Kmart Doubles Are Back In NJ

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Okay, finally Kmart doubles are back in NJ and most places around the good ole USA. I have been watching it all across the country every couple of weeks but not in NJ. It hasn’t been here in about 8 weeks. So I am so very…HAPPY SAD!! Why, because Kmart doubles up to $2. So get out all your $1 – $2 coupons (even internet printed) and start planning. Last time I got a ton of cleaning supplies for next to nothing.
Check here to make sure that your KMart is doubling. I believe they are limiting coupons per day to 10 so either make a trip each day or bring a friend, hubby, mother, sister or teach your 2 year old how to pay at the register (hey you are never too young to start using coupons). Happy shopping and please think of me when you are saving all that money. HELLO KMART, NJ RESIDENTS LIKE TO SAVE MONEY TOO, WE WANT DOUBLES!…do you think they heard me?!?!