$1 Wendy’s Coupon

I just got this email today from Wendy’s telling me about this $1 coupon.
I went to print it and it tells me I already have. Funny that I got the email today and I’ve already printed it. Hmm. I wasn’t too happy about that. If they send me a coupon they should reset it don’t you think.

Well, just because I am a bit disappointed with Wendy’s doesn’t mean that you guys should suffer so go here and you can print yourself a $1 off coupon for your next Wendy’s trip.

And don’t you worry. I am sending them an email right now.

Update: Well I must say that I am very impressed with Wendy’s. I sent them an email and within an hour I had a response and a new coupon to print. Good for you Wendy’s!! I knew there was a reason that they were my favorite fast food place. So if you had already printed the other coupon like I had then try this one. It worked for me.

Thanks Wendys!!

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