3 Easy Wasy To Earn A Little Extra Moula

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These days everyone can use a little extra cash. Here are three ways that you can too. Now none of these are going to make you go out and quit your full time job (not even your part time job) but they are great little moneymakers that bring in a few extra bucks each month. The great thing is all 3 of them are things that you already do on your computer.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is an internet search engine that earns you “bucks” while you search the Internet. Think of how many times you google something. Well if you do that using Swagbucks every so often you will be awarded a “buck” or 2 or 3 or sometimes even more. I find that about every 10 searches I end up winning a “buck”.

You can trade the “bucks” in for prizes. I always use mine to get a $5 Amazon gift card (need 45 “bucks” to trade in). Right now I am sitting with $25 in Amazon gift cards just waiting to be spent. I am actually going to continue to save them and use them for Christmas shopping. To get started using Swagbucks you can go here to sign up. I added the search box (same as google) to my toolbar so it makes it easy to just type in and search.

YouData: This has to be the easiest way to earn cash that I have ever seen. I kept hearing people talk about it and I was like, yeah right, it’s probably some scam. I finally broke down and decided to try it. It’s really a great concept and a great way to earn some money. You are simply viewing websites…regular company sites. I have viewed Pottery Barn and others like that (you are only viewing 1 page). It is really a clever idea. They are getting websites in front of consumers and paying you to view it. How can I argue with that. I do that all the time anyway for free.

The first 2 days I tried it I had already made $3.75 and viewed some interesting sites that I actually liked. It took me all of 5 minutes. That averages out to $45 an hour. Now don’t go getting all happy and thinking you are going to be able to sit in front of the computer all day and make $45 an hour…they are not that stupid. They limit the amount of ads you can view. To give you an idea, in a 2 week period I made $8.95 and I only did it every few days. They swing the money over to your Paypal account which is nice since you get it quickly. I let it collect there and use it to make a purchase when needed like I just did yesterday. I paid for my daughter’s entrance fee to her 5K race with my YouData money. If you are interested in taking a look and signing up you can go here to check it out.

Ebates: And lastly, it’s Ebates. If you have ever bought anything through the Internet and something tells me you have, then you should be using Ebates to earn cash back on your purchases. For instance, this week Radio Shack is offering 2% cash back, Office Max is offering 3% cash back and Ebay is offering 3% cash back. Purchase your items through Ebates (it takes you right to the actual company’s website) and you get your cash back amount added right to your Ebates account. To check it out go here.

So there you have it. Three ways to legitimately make some extra cash on the internet. This month I earned $43.95 for really doing nothing. And that was just with Swagbucks and YouData because I really didn’t buy anything this past month to use Ebates. So take a look and see if you can make some extra moula too.