability for a year now has put life into a new perspective but I still don’t understand why Krogers who I believe is part of Fry’s up North has a different set of rules.My stores will not cut a break if a coupon actually owes me money. If a coupon makes and item -.50 it won’t credit another item, it’s lost. Why is that?

  • Gaby

    What news papers should I get if I live in Westchester county like White Plains. And how many to get of each because I am new at this and just moved here so have ZERO idea of what to get oh and where I should get them would be awesome if you can email me grivrecraft@gmail.com

  • Jessica D

    OK, idk where my question went or if it was answered but i was wondering what exactly does it mean for a coupon to be doubled/tripled? how does it work? and how do i go about getting store coupon like say for Price Chopper?

  • Ginger

    I live in California. We do not double or triple coupons here. How do you get so many items for free or just a few dollars without doubling coupons?

  • malonda ashley

    what is a good website for coupons to shop at Pathmark??

  • Priscilla

    I live on Long Island New York and its so hard to find coupon inserts. Most I find online are from Florida area and the coupons not match up with our sales! Does anyone know where to find NY coupon inserts other than the newspaper

  • Helen

    Oregon here. New at coupons can I use a printed coupon and a manufactures together. if so what other coupons can to use on one item

    • Rocky

      Hi, Helen. Only one manufacturer’s coupon can be used on one item, so, no insert coupon with a printed coupon. Here on the East Coast, many/most stores do allow you to ‘stack’ one of their store coupons with a manu coupon, though. Then, there can be digital coupons on a store’s website that you can load to your loyalty card and the savings will deduct on your receipt. But, while some stores here do allow folks to stack them with manu (and physical store coupons), some stores don’t. So, you will have to check your stores’ coupon policies, for your area. And, also, there are now a load of other options for savings that you can check into, on top of these kinds of coupons. Companies like Savingstar, where you can log your loyalty store card numbers and clip coupons on their site. When you then buy those products, it tracks the purchase automatically and puts the money for them into your account (it doesn’t come off your receipt). When you reach their minimum amount, you can cash out and choose where your payout goes. There are other rebate companies, mobile, that you can also join, where you upload copies of your receipts to get credit for the offers you clipped. I suggest you read the rest of the Beginner’s material on this site to find out more details. They really can’t fully be addressed in one reply! Good luck!