Kmart Doubles Update

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I called Kmart and spoke to a representative who informed me that NJ would be participating in double coupons this Sunday and that only certain stores in CA, PA, FL & IN would not. When I mentioned to her that our NJ circulars do not show that they will be doing double coupons but other circulars in other states do show it she put me on hold to check information. When she came back on she informed me that they were going to have to put in a request to corporate because there is a possibility that their information is incorrect. She suggested that I call back by tomorrow (Sat) and they will have the double coupon information finalized by that time. They can be reached at 1-800-549-4505 option 5 if you would like to call. Please wait till tomorrow (Saturday) to call as they do not have current information today.

So this is the most up to date information I have regarding doubles at Kmart. My gut tells me NJ is not going to have it but I will wait till tomorrow to find out.