My Shopping Trip At Aldi, Pathmark & Costco

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Another great healthy and frugal shopping trip. This week I spent $56.64 out of pocket and got back a $5 catalina so my total cost for everything you see here was $51.64.

I went to Aldi again this week. I usually go once a month but now with my daughter home from college we seem to be going through fruits, veggies & bread quite a bit. The challenge is to continue to keep my grocery bill under my budget of $95 per week. So far so good. I spent $33.12 at Aldi and got the following:

Chicken Fries $3.99 (my son’s favorite)
Whole wheat Bread $1.19
Spring/Butter Salad $1.69
5 Fuji Apples $1.95
100% Whole Wheat Bread $1.89
Bag of Spinach $1.49
Bananas $1.12
3 Kiwi $.99
Mango Juice 1/2 gal $1.09 (got this for the first time and it’s pretty good)
Whipped Topping $.85 (like cool whip)
Crinkle Cut Potatoes $1.69
Strawberries $1.99
Blueberries $2.29
Grape Tomatoes $1.49
3 Nectarines $1.17
Almonds $3.49
Red Pototoes $2.99
Hummus $1.69

Then I went to Costco. I really don’t go to Costco that often as I really find that between Aldis (where I don’t have to buy in bulk) and using coupons, I really get better prices elsewhere. But today I needed to get the craisins that hubby and I enjoy on our salads. I never can find coupons for them and they are a pretty good price at Costco…so I went. This is what I got at Costco for $19.02:

2 Gallons Fat Free Milk $1.99 (can’t beat their price on milk)
1 1/4 lbs. Deitz & Watz Deli Sliced Turkey $7.29
Very Large bag Craisins $7.75

So now onto my favorite stop…Pathmark. This one was fun. I took advantage of one of their Smart Bucks deals. You can read about them here. I paid $4.50 out of pocket and received a $5.00 catalina for my next purchase…which by the way I am already planning out for tomorrow. This is what I got from Pathmark for FREE and a $.50 moneymaker:

3 Breyers Yocrunch Yogurt $2.50 each
2 Sargentos Shredded Cheese $2.00 each
The Shelf (reg retail) price was over $15 so I qualified for the deal. I used the following coupons:
3 – $.75/1 Yocrunch (doubled)
3 – $.50/1 Yocrunch from the Pathmark Simply Savings Book
2 – $.50/1 Sargentos from the Pathmark Simply Savings Book

Then I got my $5.00 Catalina.

The best part is when I walked into the store, sitting on a display case for fish, were these coupon books with over $40 worth of store coupons that are good at Pathmark, A&P, Waldbaums and Superfresh. Being the good blogger that I am and not give you incorrect information, I made sure to check with the customer service desk to be sure that they were store coupons as it did not say on the coupons. They check and they ARE store coupons which means they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons…woohoo! So I Will Be Back!!

This is what the coupon book looks like so keep your eyes out for it. I grabbed 4 of them.
You will notice there was no meat in this shopping trip. Nothing was really a great price this week so I skipped the meat. I have so much in my freezer that I really didn’t need to get anything anyway. I am holding off to buy the Filet Migon at ShopRite at $2.99/lb. Yum!!

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