The Juicy Loosey Turkey Slider

So I am not really one to follow a recipe. I find it to be too much work. I do envy those that do and I do sometimes try. However it usually never comes out like it is suppose to so instead of following a recipe I usually just wing it. My mom cooked like that and so do I. I put in a little of this and a little of that. Sometimes I will follow a recipe but often I deviate from it to suit my needs.
I do, however, like to try making the usual meals with a twist to keep it interesting. Which is what I am about to show you.

On Sunday, when we were at my brother’s house for a BBQ, he made a Juicy Loosey burger for my son. I don’t know about you but I never heard of that. So he explained when he went on a NASCAR trip recently they were tailgating and someone made Juicy Loosey Burgers. It consists of 2 thin burgers with a wad of American cheese (preferably the kind in the plastic wrapper) stuck in the middle of the 2 burgers that then become 1. Well my son loved it.

So today we were having Turkey Sliders and I thought that would be a good twist on something we always have. Especially since no one in my house really goes crazy for turkey burgers.

Well that changed today:
We had Juicy Loosey Turkey Sliders and boy were they delicious. The first bite you take the cheese just oozes out. Yum! Take a look at how easy they are.

I started with 2 small patties of turkey and wedged a wad of cheese (I used the regular deli cheese) into one of the patties.Place the other turkey patty on top of the patty and cheese
Seal the 2 patties together to make 1 larger patty.

Cook it up on the grill and…
Yum! See all that cheese oozing out. Delicious.
Great twist on a usual meal. And they forgot they were eating turkey burgers.

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