5 FREE Swagbucks For New Registration

I have posted about Swagbucks as a way to earn a few extra dollars just by searching the internet. It’s no different then searching with Google you just use Swagbucks search engine instead and they pay you!! Pretty simple.
Over the last 3 months I have earned about $60 $75 in Amazon gift cards since I have been using it as my search engine. They have even added Paypal rewards so you can just get cash added to your Paypal account with your Swagbucks…nice feature!

Well, if you have not done Swagbucks yet you are in luck. Until this Friday, 7/24, all new registration gets 5 Swagbucks instantly added to your account. Type NEWBIE during registration to get your 5 Swagbucks.

If you are already using Swagbucks, I have to tell you that they have been very generous over the last couple of days. I haven’t searched much but when I did I received 3 Swagbucks. It happened twice. Sweet deal!

To get started using Swagbucks you can go here to sign up. I added the search box (same as google) to my toolbar so it makes it easy to just type in and search.

Note: Today I purchased running shoes for my daughter through Amazon. They were $165 Saucony shoes (she is a serious runner) and I was able to get them for $90 using my Swagbucks. Not a bad deal.

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